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26 March 2015

posted Apr 4, 2015, 9:25 PM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Apr 14, 2016, 3:40 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
In this update:

1.  Regional Park Regatta!  28 March 2015
Event schedule  - not released yet
Practice Bus - 5:30 Friday, (arr WTW 6)
Pre Regatta Dinner - All Athletes Welcome!
Athletes show time/drop off
New Shuttle Information
Sandy Run Parking
2.  Uniforms and Sportswear
3.  Fundraising
4.  Date change for Away Regatta Parent Meeting:  20 Apr, 7pm
5.  Spring Break Practices
6.  Roster


1.  Regional Park Regatta Saturday! 
  • Go to www.wtwcrew.org for a Regatta Race Watching Guide and more information
  • Schedule - VASRA is still working on the events for Saturday's Regatta -- we will publish asap.  Usually the schedule/heat sheet is available Friday night.  Coaches will discuss racing plan with the athletes, we do not publish boat line ups.
  • Friday Practice Bus Reminder -  Friday bus will pick up at the river at 5:30pm, to arrive at Woodson around 6.  Carpools and private transportation is required to get to and from the dinners. This will be the case every Friday for the rest of the season.
  • Pre Regatta Dinner - Friday, March 27, 2015, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Hosted by Sam Shear’s family: 8932 Falling Creek Ct., Annandale, VA 22003, #703-865-8471.
  • All athletes are welcome!!   Regardless of whether they are rowing all athletes should attend the pre-regatta dinners.  Food assignments are distributed carefully to ensure food is available for the dinner and breakfast at the regatta the next morning.  This is a wonderful tradition for the athletes.  Please attend and provide the items assigned so that everyone enjoys this time together!   Invitation and Assignment flyer is attached. 
  • Point of Contact:  Megan Holtslander, megan.holtslander@gmail.com
  • Athletes show time
  • Coaches will assign your athletes arrival time based on VASRA's schedule which does not usually get published until Friday night.  There are predicted regatta start times available on the VASRA website, www.vasra.com.
  • We will send an email Friday night with the schedule/race times as soon as it is published by VASRA.  Please make note of Woodson Race Times.  The schedule is subject to change.  You will want to print a schedule/heat sheet to use during the regatta for reference.  Once published you may also get the schedule directly from Regatta Central, regattacentral.org, click on heat sheet, or at vasra.org.
  • Coach Penn has reported that VASRA has not released the events yet.  We will let you know asap what boats are eligible to race Saturday.
  • Always bring full water bottle
  • Dress for the weather -- Bring dry clothes and socks to change into, wear sunscreen and hat
  • The Regatta Athlete Food Tent will have snacks - fruit, breads etc for athletes, if your athlete has particular food needs please pack own snacks
  • Athlete drop off
    • May be dropped off at the top parking lot to take a shuttle to the boathouse.  Please allow at least 1/2 hour before scheduled arrival time for traffic and shuttle if using this option.  This shuttle is operated by VASRA and there is no cost to use.
  • Volunteers - Thank You!!
  • VASRA jobs - Marcia Welenson is the point of contact for the VASRA volunteers. Please put her cell number in your phone (215-378-7470) and contact her, call  or text, after you check in at VASRA headquarters, located across from the WTW Boathouse at the bottom of the hill by the river.  You should have received an email directly from Marcia with detailed information if you are scheduled to work for the regatta.  Please update the team roster, included below, especially important are parents cell number and email.  Email her directly if you need more information:  marciagw@verizon.net
  • WTW Crew Regatta Athlete Food Tent (RAFT) - Carmella Knepler is the point of contact for the RAFT.  Check in at the WTW boathouse, this is not a VASRA job.  Carmela's cell is 703-232-6855
  • New!  WTW Crew Shuttle Service to Regatta -- parking alternative
  • In a quest for a parking solution this is the first year WTW Crew has partnered with 7 other teams to provide a shuttle service to Sandy Run.  Although we, WTW Crew, are all new to this process, the coordinator is with Madison Crew and has been working this shuttle for 5 years, and it works very well.  We have shared costs of renting two Fairfax School Buses and paying licensed drivers to provide this service.  Please take advantage of this service and the convenience and cost savings to you this season!
    • Parking is free at Silver Brook.  
    • There is no per-ride cost to use this shuttle, the fees are part of your registration. 
    • The shuttle departs Silver Brook Elementary School (9350 Crosspointe Drive, Fairfax Station, Virginia, 22039), beginning at 6:50 a.m.
    • There are two buses, making the loop at at 15-20 minute intervals, on the four quarters of the hour. Between 11:30 and 1:30 the drivers will be taking lunch (one at a time), so during that time the buses will run on a 30 minute interval instead of a 15 minute interval. Also, during the high-volume traffic time of early morning, when rowers are being dropped off at the Sandy Run parking lots, it can take the drivers more time to make the round trip back to Silverbrook, so please plan accordingly.
    • The last bus will leave Sandy Run an hour after the last race is run.
  • Click here to link to Mapquest for driving directions to Silver Brook Elementary School:  http://www.mapquest.com/maps?2a=9350%20Crosspointe%20Dr&2c=Fairfax%20Station&2s=VA&2z=22039.   
  • Please note, only the schools in this co-op can use these two shuttles as they pay for them and this is not open to other non-paying schools. 
  • Sandy Run Parking
  • A challenge every year.  It can be expensive, frustrating and confusing whether you are a first time family or a varsity veteran.  We will pass on information and tips as soon as we know anything.  The fee is non-refundable $15 (subject to change).  The logistics and management of parking are huge.  VASRA does not make any money from parking fees. There are a few different lots for public parking with varying walking/shuttle options to the river. 
  • Use our Silverbrook shuttle service, details above, if at all possible
  • Boathouse
    • The parking lots near the boathouses are reserved for teams and coaches.  The boathouse area is congested and not conducive to non-rowing pedestrians or spectators during the regatta.  Many schools travel to the regattas and have to bring their boats and team in buses and trailers and the road to the docks is used for getting boats and teams into the water.  Please always respect the competitors right of way.
  • Getting to the Grandstand to watch races and Grandstand info
  • Walking:  Wear comfortable shoes!  From the parking lot there is a dirt park trail -- it is approximately 1.5,  1/2 hr walk from the parking lot to the Grandstand.  It is not stroller or wheelchair friendly or accessible.  Please reply to this email if you need accommodations and I will research the options available.
  • VASRA also operates a shuttle for a fee (in the past $2 - one way) that takes spectators from the parking lot down a restricted park road to the Finish Line, it is 1/4 mile trail walk from there to the Grandstand
  • There is a snack bar at the Grandstand operated by VASRA volunteers that has chicken, burgers, drinks, snacks.
  • There are bathroom facilities at the Grandstands. 
  • Grandstand bleachers are concrete - bring a seat pad or blanket to sit on
  • The canopy may not be up yet, wear sunscreen, hat, wind/rain breaker - be prepared.
  • WTW cheering section is upper left, if looking at the river from the above grandstand, upper right, if facing the grandstand from the river bank.  Wear WTW Crew Sportswear!
  • Cell service is not always reliable at the Grandstand area, charge your battery fully before regattas.
  • Weather!
  • The forecast is for a very cold regatta. Snow flurries in the morning and a high temp of 41. Athletes and spectators:  Dress warmly and have blankets available.  Athletes can bring blankets to the boathouse.
2.  Uniforms/Sportswear
  • Tu'lann will deliver unisuits to rowers as soon as possible, hopefully Friday at the Pre Regatta Dinner
  • The CCI order is in and she has delivered items to rowers
  • The JL order including jackets will be delivered to rowers as soon as it arrives
  • If you have any questions about sportswear orders, please contact Tu'lann von Christierson, tulannvonc@cox.net

