Stotesbury Bulletin 1

NOTE: The following memo was distributed to all coaches with entries in the 2018 Stotesbury Cup Regatta on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018:


The 92nd Stotesbury Cup Regatta is moving from the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia to the Cooper River in Camden New Jersey. Additional details to follow in subsequent Regatta Bulletins.

Ninety-two years ago, the Stotesbury Cup Regatta called upon scholastic coaches and athletes to gather the youth of our sport in what has now grown to become the world's largest scholastic rowing event.

Through war and weather, Depression and dynamic changes...the regatta has always persevered. This year will be no different.

Last night and early this morning, the Schuylkill Navy's Regatta Leadership Team - together with our trusted expert advisors (all listed below) - made the decision to move the entire regatta 8 miles East with the help of our partners and long-standing friends on the Cooper River in Camden (under the leadership of Jamie Stack).

While the rain and storm forecast may not seem sufficiently severe to create a once-in-a-generation move, the amount of rainfall thus far and expected to continue will cause the Schuylkill River to rise and flow in such a way that we collectively believe it MAY not be possible to conduct safe racing.

While we "might" be able to hold the races on the Schuylkill, we believe we CAN stage the event in New Jersey. We are clear that "CAN" is better than "MAY" for the 6000 young students under our care.

Additionally, our order of priorities is clear: Safety, Competition, and Everything Else after that.

Stotes will go on.

We know you and your teams will have MANY questions, and we will be communicating additional details in the coming hours via a series of continued Regatta Bulletins as we work through the considerable logistical ramifications. We ask that you hold off posing individual questions to individual team members, as we may not be able to get to you (and they only serve to slow down process for executing this change). Please trust that we will be working hard to get you everything you need; and, we are similarly prioritizing the needs for communications to Coaches then Key Regatta Personnel/Volunteers/Equipment Providers then Parents.

You can help with this process by distributing the Regatta Bulletins as you receive them. The only individuals on this Regatta Bulletin Distribution are teams with active entries and completed registration forms. Please therefore continue to push all communications to all assistant coaches, parents, and athletes as you receive them.


The Schuylkill Navy's Stotesbury Cup Regatta LOC Leadership Team

Team Members Gathered for Decision for 2018 Stotesbury Cup Regatta : Erika McCormick : Dir of Racing; Dennis Smith: Chief Referee; Mike Murphy: Deputy Chief; Mark Valenti: Director Emeritus; Clete Graham: Director Emeritus; Paul Horvat: Commodore; Al Wachlin: Course Infrastructure; Jack Lees: QuarterMaster and Safety Chief; John Monaghan: Regatta Leadership and PSRA; Jamie Stack: Cooper River; Margaret Meigs: Director of Business; Bonnie Mueller: Director of Operations