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13 June 2016 - Board meeting tonight, Workday Saturday, $5,000 Fundraising Matching Challenge

posted Jun 13, 2016, 7:45 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Sep 20, 2016, 12:35 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
In this update:
  1. ​Donate for us to meet the $5,000 matching fundraising challenge by 25 June 
  2. Please volunteer to meet obligations by 1 July 
  3. Boathouse workday - 18 June 
  4. Erg rental - 25 June 
  5. Check emails this summer 
  6. Need Rummage Sale Coordinator 
  7. Booster Board Meeting - 13 June, 7pm WTW 
  8. Fundraising - Scrip Due 15 June 
  9. Summer Work Opportunity 
  10. Note from Outgoing President Kris Cole ​ 

1. Matching funds!!! We are at approximately $1400 of our $5000 goal! Please give now! Challenge Ends 25 June!!
2. Please sign-up to volunteer and meet your commitment for the year by 1 July
  • There are about 15-20 families who have not met their fundraising commitment for the year - if you have any questions, contact Gaby Jack, wtwcrewvolunteers@gmail.com
  • There are volunteer opportunities still available for this year including Boathouse workday and Erg Rental Help. 
3. Boathouse Workday - Saturday 18 June, 9am - noon
4. Erg Rental Pick up
  • 25 June, 9-noon 
  • $150 to rent an erg until October 
  • Need a few volunteers to assist Ed with rentals 
  • Sign Up to rent or assist 
5. Remember to keep checking your emails this summer
  • Contact wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com to add or change email preferences. 
  • There are/will be many opportunities available this summer, volunteering commitment resets 1 July. 
6. Seeking a Fall Rummage Sale Coordinator!
  • Earn Service Credit - contact Joan Fisher for details, wtwcrewfundraising@gmail.com
  • We earn approximately $5,000 from the rummage sale and it would be a shame to lose this potential income. 
7. Booster Board Meeting - Tonight!
  • Monday, 13 June, 7pm, WTW Room D116 
  • Everyone is welcome to attend! This is the final meeting for outgoing officers and board members. 
8. Fundraising
9. Summer Work Opportunity
  • Tim Staples, Marine Evoluntions Inc., (Friend of Coach Tylander) is looking for a summer hire for Administrative Help. Job requires someone who is self motivated, knows how to use a computer, can look things up on the internet, work out what things are, what they are worth and then deal with the ebay / craigs list process, ie meet people, organize shipping etc. The person needs to be comfortable in a busy marine environment, capable of stairs, carrying things to put in boxes to ship out / carrying a laptop about. Shop is on the Newington Industrial Estate 
10. Note from outgoing President Kris Cole
  • Thank you to all the families, coaches, and athletes who supported WT Woodson Crew. I had a fantastic time and am grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with many of you. Stay connected over the summer and subscribe to our Woodson Crew Alumni Facebook page, to our twitter account, and to emails. To our seniors and those families moving - I wish you the very best in your next adventure.