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Offseason Erg Competition

2013 W.T. Woodson Crew Offseason Erg Competition 

         There is nothing like a friendly competition with your teammates in the offseason! The WTW Crew team will be holding a summer erg competition with an exciting reward. In addition to staying in shape and getting faster, the male and female rowers who log the most meters on the online Concept 2 Erg Log (http://log.concept2.com/log_start.asp?p=/log.asp) will have their name forever put on the hull of the shell by the seat in which they race during the 2014 season. As an example, if I were to log the most meters during the offseason competition and row four seat in the Shining in 2014, my name would be put on the hull of the Shining right next to four seat. The contest will begin on June 3rd 2013 and end October 18th 2013. I will then collect all student logs and declare the winners.

Good luck!

Coach Trevor