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On-Line Registration

WTW Crew uses Ronin Racing’s web-based service for online team registration. Click on the Ronin Racing link below and follow the instructions for a comprehensive, easy path to registration:

  Register for the 2017 Spring Season!

Please note: On the Ronin Racing website, the term “rower” is used for both rowers and coxswains. If you have more than one student-athlete you will link back to the home page to register your second rower. 

  • New Rower - $750 (Installments - $250 at Registration, $250 on Jan 13th and Feb 11th)
  • Returning Rower - $850 (Installments - $290 at Registration, $280 on Jan 13 and Feb 11th)
Early bird discounts of $50 per student-athlete are available if dues are paid in full by check no later than November 17th, 2016. No early bird discount is offered when paying by credit card. Discount will be provided via a refund check from the WTW Crew Boosters. It will NOT be reflected in your Ronin statement. (see Appendix E in Handbook) An additional discount of $50 per student-athlete is given when a family has more than one participating student-athlete. 

Forms for NEW and RETURNING Rowers MUST be complete, and athletes must be cleared by the Athletic Trainer and on an eligibility list to participate in Winter Conditioning, no later than 17 Nov for Returning Rowers, 28 Nov for Freshman/Novice Rowers. (No later than 21 Feb if not participating in Winter Conditioning and joining before the Spring Racing Season) (Section 5 Handbook). 
The forms can be completed in one of two ways; you can fill in the form on-line (preferred) and then print out the completed form, or you can print out the form and fill it in by hand. All forms must be legible. You must sign the printed copies where indicated prior to submitting. 

Forms other than the VHSL and FCPS Participation Policy must be submitted to Membership. Mail or hand carry forms to:

WTW Crew Membership, c/o 8623 Hepplewhite Ct., Annandale, VA 22003

WTW Crew Registration Checklist

Woodson Crew Registration Checklist for 2016-17

All forms must be submitted by the first day of participation

Nov 17nd Winter Conditioning for Returning Rowers

Nov 28th Winter conditioning for Freshmen/Novice Rowers 


Feb 21nd for Spring Season On-the-Water Practice. 

Students will not be allowed to participate in Winter Conditioning or On-the-Water Practice until registration is complete. This includes all forms received and other requirements met. No Exceptions. 

Keep a copy of all printed forms for your records!

1. Online Registration at Ronin Registration (Complete first!)

2. VHSL Physical Form (Submit directly to Woodson Athletic Trainer, Kelly Fickes Room (C-158) Note: It may take 5-7 days for the Athletic Trainer to review this form and release eligibility! Turn this in early. This is an annual FCPS requirement for any sport and cannot be submitted the day of participation and expect to be eligible.

3. FCPS Participation Policy - Return signature page ONLY, directly to Coach Tylander

4. Swim Test Certified by WTW Crew (If you passed once, another test is not necessary. Dates to be announced) Go to the end of this page for Swim Test Requirement Details.

5. Complete Online:

    A. FCPS Concussion Education - Both STUDENT and PARENT must complete

    B. US Rowing Waiver (complete after January 1, 2017)
Waivers are valid for the full calendar year only. Click the button to join as an individual. On the next page, type "WTW" in the “Club or Team Name” field. Woodson Crew Team will appear in a blue field. Select it, and a pop up will appear asking for a Club Code. Enter DURXS (all uppercase), and then you will be allowed to proceed to complete your registration. Choose a “Basic Membership” type.

6. Complete the following forms and mail or deliver to 

WTW Crew Membership, c/o 8623 Hepplewhite Ct., Annandale, VA 22003

    A. Student Emergency Care Form (Note: Please complete form online before printing, illegible forms will not be accepted.)

This form is required only if the student will be driving to practices or regattas. Forms are not required for adult drivers. Fill in "Repeated Trip" explanation in right column with “To/From Crew Practices and Regattas.” School Principal Approval signature is not required. 

DO NOT leave any forms or any payment in the WTW Crew Mail Box at Woodson by the Student Activities Office.

Swim Test Requirements

Please note that the specific details of this swim test are required by US Rowing and scheduling of the swim test requires coordination of coach, facility and staff; individual requests cannot be accommodated. If you want to participate in WTW Crew practices on the water you must attend one of these scheduled swim tests. 

All new rowers MUST complete an official WTW swim test (no other swim tests may be accepted) to participate on the water with WTW Crew to include ANY green days - and regular season practices. 

This is a one time, not an annual, requirement for athletes.

The swim test must be administered by WTW Crew.

The swim test includes

1. 100 yard swim, any stroke or combination of strokes, in a swim suit

2. Two minutes of treading water with clothes on (this is to simulate a boat capsizing during cold water practice, clothing would include a long sleeved shirt and sweatpants or leggings of some kind

3. Putting on a personal floatation device, a life jacket, while in the water

The test will start at 4pm, please arrive a 10 minutes early to be ready for test to start at 4pm.

Please bring dry clothes to change into, a towel, and plastic bag for wet clothes.

Point of Contact is Caitlin Shear, WTW Crew Activities, wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com