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General Fundraising and Service Information

W.T. Woodson Crew Program fundraising is led by the Fundraising Chairperson, a member of the Association Board of Directors, and various Fundraising Committees. Because of our club sport status, program goals, equipment needs, and our commitment to maintain annual dues at the lowest possible level, fundraising activities take on a critical role in the health and success of the WTW Crew Program. Fundraising requires the commitment, dedication and active participation of student-athletes and their parents or guardians. Representative new equipment prices follow: eight oared shells are $38,000; four oared shells are $26,000; a set of oars costs $4,000; outboard motors are $2,700; launch/safety boats are $2,500; and ergometers are $1000. These high costs necessitate that the Association sponsor a number of major fundraising activities each year. The WTW Crew Program also periodically receives donations from the WTW Athletic Boosters. Planned activities include, but are not limited to, TAG Days, Craft Fair, Rummage Sale, Crew Alumni Campaign, Corporate Sponsorship
Campaign, Scrip Gift Cards, Amazon Smile, and Restaurant Fundraisers. Additional information may be found on the WTW Crew website at http://www.wtwcrew.org/.

Fundraising Commitment

New for the 2015-2016 season, W.T. Woodson Crew has established a per-athlete fundraising commitment. Rather than mandating specific activities and events and assigning fines for non-participation, each family will have a fundraising commitment based on their number of participating student athletes. To reduce the commitment, participatory value will be assigned to key leadership, fundraising and service activities throughout the year. How you choose to meet the fundraising commitment is at your discretion. Families will now have the flexibility to simply pay the fundraising commitment in full, or they may choose to participate in the various fundraising activities offered throughout the season. 

For returning rowers and coxswains, each family is assigned a fundraising commitment of $600 for the first student-athlete and $400 for each additional student-athlete from the same family. For each freshman / novice student-athlete, the assigned fundraising commitment is $300. Additional information may be found in Appendix E of the Handbook

Fundraising Opportunities

TAG Days: TAG Days are traditionally the largest fund raising activity for the WTW Crew Program and are spread out over six weekends with door-to-door solicitations by student-athletes. TAG Days are highly dependent on favorable weather, good economic conditions and our traditionally friendly WTW neighborhoods. Tag days are the best way to meet the minimum fundraising commitment. Student-athletes who participate in TAG Days will receive a $100 credit per TAG Day shift towards their fundraising obligation for up to three shifts ($300 maximum credit). Parents who participate as a TAG Day driver will receive $50 credit towards their family fundraising obligation ($50 maximum credit).

Craft Fair: Traditionally our second largest fundraiser, the WTW Crew Boosters Association sponsors the annual WTW Holiday Happenings Craft Fair in November. This event requires multiple volunteers for overall event, logistics, vendor, publicity, bake sale, and concessions coordination. Proceeds include food concessions and baked good sales during the event. Donations of baked goods will be solicited. Food concessions are coordinated with the WTW Athletic Boosters Club, with our club receiving half of the proceeds. Student-athletes and parents will also be needed to assist in set up Friday night and to work and tear down on Saturday. Student-athletes and parents who participate in designated work-shifts will receive $50 credit per shift toward their family fundraising obligation.

Rummage Sale: This event is normally held on a Saturday in September at a neighborhood pool. Donated items are collected from Association members and the WTW community. Student-athletes and parents who participate in designated work-shifts will receive $50 credit per shift toward their family fundraising obligation.

Boathouse and Equipment Work Days. Members of the WTW Crew Program continue to benefit from the hard work, dedication and commitment of student-athlete and parent volunteers who have gone before them. As a result, we have acquired the following:
  • A large inventory of racing shells and oars
  • Launch/Safety boats and motors
  • Concept II Ergometers
  • Shell trailer
  • Travel regatta chuck-wagon
  • Support & safety equipment (e.g. life vests, gas cans, spare parts, tools, tents, grills, video equipment, equipment trailer, etc.)
Periodic student-athlete and parent assistance is needed to keep our equipment in proper working condition. In order to do this, boathouse workdays are scheduled throughout the season. Student-athletes and parents who participate in designated work-shifts will receive $50 credit per shift toward their family fundraising obligation.

