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11 Oct 2015

posted Jan 8, 2016, 3:54 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Apr 14, 2016, 4:00 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
Out of Season Practice "Green Days"
Monday - Saturday:  Oct 12-17, and Oct 19-23

  • Dates: 
    • October 12 – October 17 – Monday: 9am-11am, Tuesday - Friday 4:30 – 6:30, and Saturday: 9am-11am
    • October 19 - October 23 - 4:30-6:30pm, M-F
  • What to bring/wear
    • Water bottle, snack, and Emergency Care Form
    • Wear thin layers, and socks, hat - stocking or baseball depending on weather. Bring:  light rain coat/sweatshirt, chapstick, extra socks.  Do not wear baggy pants or shorts, shirts need to be tuckable  - loose clothing may get caught in sliding boat seat.
      • Highly Recommend: Under Armor type and wool or wool blend layers. Do not recommend: Cotton socks or sweats
    • Watch weather - bring sunscreen, gloves and change of clothes (Note: gloves are not allowed while rowing, but if cold, they can be helpful before and after being on the water.)
  • New!  Carpool Interest Sign Up Genius

    • ​WTW Crew does not provide or coordinate transportation for Green Days, and we do not want to disclose emails without permission, but we understand the need for carpools!  This Sign Up is an attempt to assist your carpool coordinating:
      • Please use this Sign Up to indicate your interest in a carpool for Green Days, then check back to this Sign Up to connect with the other people who have signed up and call or email them directly to form carpools. 
      • If you have already formed a carpool and have space, please sign up and indicate that possibility in comments for example, include contact info, and say "room for 1"  ​
      • Note:  You can also go to the Sign up Genius for Green Days for list of attendees by name and have athletes exchange contact information or use school directories for information to coordinate rides with other athletes attending on the same days.​