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Sandy Run Park

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  • Click here for information about Sandy Run Regional Park 
  • Click here for information about regattas from vasra.org.
  • Wear walking shoes. Even if you take the shuttle from Lot C to the grandstand, there is still a lot of walking to be done.
  • Dress in layers. The morning can start off very cold and damp but then be hot and humid by the time the regatta is over.
  • The grandstand is not protected from the rain and is minimally protected from the sun. Bring rain gear, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  • Bring binoculars and a camera (and a video camera if you like).
  • Make sure your cell phones are charged!
  • Print off a copy of the regatta schedule to bring with you. The schedule lets you know the time of your rower’s event as well as the lane in which he or she will be rowing. A link to the schedule will be placed on the home page either the day before or the day of the regatta. 
  • Many folks bring folding lawn chairs, a cushion or a stadium seat to improve the comfort level of the concrete grandstand seating.
  • Food is available at the boathouse concession and grandstand concession stands. Bring some cash for lunch or drinks.
  • Woodson has the reputation of having the best, and most fun, cheering section. Come ready to root for our kids!
  • Please remember that sportsmanlike conduct is expected by all representatives of WTW, whether a team member, fellow student, coach, or parent.

Parking is extremely limited. Please read the following, especially if you are new to regattas. 

NOTE: Spring 2019 - Renovations at Silverbrook Elementary School have caused the shuttle bus to re-locate to Halley Elementary School. This page has been updated to reflect the change - see below for details.

Please consider carpooling whenever possible.

Parking anywhere from the corner of Van Thompson and Hampton Roads into Sandy Run Regional Park costs $20. Parking volunteers will be stationed at the entrance to the Van Thompson lot, and they'll direct you where to go.

If you are only dropping off your rower, plan on arriving on site 30 minutes before your rower needs to report because Hampton Road and Van Thompson Road are sometimes backed up with cars waiting to pass through the parking pay point. Tell the parking volunteers that you are dropping off a rower, and they will direct you to the right to drop them off. They can then take a shuttle down to the boathouse.

If you are planning on parking at Halley ES, you have two options. You can either drop off your rower first, then circle back to Halley, or head straight to Halley and take the shuttle along with your rower. If you choose the latter, be sure to allow for extra time as the shuttle needs to get through the same traffic to get to the park.

  • It is approximately a 10 minute shuttle ride to the park, but please plan to arrive at the school at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours before race time to allow ample time to get to the Grandstands at Sandy Run to watch your race. 
  • The shuttle bus will start approximately two hours before the first scheduled race and last bus two hours after the last race. 
  • The first departure from Halley is scheduled for 6:30 am. The second departure is 15 minutes later. 
  • The buses will continue this :00/:30 and :15/:45 schedule all day, with staggered 30 minute lunches mid-day. 
  • The last bus will depart Sandy Run 2 hours after the last race. 
  • Several shuttle routes share Lot “C” at Sandy Run. The designated location for the Halley shuttle stop is against the tree line in the middle of the lot.
  • The shuttle bus will start approximately two hours before the first scheduled race and last bus two hours after the last race.
  • We have access to all three lots around Halley, which, if we park two to a bus lane, equals about 120 spaces. We are welcome to park on either street leading to the school. Please use common sense and abide by regular street rules – do not park on a yellow curb, do not block anyone’s driveway and do not park in front of a fire hydrant. You will be towed. Please note: There is no handicapped parking in the bus parking area.
  • The bus will pick up passengers at the red X in the first picture below. It is across from Door 3 in the bus parking lot. The shuttle will drop you off at Sandy Run at parking lot C in the second picture below.

If you are planning to park at Sandy Run, allow time to find parking, get to Lot C, and then make your way from Lot C to the grandstands. The parking volunteers will guide you to the available parking lots.
  • Once the upper lots (inside the park) are full, you will need to park in the Loisvale lot. There is a shuttle that runs from the Loisvale lot to Lot C.
  • Once the Loisvale lot is full, you will need to park in the Van Thompson lot (at the corner of Van Thompson and Hampton Roads). There is a shuttle that runs from the Van Thompson lot to Lot C.
  • Once the Van Thompson lot is full, you will need to drive to one of the commuter parking lots (details to come later) and ride a shuttle bus back to the park. This can take up to 30 minutes, so again, give yourself plenty of extra time if you arrive any time after the start of the regatta.
To get to the grandstand viewing area from Lot C, you have two options:
  • You can walk. The path is unpaved and very hilly. It is about ¾ of a mile and takes about 20 minutes to walk.
  • You can take the shuttle van which costs $3 each way. The shuttle runs continuously and takes about 5 minutes.
To summarize, the later you arrive, the more time you need to allow to deal with parking. Be conservative. Don't miss your rower's event!

Bonus tip from a veteran parent: If you're at the boathouse, it's quicker to walk up to parking lot C and follow the path from there than it is to take the path all the way from the boat house.