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Uniform Orders

The JL Team Store is now open for uniform purchases. Unfortunately, the store is only open until midnight on 12 January (Thursday) so orders need to be placed by then.
  • ALL ROWERS MUST ORDER A NEW UNISUIT. This a new design so everyone must have one in order to row this year. The Tech shirt did not change so returning rowers do not need to place an order for tech shirts. 
  • NEW ROWERS must order a unisuit and a tech shirt. 
Sizing information: Each uni is made to fit each rower. If you currently have a Uni and you like the size, you can put in the sizes when you place your order. There are 2 sizes on each uni. One is at the top, and one is at the waist. You will need both sizes. If they size says M+1, then put that on the order form. This site is for JL sizing only. Do not use other clothing to guesstimate. You can also have a parent take measurements. This method does work. Please be exact, these unis are made to fit. Please no guessing. If you are still concerned about the sizing, Tu’lann has unis at her house to try on for sizing and she will be around all weekend. If you need to try on unis to determine the size, visit her Saturday afternoon after Tag Day! She also plans to be around all day Sunday. Please call first.

Tu’lann von Christierson, Uniform/Spirit Wear Coordinator
(703) 426-2595, tulannvonc@cox.net

This is also the place to order the WT Woodson Crew Splash Jackets. Again, JL sizing only----or give them the measurements. Tu’lann does not have splash jackets to try on. If you give JL your measurements for the jacket, they will make sure that it fits you. There is also other crew rowing gear for purchase. The only things that are required to purchase is the Uni for all rowers and the Uni and Tech shirts for new rowers.

Again orders must be placed by midnight on 12 January (Thursday). If you do not place your order by this time, you will have to place an individual order with JL. The costs will not be the same. This early order date is to try to receive the splash jackets and rowing apparel before we go on the water.

Regarding checkout; please pay special attention when inputting payment information at checkout. If the transaction does not lead you to a confirmation screen, the order did not go through, please double check the information that you entered.

Please call or email Tu’lann with any questions that you may have.