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VASRA Workday Orientation February 15: VASRA, our parent organization, prepares the course at Sandy Run, operates concessions and manages all the people and resources to make our regattas possible. Parents have a requirement to volunteer for VASRA duties to ensure that every season is a success. The first VASRA workday of the season will be February 15, and there is an afternoon session beginning at 1 PM. This is a great way to learn what is required of the ‘river rats’ volunteer corps which prepares and maintains the buoys, starting dock and finish line for our regattas. Visit VASRA.org to learn more.

Find out more Registration Information |  Register Online Here for the 2019-2020 Crew season!

If you are interested in joining or learning more about W.T. Woodson Crew: 
  1. Students should attend the Crew Interest Meeting or email wtwcrewmembership@gmail.com if you are unable to attend. 
  2. Parents should attend the Parent Information Meeting to understand fully what the time commitment and costs are for the upcoming year. 
  3. Each fall, W.T. Woodson Crew holds a Green Day program to introduce interested Woodson students to the sport of crew. This program is run by the coaches and meets at Sandy Run Regional Park after school for several weeks in the fall. It's a great opportunity to get to know what high school rowing is all about. 
Go to the site calendar or home page to learn more details about each event.

The PowerPoint slides below will give you some idea of what to expect from crew during the school year...

And if you still have questions, send an email to wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com.