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Email Updates - 2015-2016

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Fundraising incentive! Boathouse Workday this Saturday 18 June 2016

posted Jun 17, 2016, 5:21 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

In this update:​
  • ​Fundraising incentive! Woodson Crew Note cards! Remember, $5,000 matching challenge only until 25 June! 
  • Boathouse Workday - Saturday, 18 June - Please volunteer to get the boats and boathouse ready for summer 
  • ​Erg Rental Pick up - 25 June 
  • Women's Jr 8+ Video (Thank you Thomas Holtslander!)​ 

1. New! Woodson Oars Note cards - fundraising incentive! Remember, $5,000 matching challenge is only until 25 June!
  • Woodson Note CardWTW Crew teamed with Laura Riekki, an artist and rowing coach based in Orlando, Florida. Laura created a great image of the Woodson oars in action – sure to conjure up memories for current rowers and alums of all ages! Contributions of $25 or more to Woodson Crew will receive 5 notecards with envelopes. Contact Joan Fisher at joanmkf@aol.com if interested. (Image is attached) 
  • Send checks to WTW Crew Boosters, PO Box 2881, Fairfax, VA 22031 
  • Go to Piggybackr for online contributions
2. Boathouse Workday - Saturday 18 June, 9am - noon
3. Erg Rental Pick up
  • 25 June, 9-noon 
  • $150 to rent an erg until October 
  • Need a few volunteers to assist Ed with rentals 
  • Sign Up to rent or assist 
4. Women's 2016 8+ Video (Credit Thomas Holtslander - Thank you!)

13 June 2016 - Board meeting tonight, Workday Saturday, $5,000 Fundraising Matching Challenge

posted Jun 13, 2016, 7:45 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

In this update:
  1. ​Donate for us to meet the $5,000 matching fundraising challenge by 25 June 
  2. Please volunteer to meet obligations by 1 July 
  3. Boathouse workday - 18 June 
  4. Erg rental - 25 June 
  5. Check emails this summer 
  6. Need Rummage Sale Coordinator 
  7. Booster Board Meeting - 13 June, 7pm WTW 
  8. Fundraising - Scrip Due 15 June 
  9. Summer Work Opportunity 
  10. Note from Outgoing President Kris Cole ​ 

1. Matching funds!!! We are at approximately $1400 of our $5000 goal! Please give now! Challenge Ends 25 June!!
2. Please sign-up to volunteer and meet your commitment for the year by 1 July
  • There are about 15-20 families who have not met their fundraising commitment for the year - if you have any questions, contact Gaby Jack, wtwcrewvolunteers@gmail.com
  • There are volunteer opportunities still available for this year including Boathouse workday and Erg Rental Help. 
3. Boathouse Workday - Saturday 18 June, 9am - noon
4. Erg Rental Pick up
  • 25 June, 9-noon 
  • $150 to rent an erg until October 
  • Need a few volunteers to assist Ed with rentals 
  • Sign Up to rent or assist 
5. Remember to keep checking your emails this summer
  • Contact wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com to add or change email preferences. 
  • There are/will be many opportunities available this summer, volunteering commitment resets 1 July. 
6. Seeking a Fall Rummage Sale Coordinator!
  • Earn Service Credit - contact Joan Fisher for details, wtwcrewfundraising@gmail.com
  • We earn approximately $5,000 from the rummage sale and it would be a shame to lose this potential income. 
7. Booster Board Meeting - Tonight!
  • Monday, 13 June, 7pm, WTW Room D116 
  • Everyone is welcome to attend! This is the final meeting for outgoing officers and board members. 
8. Fundraising
9. Summer Work Opportunity
  • Tim Staples, Marine Evoluntions Inc., (Friend of Coach Tylander) is looking for a summer hire for Administrative Help. Job requires someone who is self motivated, knows how to use a computer, can look things up on the internet, work out what things are, what they are worth and then deal with the ebay / craigs list process, ie meet people, organize shipping etc. The person needs to be comfortable in a busy marine environment, capable of stairs, carrying things to put in boxes to ship out / carrying a laptop about. Shop is on the Newington Industrial Estate 
10. Note from outgoing President Kris Cole
  • Thank you to all the families, coaches, and athletes who supported WT Woodson Crew. I had a fantastic time and am grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with many of you. Stay connected over the summer and subscribe to our Woodson Crew Alumni Facebook page, to our twitter account, and to emails. To our seniors and those families moving - I wish you the very best in your next adventure.

