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Walter Mess Summary, Dinner Assignments, Rummage Sale, Darrell Winslow Regatta, Volunteers, etc.

posted Apr 9, 2019, 5:00 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Apr 9, 2019, 5:00 AM ]
  1. Walter Mess Summary
  2. Pre-Regatta Dinner Assignments
  3. Rummage Sale
  4. Darrell Winslow Regatta
  5. Volunteers
  6. Community Service Hours
  7. Spring Break Information
  8. Upcoming Dates
1. NEW: Walter Mess Regatta Summary. It was a rather large regatta with 33 clubs and 244 boats entered. We had 11 boats racing on what turned out to be a beautiful day at the Occoquan and a very good day for Woodson.

Here is the link to photos of the team from the regatta. If anyone has any photos from the day they would like to share and that we could post on our site, please send them to wtwcrewphotographer@gmail.com.

The Men’s 1st 4 (M-1-4) pulled a 5:30.6 placing 2nd in their heat and advancing to the finals where they won with a 5:19.4. Great row guys and what a great way to end the day! Congratulations to Nick S., Ethan F., Ethan Pe., Richie E., and Ethan Ph. (cox).

The Men’s Junior 8 (M-JR-8) pulled a 4:48.6 for a 2nd place finish. Great row guys! Congratulations to Reid R., Glen S., Beau S., Joseph B., Brayden S., Walter K., Owen H., Mason P., and Ethan Ph. (cox).

The Men’s 2nd 4 (M-2-4) pulled a 6:07.6 placing 3rd in their heat and advancing to the finals where they pulled a 5:50.6 just .1 sec behind 3rd. Great row and congratulations to Heston M., Aaron A., Le C., Brandon T., and Douglas H. (cox).

The Men’s Freshman 8 (M-FR-8) pulled a 5:27.9 for 3rd place in their flight and tied for 5th across flights. Congratulations to Rohan M., Phillip J., Chongyuan H., Alexander P., Raymond M., Steven L., Samuel P., Harrison S., and Kaleb G. (cox).

We had two Men’s Novice 8 (M-N-8) boats racing today. Boat A pulled a 5:36.3 for 2nd place in their flight and 4th across all flights. Congratulations to Joseph P., Joseph S., Zachary M., Wayne B., John R., Brian T., James M., and Douglas H. (cox). Boat B with Lance U., Dean G., Joshua P., Jacob N., Chongyuan H., Bryant E., Louis L.R., and Justin Y. (cox) pulled a 6:00.3 for 4th in their flight placing them 10th across all the flights.

The Women’s 1st 8 (W-1-8) pulled a 5:33.6, the 5th fastest time across the qualifying heats, but unfortunately they were in a competitive heat and did not advance to the finals. The women of this boat were Jenny P., Celia M., Leah B., Abby P., Isabelle K., Sarina P., Kaitlyn R., Kira M., and Sophie D-G. (cox).

The Women’s Lightweight 8 (W-LT-8) rowed up in the Women’s 2nd 8 event and pulled a 5:47.1 to advance to the finals. In the finals they pulled a 5:51.4 and placed 5th overall. Congratulations to Marie K., Joy K., Mya R., MacKenna W., Gail S., Caroline R., Jillian M., Katlyn H., and Leila B. (cox).

The Women’s 2nd 8 (W-2-8) rowed in the W-3-8 and pulled a 6:19 placing them 4th in their flight ahead of Colgan. The women of this boat were Katy H., Sophia W., Annika M., Sophie L., Leeanne C., Sierra M., Natalie M., Jules H., and Maddy C. (cox).

The Women’s Novice 8 (W-N-8) pulled a 6:29.9 for 2nd in their flight and 4th across all the flights. Congratulations to Aria M., Vera B., Alicen M., Ava A., Emily Cyckowski, Grace L., Sophia F., Emily Clerinx, Malia W., and Aria M. (cox).

The Women’s Freshman 8 (W-FR-8) pulled a 6:13.7 for 5th place in their flight and 9th overall. The women of this boat were Vera B., Alicen M., Lauren E., Emily C., Grace L., Sophia F., Afton S., Anna A., and Emily N. (cox).

We congratulate all the WTW rowers and coxswains who participated in Saturday’s regatta and look forward to our next regatta at the Occoquan this Saturday.

The fun continued on Sunday with our parent learn-to-row and boat christening ceremony. The parent learn-to-row was well attended and we were able to take out two eights. Photos from the learn-to-row are here. Thanks to the parents for their curiosity and willingness to learn what their kids are up to on the water. Special thanks to Coach Tylander, Coach Fitz; our coxswains, Jill Michelson and Sage Boucher; and our Captains, Marie Korn, Joy Kim, Nick Shawley, and Ethan Pepper for stepping up to support this fun event. Several parents mentioned wanting to row again soon. There are several local clubs that teach adult learn to row camps.

