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Handbook and By-Laws

The 2016-2017 Handbook and By-Laws have been updated, please read!

Team Handbook
Note Revisions regarding Fundraising and Service pg 16-18:
  • "New for the 2015-2016 season, W.T. Woodson Crew has established a per-athlete fundraising commitment. Rather than mandating specific activities and events and assigning fines for non-participation, each family will have a fundraising commitment based on their number of participating student athletes. To reduce the commitment, participatory value will be assigned to key leadership, fundraising and service activities throughout the year. How you choose to meet the fundraising commitment is at your discretion. Families will now have the flexibility to simply pay the fundraising commitment in full, or they may choose to participate in the various fundraising activities offered throughout the season. For returning rowers and coxswains, each family is assigned a fundraising commitment of $600 for the first student-athlete and $400 for each additional student-athlete from the same family. For each freshman / novice student-athlete, the assigned fundraising commitment is $300. Additional information may be found in Appendix E."