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5 April 2015

posted Apr 4, 2015, 9:26 PM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Apr 14, 2016, 3:43 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
1.  Practice - Monday 6 April
2.  Bus Update
3.  Team & Individual Pictures - Wednesday 3:30pm
4.  Fundraising
5.  Chaperone needed for Pre Regatta Dinner 4/24
6.  Thank you from VASRA
7.  Note from Coach Penn
8.  Summer Camp and Scholarship Information, www.wtwcrew.org


1.  Practice Monday, 6 April (no school)
  • 3:30-6:30 pm
  • Bus will pick up and drop off at the usual time (see below)
2.  Bus
  • Reminder:  The bus will run at the usual 3pm time on Monday, April 6.  Please have your bus rider at the WTW pickup site by 2:45pm.    Also, a reminder that we will not have bus service on two upcoming Friday’s:  April 10 and April 17.  You are encouraged to form carpools.   On Thursday April 16 (WTW has 2-hour early release) the bus will run at the usual 3pm time.  
  • Chaperone URGENTLY NEEDED for Thursday:  The bus needs a chaperone for Thursday, April 9.  The bus cannot run without a chaperone.  If you haven’t yet signed up please consider taking this date.  If your date was previously cancelled, and you want to observe a practice, this is your chance!  Please sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094eaaaa2da64-buschaperones2/716392  THANK YOU!!
3.  Team and Individual Pictures - Wednesday 8 April
  • 3:30pm Wednesday, at the Boathouse before practice
  • Wear your long uniform shirt, unisuit not required
  • Lifetouch order forms were passed out last week
  • Everyone is included in the team photo, purchasing photos is optional
  • POC:  Kris Cole, wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com

4.  Away Regatta Parent Meeting - Monday, 20 April, 7pm, WTW Cafeteria B

  • Covers all aspects of our away regattas, Stotesbury and Nationals, it is required that a parent attend
  • Details, and Forms that need to be completed, will be sent in a separate email
  • Point of Contact:  Kris Cole, wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com

5.  Fundraising

  • Next Scrip Order by 1 May -- remember Mother's Day, Graduation, Teacher Gifts (note:  no scrip order in April)
  • Point of Contact for all WTW Crew Fundraising is Joan Fisher, joanmkf@aol.com

6.  Pre Regatta Dinner Chaperone needed

7.  Thank you from VASRA Volunteer Coordinator

  • A note from VASRA Volunteer Coordinator, Shirley:  "All clubs get credit for all volunteer hours even though the (Regional Park) Regatta was cut short.  All volunteers had signed in at the time of the cancellation and that it was a "perfect day" from a volunteer standpoint. Thank you for your support, we couldn't run successful regattas without you and your volunteers!"

8.  Note from Coach Penn

  • I am very pleased with the events of the week. Attendance was very high and so were spirits. With a chance to race next weekend, I hope all the hard work pays off. One thing I need to mention, I am appalled by the amount of trash and garbage left in and around the boathouse this week. I spent an hour almost everyday cleaning up after everyone. There is also a large box of clothing, coffee cups, and water bottles at the boathouse. Please check this box and take your stuff home before someone else does.  Coach Penn

9.  Summer Camp and Scholarship Information

  • All summer camp and scholarship information we receive will be posted at www.wtwcrew.org