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Nationals 2016

W.T. Woodson Boats - Saturday Semi-Finals

 # Time Event Lane Result
 1099:40 AM Womens JV 8+ Semi-Final 2
(Top 3 to Grand Final)
 65th - 5:25.000

5th in the standings...1st in our hearts!
W.T. Woodson Women's JV8+ at Nationals

W.T. Woodson Boats - Friday Heats

 # Time Event Lane Result
 3010:25 AM Womens JV 8+ Heat 2
(Top 4 to Semi-Finals)
 5 4th - 5:35.994
 3911:10 AMWomens Varsity 4+ Heat 4
(Top 1 to Semi-Finals, Next 2 to Reps)
 25th - 6:02.895
 714:50 PM
 Womens Ltwt Varsity 8+ Heat 1
(Top 3 to Grand Final)
 75th - 5:37.659

Live Streaming of the SRAA Nationals available!

Saturday PM also available!

NOTE: on the live stream, lane 1 is at the top of the screen - just like at Sandy Run

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Latest Updates:

Updated - Friday Heat Sheet View Download

If your athlete is attending Nationals, please sign up to volunteer
  • There are jobs before and after here in Fairfax, if you are not traveling with the team. 
  • There are jobs during the event, if you are traveling with the team. 
  • Everyone needs to pitch in to make this a success! 
A note for those attending “Nationals,” recovery is a water-recovery, there is no recovery dock. Plan to bring appropriate gear/clothing. 

Lightweights: you will need a photo ID for weigh ins!

  • Lightweight weigh ins open Friday, May 27th 6:00am-10:00am.

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Hotel Information:

Breakfast included