2018 Anacostia Tri-Meet

April 14, 2018

Heat Sheet (Final)

Official Results for Boys and Girls

G1v8: 1st Woodson Light 8, 2nd GV 1v8, 3rd TJ 1v8
G3v8: 1st Woodson 3v8, 2nd TJ 3v8
B2v8: 1st Gonzaga 2v8, 2nd TJ 2v8, 3rd Woodson 2v8
B1v8: 1st Gonzaga 1v8, 2nd TJ 1v8, 3rd Woodson 1v8
G2v8: 1st TJ 2v8, 2nd Woodson J8, 3rd GV 2v8
BF8: 1st Gonzaga F8, 2nd Woodson F/N 8, 3rd TJ F8, 4th Gonzaga 3F
GF8: 1st Woodson F8, 2nd TJ F8, 3rd GV F8, 4th GV N8
BV4: 1st Gonzaga Ltw4, Gonzaga 3v4 (tie), 3rd Woodson Jr4

Update: There is no parent shuttle bus - parents can drive to and park in Anacostia Park to view the race.

Please note, there is no pre-regatta dinner this Friday, but there is practice even though it is an early release day from school. There will not be bus transportation to the Anacostia Tri-Meet due to the proximity and carpooling is encouraged. 

There is no parking at the Anacostia boathouse, all parking and rower drop off will be at Maritime Plaza at 1201 M Street SE. 

Parking volunteers will direct everyone to park in the upper lot at the Maritime Plaza and there will be signs posted to help direct as well. Cars parked in the lower lot are subject to towing as that lot is used by the office building on the weekends. There are stairs from the upper to the lower lot so people do not have to walk all the way back around to the lower lot for the shuttle. Upper and lower lot refers to elevation, not an actual parking structure. People should drive straight through the lower lot to the rear of the parking lot, turn left and park on the upper lot.

Shuttle buses will be provided from the parking area to the boathouse.

Parking and Rower Drop-off Map

Maritime Plaza

Rowers must be dropped at the Maritime Plaza circle and take the shuttle to the boathouse. There cannot be any rower drop off at the boathouse gate. M Street is in very bad shape, it is too narrow for heavy traffic and there is no safe place for multiple cars to turn around by the ACBA. If parents attempt to drop rowers at the boathouse, they will create a back up for the boat trailers, chuck wagons and shuttles.

There will be volunteers monitoring the ACBA gate.

The chuck wagon and the tow vehicle may be parked in the ACBA lot. If parents have substantial supplies to deliver, they may drop the items at the ACBA gate, park at the Maritime Plaza and take the shuttle back.

No one may park on M Street outside of the ACBA gate - those spots are reserved for the race officials.

If you have anyone who will have difficulties with the bus steps, please contact abacas@gonzaga.org and they will do their best to accommodate them.

There will be 3 shuttle buses running continuously from 6:45am until about an hour after the final race.

Due to this being a short event, there will not be a RAFT tent, so student-athletes should bring snacks and water bottles.

Information about the facility and maps can be found here:
Anacostia Community Boathouse

Spectator Viewing Tips

Viewing points are as follows:

Start: There is a public promenade outside the Navy Yard fence that runs along the river downstream of 11th Street Bridge. Parents can access this area from Maritime Plaza parking, walking across 11th Street and making a hard left turn. Do not enter the Navy Yard.

Mid-Points: Best vantage here will be from the south shore in Anacostia Park.

Finish: There is a small park area about 300 yards from the boathouse parking lot on the north shore, just downstream of the Sousa Bridge. The finish line tower will be there, with flag men. Easy walk from boathouse and shuttle buses will be running along M Street connecting Maritime Plaza parking and the boathouse will stop to drop/off and pick up spectators at this spot. It is my understanding, tents will be stationed in the boathouse parking lot as usual.

Like the mid-point, the finish can also be viewed from the south shore.

Another viewing spot for the finish will be the Sousa Bridge itself. Walking directions to this vantage point will be distributed later.