Crew Alumni Campaign: Our goal is to establish a comprehensive contact list of WTW Crew Alumni and their parents from 1986 to present, with which we will then conduct a letter writing campaign soliciting donations. Specific details will be released when finalized.

Corporate Sponsorship Campaign: Our goal is to solicit new corporate sponsorship from local businesses. Sponsor’s names will be displayed on our website, team banner, and our TAG Day flyer. The W.T. Woodson Student Activities Office has placed specific restrictions on how businesses may be approached to request support. If you have connections to a local business that has the potential to be a new W.T. Woodson Crew sponsor, you must first contact the W.T. Woodson Crew Fundraising Chair to receive guidance prior to making any contact. If your effort directly leads to a successful new sponsorship, your family will receive some portion of the amount as credit towards this season’s fundraising commitment.

Scrip Gift Cards: Scrip gift cards are sold at face value to customers for use in everyday purchases. WTW Crew earns a varying percentage of face value for each card sold. We encourage all WTW Crew families to take advantage of this free and easy way to raise much needed program funds!

Amazon Smile: Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchase to the charitable organization of your choice. Support W.T. Woodson Crew by shopping at www.smile.amazon.com and designate Wt Woodson Crew Boosters Incorporated as your designated charity. It is recommended to combine this with the Scrip Gift Card program and purchase Amazon Gift Cards to use for your purchases on Amazon. We encourage all WTW Crew families to take advantage of this free and easy way to raise much needed program funds!

Restaurant Fundraisers: Periodically throughout the school year, we will coordinate sponsorship of WTW Crew at a local restaurant. A portion of proceeds raised by the restaurant are then donated back to WTW Crew. Feed your family and support WTW Crew!

Service Opportunities

W.T. Woodson Crew is a volunteer-run organization. Student-athletes and their families are expected to contribute their time and talents through service in various capacities throughout the season. Service opportunities include, but are not limited to, fundraising events, VASRA regatta volunteers, travel regatta support, maintaining and repairing equipment at boathouse workdays, and serving as members of the WTW Crew Boosters Association Board of Directors or in various committee leadership positions.

VASRA Regatta Volunteers. Local regatta volunteer positions are mandated and managed by VASRA. Parent volunteers are crucial to the success of each regatta because they staff a variety of positions required to run the regatta. Without parents, the regattas simply would not happen. Volunteer sign-up for regattas will be available via Sign-Up-Genius following the mandatory spring On-the-Water Season Meeting. Each family is required to complete at least two regatta volunteer jobs. Members of the WTW Crew Boosters Association Board of Directors and our VASRA Occoquan Local Operating Committee (OLOC) representatives are exempt from this requirement. It is important to contact the WTW Regatta Volunteer Coordinator regarding any last-minute changes to volunteer assignments. Crew Booster Clubs are assessed a $50 fine by VASRA for each volunteer position not filled on the day of the regatta. This includes volunteers who fail to sign in, whether they work their shift or not. This $50 fine will be passed on to the family of the volunteer who failed to fulfill their assignment.

Minimum Fundraising and Service Requirements:

The following requirements are mandatory minimums for each family.

Family Fundraising Commitment:
  • First Returning Student-Athlete: $600
  • Each Additional Returning Student-Athlete: $400
  • Each Freshman / Novice Student-Athlete: $300
  • Family Service Requirement:
  • Two VASRA Regatta Jobs
If your student-athlete rides the chartered bus transportation to and from practice, you are also required to serve as a bus chaperone a minimum of one (1) day / round tripIt is the responsibility of student-athletes and their parents/guardians to ensure all fundraising commitments and service requirements are met and accounted for properly. Student-Athletes will not be allowed to participate in end-of-season travel regattas until fundraising commitments are fulfilled and service penalties are paid without specific consideration issued by the Board of Directors.