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Regional Park Regatta Recap - 2 April 2016

posted Apr 13, 2016, 7:56 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Apr 13, 2016, 8:46 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
Regional Park Regatta Recap

The Regional Park Regatta was held at the Occoquan on Saturday, April 2nd. It was our second regatta of the season for the experienced rowers and the first regatta ever for our novices. 30 different schools participated (listing here). WT Woodson crew entered 11 different events.

The regatta utilized block scheduling for the regatta so all the fours raced before the lunch break.

The Women’s First 4 finished 2nd in their heat of 5 boats to advance to the Final. In the final they rose to the occasion taking 1st place with . This is the second week in a row they have won this event (Rita Bodrog , Claire Hutcheson, Hannah Fisher, Courtney Becker, cox: Erika Schneider).

The Women’s Junior 4 finshed 2nd in a 5 boat Final behind visiting crew Holy Cross. (Rowan Sprouse, Alex Schmidt, Rachel Hundley, Kristen Wahlbeck, cox: Caroline Wong).

The Men’s Novice 4 raced in the first of two flights (non-championship events with more than 6 events do not have finals), winning their first ever race. (Ethan Kutia, Colin McCarthy, James Mullet, Grant McHale, cox: Heston McClintick). A great start to the rowing carriers of these Cavaliers.

After the lunch break the 8s got into the action

The Men’s First 8 finished 2nd in their morning heat of 5 boats, and 6th overall in finals after suffering a crab. (Joe Killion, Val Jack, Joe Korn, Jack Ning, James Magee, Finn Merrill, Adrian Michel, Trevor von Christierson, cox: Gwen Cameron)

The Men’s Second 8 finished 2nd in their morning heat of 5 boats, and 4th overall in finals. (Ryan Torgersen, Larry Cai, James Livingston, Miles Knight, Michael Boyle, Ryan Sarratt, Wyn Adams, Griffin Adams, cox: Nico Marucchi)

The Women’s Lightweight 8 finished 3rd in a four boat race. 8: Sierra Boucher, Trini Hong, Reagan Smith, Sophie Mills, Coryn Mayer, Paige Evans, Anna Field, Sara Chan, cox: Caroline Hoskins)

The Women’s Junior 8 finished 3rd in a 6 boat race. (Meryn Holtslander, Rose van der Horst, Gabriella Hayes, Elizabeth Giglia, Jenna Hissong, Elizabeth Fields, Kathryn Taheri, Brooke Leech, cox: Haley Cole)

The Men's 3rd 8 finished 2nd in their flight of 4 boats (Brandon Snyder, Sam Shear, Ben Epley, Allen Moran, Joshua Ackerman, Sam Muras, Aaron Shurberg, Jung Won Lee, cox: John Fritzinger)

The Men’s Freshman 8 finished 4th in a 5 boat flight. (James Mullet, Katon Zhang, Rory McAlevy, Ethan Feng, Nick Shawley, Ethan Pepper, Jack Hayes, Gavin Bromberg cox: Andrew Zack)

The Women’s Freshman 8 finished 2nd in a 6 boat flight that was shortened due to boats colliding during the start, important information when looking at the times. It sounded like the race was quite the adventure, as freshman races tend to be at this point in the season. (Marie Korn, Joy Kim, Christina Moore, Sage Boucher, Gracie Rollins, Anna Courtney, Crystal Ho, Emily Kao, cox: Sophie Depret-Guillaume)

Ending our racing for the day, the Men’s Novice 8 finished 3rd in their 4 boat (Austin Whittle, Benjamin Wellstood, Richard Evans, Brandon Tse, Max Rodriguez, Daehyun Kim, Seung Ahn, Thomas Koerner, cox: Beau Swallow).

Official results are posted (note: lineup changes made Thursday and Friday are not showing up in the results. Their system froze the names when they created the first draft of the schedule. They are looking into fixing the problem)

It was a long day, but a great start for our novice rowers, and a Walter Mess Regatta on the Occoquan. Racing starts at 0900. It will once again follow a block schedule with fours in the morning and 8s after the lunch break. Pull for Woodson!

As always Huge “HEY WOODSON!” Shout Out to all our AMAZING Grandstand Fans! Parents, Teammates, siblings, friends, relatives: Thank you for cheering our boats and special thank you to everyone who stayed to see the last race!