WTW Spring Sports Night Thursday! Workdays, Erg Rentals and More!

posted Jun 8, 2016, 7:12 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

  1. Woodson Spring Sports Night - WTW Auditorium, 7pm
  2. VASRA Workday - Saturday, 11 June (We need WTW volunteers: Earn $50 Service Credit), 1-4pm
  3. Woodson Boathouse Workday - Saturday 18th, 9am-noon
  4. Erg Rental - 25 June - New option - rent slides too! 9am-noon
  5. Seniors rowing in college?
  6. WTW Crew Boosters - Meeting - 13 June 7pm Rm D116, & 2016-2017 Executive Board and Committee Contacts
  7. Summer Rowing Programs and more: wtwcrew.org

1. W.T. Woodson Spring Sports Night - Thursday, 9 June, 7pm, Woodson Auditorium
  • Celebrate Woodson Spring Sports & Woodson Crew! 
  • All athletes and families are invited and encouraged to attend. Note: Teams sit together, Crew is usually to the right as looking at the stage 
  • Coach presentations (in alphabetical order) of trophies and awards 
  • Dress is typically "neat casual" (khaki pants/shorts/polo or dress shirt) 
2. VASRA Workday - Saturday, 11 June, 1-4pm
3. Woodson Boathouse Workday - Saturday, 18 June, 9am - noon

4. Erg Rental (need a couple volunteers to assist Ed) - Saturday, 25 June, 9am - noon
5. Seniors - Please reply to this email if you are planning on rowing in college!

6. Congratulations 2016-2017 WTW Crew Parent Booster Executive Board and Committee Chairs!
  • Meeting - 13 June - 7pm, WTW - Room D116 
  • 2016-2017 Executive Board and Committee Chair Contacts: 

7. Summer Rowing Programs - check out http://www.wtwcrew.org/home/Rowing-camps

Important information and dates to remember including Friday 3 June Dinner/Meeting

posted May 31, 2016, 5:13 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

1. Nationals Recap
2. End of Year Dinner and Annual Meeting - 3 June, 6pm, Cafe B
3. Fundraising - Concert Ticket Raffle - 3 June, Potbelly Dinner - 7 June, Scrip Due - 15 June
4. Woodson Spring Sports Night - 9 June, 7pm, WTW Auditorium
5. WTW Crew Board Meeting - 13 June, WTW, Rm D116
6. Equipment Workdays - 18 June - Boathouse, 25 June - Rent an Erg for the summer
7. Register to vote - 3 June

1. Nationals Recap
  • Two Woodson boats finished in the Top 10 against the country’s best at the SRAA National Championships in Nashport, Ohio this weekend! The Women’s Junior-8 finished 8th overall, using a great sprint to advance to the Semifinals, where they faced the Silver and Bronze medalists. The J8 recorded the top finish by a Virginia school – ahead of TC Williams (who WTW beat by open water in the Semifinal) and Langley – and was the 4th fastest public school! Elizabeth Field, Brooke Leech, Gabriella Hayes, Elizabeth Giglia, Meryn Holtslander, Rose van der Horst, Jenna Hissong, Kathryn Taheri, and Haley Cole (coxswain). The Women’s Lightweight-8 posted the 9th fastest time, the second among Virginia schools, trailing only the Bronze medalist TC Williams. The Lights rowed a spirited race to defeat Lake Braddock and Yorktown for the first time all season! Co-Captain Coryn Mayer, Trini Hong, Reagan Smith, Anna Field, Sierra Boucher, Sara Chan, Paige Evans, Sophie Mills, and Caroline Hoskins (coxswain). The Women’s First-4 drew a fast heat against the best of California, Illinois, New York, and Tennessee, rowed well, and finished 21st overall. Co-Captain Rita Bodrog, Claire Hutcheson, Hannah Fisher, Courtney Becker, and Erika Schneider (coxswain). We would like to congratulate all of our Nationals rowers, and especially thank our seniors Rita and Coryn – way to go! Pull for Woodson! 
W.T. Woodson Crew Water Bottle2. WTW Crew End of Year Dinner and Annual Association Meeting - Friday 3 June - All athletes, parents and family members welcome!!