NVRC at Sandy Run
Capital Rowing at the Anacostia Boathouse

Thanks, also, to the parents and athletes that attended the christening of our newest boats, Invictus and Constellation. They have now been officially welcomed to the fleet and are ready to carry our rowers to victory! Huge thanks to Kim Sandino for the tasty treats that all enjoyed in celebration.

2. NEW: Pre-Regatta Dinner Food Assignments for all families. Our next pre-regatta dinner is this Friday from 7-9pm (* requires authentication). Thank you for hosting and to the parents who have signed up to help. Here are the dinner and RAFT food assignments (* requires authentication) for all families. Note these are not in alphabetical order, but ordered by dish type. Please bring the assigned food items to the pre-regatta dinner promptly at 7pm, even if your student-athlete is unable to attend the dinner. If an athlete’s last name falls between the names listed then that is their food assignment.

3. REMINDER: Rummage Sale on April 28th 8-2pm. Let’s Marie Kondo our closets to pay for our new boat! Shifts available for any parent and/ or rower either needing volunteer hours or just enjoying setting up a yard sale! We also need some supplies (folding tables, clothing racks, hangers, bags, poster board, water, bagels) and some advertising help. All shifts will be at the Sandinos home, 8600 Canterbury Drive Annandale.

Please sign-up here to donate or volunteer.

What sells: baby clothes and gear, athletic equipment, tools, children’s clothing, kitchenware, furniture, kids toys, jewelry, gardening supplies...
What doesn’t sell: stained clothing, broken toys, mattresses, swimsuits.
Please bring only clean, re-sellable items! When you sign-up, please give us an idea of what treasures you are contributing.

4. NEW: Darrell Winslow Regatta this Saturday. Student-athletes will be told which boat they will be on and what time to arrive. As a general rule and unless told otherwise by a coach, rowers must be at the boathouse no later than two hours before their scheduled race, and coxswains must be there for the coxswains’ meeting.

The heat sheets are not available until later in the week, so we recommend following @VASRAResults on Twitter and watching our Home Page for more information as well.

We also want to remind everyone to follow the posted speed limits driving to and from the river and in Sandy Run Park.

REMINDER: If you want to save some money (it costs $20 to park at Sandy Run during a regatta), you have the opportunity to use the Halley Elementary School (ES) at 8850 Cross Chase Cir, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 (formerly operated out of Silverbrook Elementary School) shuttle which is free to student-athletes and family members from our school and a few others who contribute to it.

5. REMINDER: Volunteer Opportunities. Thank you to the student-athletes and parents who have signed up to help in various roles so far! We do still have some volunteer opportunities if you still haven’t satisfied your volunteer requirements. Here are the sign-up genius links for the pre-regatta dinner, RAFT, and VASRA. Those signed up to volunteer for any of the above this weekend should receive reminders, but we recommend that you check the sign-up links above to ensure you know what volunteer opportunities you signed up for and that you are there on time. IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are not able to fulfill your obligation, please don’t just remove your name from the sign-up genius, but please also notify our volunteer coordinator at wtwcrewvolunteer@gmail.com so we can ensure we fill the vacant slot and avoid being fined if it is a VASRA slot. *NOTE: There is one launch driver slot open for next week’s regatta, and several others in the coming weeks. If you completed launch driver training, please help with these important tasks and sign up using the VASRA link above.

6. NEW: Community Service Hours Opportunity. If any student-athlete is in need of community service hours, VASRA is offering an opportunity on April 14th to work the finish line at the GMU Women’s Invitational college regatta. If you are interested, please contact wtwcrewVASRA@gmail.com.

7. REMINDER: Spring Break Practice Schedule:
Monday-Thursday, April 15th - 18th 8:30-10:30am and 12:00-2:00pm
Friday, April 19th 8-11am (scrimmage, no spectators)

As a reminder, there is no bus service during Spring Break. You can use the #carpool channel in Slack to coordinate rides with other parents.

8. UPCOMING DATES (through May):
  • April 12--Pasta Dinner -- Practice, but NO Bus
  • April 13--Darrell Winslow Regatta
  • April 15-19--Spring Break - two practices a day (schedule above)
  • April 19--Friday Scrimmage - no spectators
  • April 26--Hey Day Booth fundraiser at Woodson (during the school day), Practice, but NO Bus, and Pasta Dinner
  • April 27--Al Urquia Regatta
  • April 28--WTW Crew Rummage Sale (sign-up here) - remember to gather your items now for donation later.
  • May 3--Frost Fair (during the school day) and Pasta Dinner -- Practice, but NO Bus
  • May 4 --VSRC Day 1
  • May 10--Pasta Dinner (Senior Night)-- Practice, but NO Bus
  • May 11--VSRC Day 2
  • May 17-18--Stotesbury in Philadelphia, PA
  • May 24-25--SRAA Nationals in Dillon Lake, OH
  • May 31--End of Year Celebration and Parent Meeting
* NOTE: For any link marked as "requires authentication", log in with the same account you used to sign up for email updates.