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Woodson Crew
The W.T. Woodson Crew team is powered by the all-volunteer WTW Crew Boosters Association. Our fundraising efforts are critical to the success of the team every year. 

You can support the team right now with a donation. Each gift helps us bring in new equipment for the team from a new boat down to a set of oars or an erg for winter conditioning. Consider a gift today. 

Have questions about supporting the team? Contact the Fundraising chairperson, a member of the WTW Crew Boosters Association Board of Directors. Because of our club sport status, program goals, equipment needs, and our commitment to maintain annual dues at the lowest possible level, fundraising activities take on a critical role in the health and success of the WTW Crew Program. 

We also require the commitment, dedication and active participation of student-athletes (and their parents or guardians). Maintaining a crew team is costly. New equipment prices include: 
  • eight oared shells, $42,000
  • four oared shells, $26,000
  • a set of oars, $4,000
  • outboard motors, $2,700
  • launch/safety boats, $2,500
  • ergometers, $1000. 

To help us with these costs, the Association sponsors a number of major fundraising activities during a normal year including Tag Days, a Craft Show, Crew Alumni fundraising campaign, Corporate Sponsorship Campaign, and Restaurant Fundraisers. 

W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters Association, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization supporting the athletes of W.T. Woodson High School Crew Team in Fairfax, Virginia. The team receives no financial support from the county school system and solely relies on member dues and fundraising for equipment, uniforms, coaching salaries, and all operating expenses. In the past two seasons, our boats included two state championships, five others medaled at States, and five qualified for Nationals.

Don't want to make an online donation? Checks made payable to WTW Crew Boosters can be mailed to WTW Crew Treasurer, PO Box 2881, Fairfax VA 22031.

Current Fundraising Events