3. WTW Crew Fundraising
  • Demi Levato/Nick Concert Ticket Raffle - Tickets are in an executive suite and include food and beverages, package value $500. Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. Drawing will be held at the meeting 3 June. Contact Joan Fisher joanmkf@aol.com to purchase tickets, or purchase tickets at the End of Year Dinner/Association meeting 
  • $5,000 matching donation - a generous "Friend of Woodson Crew" will match donations up to $5,000! Make checks payable to WTW Crew Boosters! 
  • Fundraising Dinner at Potbelly's, 7 June, 4-7pm, 25% of proceeds during that time will be donated to Woodson Crew - no flyer needed - tell your friends and neighbors! 
  • Scrip - last order of the year due 15 June - Gift Cards make great graduation gifts! Woodson Crew Code: go to: https://www.shopwithscrip.com/ Contact Joan Fisher for the enrollment code. 
4. Woodson Spring Sports Night - 9 June, 7pm, Woodson Auditorium

5. Last Workdays! We need your help! 18 June - Boathouse, 25 June - Erg Rentals - Sign Up to clean up the boathouse, and Sign Up to Rent an Erg for the summer!

6. WTW Crew Parent Board Meeting - 13 June
  • 7pm, WTW, Room D 116 
7. Register for the General Election - Bonus! Crossover Crew and Voter Registration volunteer, Diane Chan, will bring forms to register anyone to vote at the 3 June Meeting.

Nationals results - Congratulations! and $5,000 Matching Donation! 28 May 2016

posted May 29, 2016, 8:17 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

1. Nationals Results
  • Nationals Recap
    • Saturday Semi Finals Women's Jr 8 took 5th place in semis with 5:25.000
      • recording our highest places ever in that category, at both Stotes (10th), and Nationals (8th)
    • Friday Heats: 
      • Women's Jr 8 took 4th place advancing to semi-finals 5:35.994
      • Women's Lt 8 took 5th place in heats 5:37.659
      • Women's 1st 4 took 5th place in heats 6:02.895
2. $5,000 Matching Donation
  • A "Friend of Woodson Crew" has made a generous $5,000 matching donation. This donor will match every donation made to Woodson Crew up to $5,000 until 25 June.
  • Make check payable to W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters - send to W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters P.O. Box 2881 Fairfax VA 22031 
  • Thank you for your support of W.T. Woodson Crew – Pulling Together Since 1986
3. Athletes who participated in Nationals are expected to unload the boat trailer at Sandy Run Tuesday @ 4:00pm.

Nationals, Crew Dinner, Concert Raffle & Potbelly Fundraiser - 26 May 2016

posted May 27, 2016, 2:36 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

In this update:

1. Nationals - Heat Sheet and Live Streaming

2. Crew Awards Dinner and Annual Booster Meeting - 3 June

3. Fundraising - Concert Raffle 3 June, Potbelly Dinner 7 June

4. Woodson Spring Sports Night - 9 June 

1. Nationals - Pull for Woodson!!
2. Crew Awards Dinner and Annual Association Meeting
3. Fundraising
  • Concert Ticket Raffle 
    • The Woodson Crew team is raffling off 2 tickets to the Demi Lovato/ Nick Jonas Concert on July 26th at the Verizon Center. Tickets are in an executive suite and include food & beverages. Package value is $500. Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. Drawing to be held Friday, June 3rd. A great graduation/end of school year gift! Contact Joan Fisher at joanmkf@aol.com to purchase tickets. 
  • Potbelly Dinner 
    • The Woodson Crew Team will be hosting a fundraiser at Potbelly Sandwich Shop (across the street) on Tuesday, June 7th, from 4 - 7 pm. Please come out and support the Crew Team while enjoying some delicious Potbelly sandwiches with friends and family. No flyers are needed and 25% of all purchases made during that time period will be donated to the team. Thanks for your support! 
4. WTW Spring Sports Night
  • 9 June in WTW Auditorium @ 7pm 
  • Crew athletes are expected to attend - Woodson Team Awards are presented

Men's Team Captain Application Letters - due 31 May 2016 to Coach Tylander

posted May 26, 2016, 7:54 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

From Coach Tylander:

Athletes interested in being considered as a captain for the men’s team should write a short letter of application (200-400 words in length) explaining why they would make a good captain. Letters should be received by Tuesday May 31st (btylander@gmail.com

Roles of the Captain

As a captain you are the both the formal and inspirational leader of your team. A good captain will, as a minimum:
  • Embody as many of the above attributes as possible and set the example for fellow rowers to follow/emulate as an athlete, leader and citizen
  • Develop a crew team spirit that makes rowing enjoyable.
  • Motivate his/her team to exceed their own personal and team goals.
  • Foster an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation among fellow members.
  • Act as the first point of communication/resolution for issues within the team.
  • Assist the coaches in instructing novices, with getting crews on and off the water during the racing season and, in general, make practices more productive and
  • Liaison with coaches to ensure regular coaching and a constructive training plan both on and off the water as well as bring any important issues to the attention of the
  • Be well organized and willing to take the time to effectively carry out the role.
  • Not let personal differences affect their relationship with coaches or other rowers.
  • Organize special events in advance, taking into account the other commitments of
  • Help to maintain the cleanliness and organization of the boathouse and equipment.
  • Teach fellow members the care of equipment and rules of the boathouse. Delegate
  • Supervise other rowers during boat loading and unloading.

You are invited! Friday, 3 June 2016 - WTW Crew - Awards Dinner and Annual Association Meeting

posted May 26, 2016, 7:13 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

All Athletes and Families are invited to attend 

The 2015-2016 WTW Crew Awards Dinner and Annual Booster Board Association Meeting 

Friday, 3 June 2016 


W.T. Woodson High School Cafeteria B 

All athletes and their families should attend and celebrate the 2015-2016 WTW Crew Season! 

We need your help! Please sign up to provide salad or dessert, and assist with set up/clean up. Pizza will be provided. 

6-7:30 Dinner and Awards 

Letters, Scholar Athlete, and Individual Awards will be presented. 

Each boat will have the opportunity to recognize their coach. 

7:30 - 9pm Dessert and Breakout Sessions 

Captains will present paper plate awards in Cafe B 

Adults will remain in Cafe A for Annual Association Meeting for Booster Board President's End of Year Report and Elections.

Please review the Updated Slate for Booster Board prior to attending.

Updated Slate for Booster Board - 26 May 2016

posted May 26, 2016, 6:52 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

WTW Crew Parent Booster Board Elections will be held at the Awards Dinner and Annual Association Meeting 

3 June 2016, 6-9pm WTW Cafe A/B.

Each parent/guardian of a student-athlete has the right to vote and hold office on the W.T.Woodson High School Crew Booster Board. 