3.  Fundraising

  • Scrip order due by 15 April, next order will be 1 May, order form attached
  • Thirty One Gifts - We have a new fundraising opportunity.  Sherri Garretson is a new consultant with Thirty One gifts whose focus is to provide opportunities to clubs and organizations to raise funds to support their activities.  20% of all sales will be donated back to Crew.   Thirty One Gifts offers trendy and stylish solutions to organize your home, family and life.  In particular, Thirty One offers a fantastic Bleacher Blanket - picture is attached, a two sided fleece/nylon warm and water-resistant oversized blanket that would be a great addition to your Crew gear.  It can be personalized any way you like.  The March/April specials are great - half price on the embroidery and for every $35 dollars spent you can add up to three Oh-snap pockets or bins for only $5 each.  20% of all sales will be donated to Crew.  All orders can be placed online with the following link: http://www.mythirtyone.com/610223/shop/Party/EventDetail/8101121If you have any questions, would like a catalog or would prefer to order via cash or check please contact Sherri at Sherri@garretson.net  
  • Amazon Smile - link your Amazon account to WT Woodson Crew Boosters, non-profit and a portion of your purchase price is donated to WTW Crew.
  • Car Wash Cards - $20 for 1/2 price washes from Flagship
  • Point of Contact for all Fundraising questions, Scrip Orders and Car Wash Cards is Joan Fisher, joanmkf@aol.com

4.  Please Note!  Save the Date CHANGE for Away Regatta ALL Parent Meeting20 Apr, 7pm  (earlier incorrectly published as the 22nd)

5.  Spring Break Practices
  • Monday - Wednesday
    • Men Practice 8-10am and 12-2pm
    • Women Practice 9-11am and 1-3pm
  • Thursday - Morning Practice Only, extended one hour, no afternoon practice
    • Men 8 -11am
    • Women 9 - 12pm
  • No bus service is provided. 
  • Bring a snack, water, lunch and extra clothing/socks