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Dues, Fundraising Commitment, Service Requirements and Penalties
Payment Types
Discounts and Payment Deadlines
Refund Policy


To become a member you must FIRST complete registration at Ronin Registration and also all forms listed in the Registration Tab.

When you sign up your student-athlete for W.T. Woodson Crew and pay in full, they are considered to be members of the WTW Crew Team for the current academic year. In addition, each parent or guardian of a student-athlete who is a participant on WTW Crew is afforded a General Membership in the W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters Association. General Members are entitled to all privileges of the Association including the right to vote at the Annual Association Meeting for the Board of Directors and to hold office as a member of the Board of Directors if elected. Additional information may be found in the WTW Crew Handbook and ByLaws.

Dues, Fundraising Committment, Service Requirements, and Penalties

Basic Dues (1):
Returning (balance due February 11, 2017) $850. (Installments: $290 at Registration, $280 1/13/17 and 2/11/17)
Freshman / Novice (balance due February 11, 2017) $750. (Installments: $250 at Registration, $250 1/13/17 and 2/11/17)

Additional Fees (2):
Stotesbury Regatta $350
SRAA Nationals $425
Uniforms $120
Chartered Practice Bus (optional) $450

Family Fundraising Commitment(3)(4):
First Returning Student-Athlete $600
Each Additional Returning Student-Athlete $400
Each Freshman / Novice Student-Athlete $300

Family Service Requirements(3):
VASRA Regatta Volunteer Assignments 2
Chartered Practice Bus Chaperone(5)

Returning student-athlete withdrawal request during first two weeks of on-the-water practice $300
Missed VASRA Regatta Volunteer or Practice Bus Chaperone $50


(1) An early bird discount of $50 is given if cash dues are paid in full by check by November 17, 2016. An additional discount of $50 per student-athlete is given when a family has more than one participating student-athlete. Dues paid by credit card are not eligible for the early bird discount.

(2) Additional Fees are approximate based on historical and projected costs.

(3) See Appendix F for a complete list of fundraising and service opportunities.

(4) Student-Athletes will not be allowed to participate in end-of-season travel regattas until fundraising commitments are fulfilled and service penalties are paid without specific consideration issued by the Board.

(5) Applies only to those families participating in the chartered practice bus program during spring season.

Payment Types

Basic dues may be paid by check or credit card. Payment by credit card is managed through the Ronin Racing website (see the Registration tab). Checks for basic dues, travel regatta fees, service requirement penalties, and bus transportation fees are to be mailed to the W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters Association, P.O. Box 2881, Fairfax, VA 22031. Checks are to be made payable to “W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters.” Payment for spirit wear and uniforms will be made directly to the respective vendors. Families with extenuating financial circumstances should contact the Association President to arrange a delayed payment schedule. In addition, limited scholarship funds may be available. All requests will be held in strictest confidence.

Discounts and Payment Deadlines

Dues for the current season must be paid in full by February 11th, 2017. Early bird discounts of $50 per student-athlete are available if dues are paid in full by check no later than November 17th, 2016. No early bird discount is offered when paying by credit card. Discount will be provided via a refund check from the WTW Crew Boosters Association. It will NOT be reflected in your Ronin statement. An additional discount of $50 per student-athlete is given when a family has more than one participating student-athlete. Dues may be paid by check in three equal installments with payments due on December 9th, January 13th, and February 11th. When paying installments by credit card, an immediate initial payment is recorded during Ronin registration, after which the subsequent payments will be automatically charged on January 15th and February 12th.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds should be made in writing to the Membership Chairperson. Withdrawal requests made on behalf of returning student-athletes by February 19th, 2016 and freshman / novice student-athletes by March 7th, 2017 will be refunded in full, less any credit card processing fees. Withdrawals on behalf of returning student-athletes made during the first two weeks of on-the-water practice will be assessed a $300 penalty. No refunds of dues will be granted after the second week of on-the-water practice unless the student-athlete is cut (see Section 6 of the WTW Crew Handbook).