The following is the proposed slate for review prior to elections 3 June: 

WT Woodson Crew Booster Board: Officer/Executive Committee Slate 2016-2017 Season

 President Pam Sprouse
 Vice President
 Team Liaison & Activities
 Caitlin Shear
 Vice President
 Nicole Armstrong
 Treasurer Bill Muras
 Secretary Nicole Leech
 Jean Boyle
 Fundraising Jennifer Epley
 Volunteer Coordinator Kathleen Whittle
 Equipment/Logistics Ed Schmidt
 Uniform/Crew Gear
 & Clothing
 Tu’lann von Christierson
 VASRA Representative Al Holtslander

Please contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Gaby Jack wtwcrewvolunteer@gmail.com, if you have any questions, or to volunteer to be nominated for the Secretary position.
  • Currently these nominees are running unopposed, however, if you would like to be considered a nominee for any position, please contact Gaby Jack asap. Further Nominations may be taken from the floor or proposed via write-in during the Annual Association Meeting. 
  • Each parent/guardian of a student-athlete who is a participant on the W. T. Woodson Crew Team during the current fiscal year shall be a General Member. Each such parent/guardian shall be entitled to all privileges of the Association including the right to vote at the Annual Association Meeting for the Board of Directors and to hold office as a member of the Board of Directors if elected. Go to http://www.wtwcrew.org/home/w-t-woodson-crew-handbook, read our By-laws for more information on Officer roles and Booster Board Elections. 
  • Only General Members present at any meeting are entitled to vote. Proxy voting will not be permitted. Only one vote may be cast per student-athlete, per issue, during any formal voting action. For example, a single General Member who is parent / guardian of two student-athletes on the W. T. Woodson Crew Team could cast two votes on each issue. However, two parents / guardians attending the same meeting on behalf of their one student-athlete could only cast one total vote between them on each issue.

Important Information for Nationals Athletes and Parents - 24 May 2016

posted May 25, 2016, 7:22 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew

Congratulations to WTW Women's Boats going to Nationals! 

Important Information for Nationals athletes and parents:
  • Two documents are attached 
    1. General information (View Download) sheet about Nationals with contact information 
    2. Meal reservation form (View Download) for parents/families for Thurs and Fri night dinner and lunch/snacks at the tent - print and complete this form, return with payment no later than luggage check in Wednesday, (may be dropped off earlier at 8932 Falling Creek Ct, Annandale, 22003.) 
  • Wednesday, 25 May - Luggage Check In 7-8pm, WTW Gym Entrance by the rock 
    • Remember - uni, long sleeved shirt and medicine form with meds in a baggie 
    • New WTW Crew Water Bottles will be available to purchase at luggage check in - Offered first to Nationals athletes! $5 each, see picture attached. 
  • Thursday, 26 May - Arrive NO LATER THAN 6am to load luggage and supplies 
    • Eat breakfast before boarding the bus and pack a lunch for the ride to Ohio. The WTW Crew Food Tent will NOT be set up when the bus arrives. 
    • Dinner will be catered at the hotel by Olive Garden 
  • Bring Cash 
    • Saturday Dinner is not included in the fee or meal plan. Athletes and adult bus riders must bring cash in case we leave Ohio late and have to stop for dinner on the road. 
    • Also plan for spending on Vendors and incidentals. 
  • Want to ride the bus? 
    • Please email Caitlin Shear asap (wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com) if you plan on riding the bus with the team. The round trip cost is $75 per person and seats are limited. Payment, checks payable to WTW Crew Boosters, due no later than luggage check in, 25 May (or dropped off earlier at 8932 Falling Creek Ct, Annandale 22003). Remember: If you are going on the bus with the team, you will park at Woodson near the Science Wing at door # 7. 
  • Lightweights: ID is REQUIRED at weigh-in 
    • Lightweights, remember to bring ID with you! 
  • Remember it is a "wet recovery" at Dillon Lake (it may even be a “wet” launch): Bring appropriate extra clothing, socks, etc. “Wet” means athletes get in and/or out of the boat from the water, not a dock. (Examples: https://readyallrow.wordpress.com/tag/wet-launch/)
  • Weather: Predicted temps in the 70s and 80s. Bring sunscreen, hat etc. 

Pull for Woodson!!

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