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Registration is a multi-step process. All parts are vital to ensure your rower’s eligibility to participate in crew. Some items are required for winter conditioning, but ALL are required prior to on-the-water practice. Coaches are not allowed to let student athletes participate in either winter conditioning or spring practice if their registration is incomplete. To ensure your rower is eligible to practice, please follow the guidance provided below. 

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  • New Rower - $775
  • Returning Rower - $925
  • Multiple Rower Discount - An additional discount of $50 per student-athlete is given when a family has more than one participating student-athlete. This discount is reflected in your Ronin Racing registration statement. 
  • Early bird discount - $25 per student-athlete if dues are paid in full no later than November 20th, 2019. 
  • Dues are paid by credit card (through Ronin Racing).
  • Dues may be paid in one complete payment or 3 installments.
  • Credit Card Installment plan – When paying installments by credit card, an immediate 1/3 payment is assessed during Ronin Registration, after which the subsequent payments will be automatically charged on January 20 and February 20, 2020.


Winter Conditioning - Rowers need to complete the following by mid-November in order to begin winter conditioning.

1. Online Registration - Ronin Registration – This is the online registration service the WTW Crew Team uses. During registration you will provide relevant data and select how you wish to pay your dues.

2. VHSL Physical Form - Your physical must be dated May 1, 2019 or later and needs to be on the correct form (Revised February 2017). Submit completed physicals directly to the Athletic Trainer in Room C158. Please make a copy of your physical before submitting it. It may take up to 5 business days for the Athletic Trainer to review your physical and reflect its clearance on the compliance report. 

3. Online Concussion Training - Athletes and their parents are required to review this training and print and sign the verification page at the end of the presentation. Please review this information carefully so you can help us ensure our athletes stay safeThe concussion training signature page needs to be turned in to the trainer's office, Room C158.

4. Student Emergency Care Form - An ECF needs to be completed every year. Please complete this form online before printing. Illegible forms will not be accepted. (New rowers – If you submitted a typed copy of this form during Green Days, you do not need to submit another one at this time.) 

5. Field Trip Driver’s License and Vehicle Insurance Information Forms - 
  • Student Form - Use this form if your rower has a driver’s license and plans to drive to practice and/or local regattas. 
  • Parent Form - Parents/guardians living locally need to complete this form. 
After completing registration and full or initial payment online, rowers participating in Winter Conditioning must mail or hand-deliver the Emergency Care Form and Field Trip License and Vehicle Insurance Forms by November 20, 2020 to:

WTW Crew Membership, c/o 3721 Acosta Road, Fairfax, VA 22031

6. Swim Test -
 Every rower is required to pass a swim test certified by WTW Crew prior to participating in on-the-water practices. Passage of this test is required only once. The next time this test is administered will be in January 2019. Specific details will be provided through the weekly email update.

7. US Rowing Membership - US Rowing memberships are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. Your dues cover the cost of your US Rowing membership. WTW Crew Team purchases/renews memberships for registered rowers. No action on your part is required. 

8. US Rowing Waiver - After the team purchases/renews your US Rowing Membership in January 2020, you will receive notice to sign your rowing waiver. Although memberships are good for 365 days from the date of purchase, the US Rowing waiver expires every December 31st. If you are 18 or older, you may sign your own waiver. If you are under 18, your parent must sign the waiver. 

9. FCPS Participation Policy - The coaching staff will talk about and distribute the participation policy form on the first day of practice. Please read, sign (both parent and student athlete) and return to the respective coach. 

The previous 9 registration requirements, including full payment of dues, must be completed and submitted by February 20, 2020 in order to participate in on-the-water activities.