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VSRC Day 1 Summary, Board Nominations, Audit Help, Senior Night, Stotesbury, Nationals, Volunteers

posted May 6, 2019, 12:06 PM by Tarek Rizk   [ updated May 6, 2019, 12:06 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
  1. VSRC Day 1 Summary
  2. Call for 2019-2020 Board Nominations
  3. Audit Assistance
  4. Senior Night Pre-Regatta Dinner and RAFT Food Assignments
  5. Stotesbury Registration by Tuesday, May 7th
  6. Stotesbury Volunteers
  7. Optional Stotesbury Official Shirts
  8. Nationals Registration by Sunday, May 12th
  9. Other Volunteer Opportunities
  10. No Bus Friday, May 10th
  11. VSRC Day 2
  12. Upcoming Dates

1. NEW: VSRC Day 1 Summary. This weekend was VSRC Day 1 (“States”), a qualifying regatta for the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Championships. There were 32 clubs and 132 boats entered.  We had seven boats racing and six advanced to the VSRC finals! Weather-wise the day was overcast, but racing-wise the day turned out to be almost rowing perfect and an amazing day for both the women’s and men’s teams, with our Women’s Novice 8 taking home the Bronze Medal (3rd) and the Men’s Junior 8 taking the Gold and the State Championship!

Photos are posted here and videos are posted here. If anyone has any photos from the day they would like to share and that we could post on our site, please send them to wtwcrewphotographer@gmail.com.

The Men’s Junior 8 (M-JR-8) pulled a 5:30.9 placing 1st in their qualifying heat and winning the VASRA State finals and taking home Gold as STATE CHAMPIONS with a 5:08.6. Perfect row and huge congratulations to Reid R., Glen S., Beau S., Joseph B., Brady S., Walter K., Zach M., Mason P., and Ethan Ph. (cox).

The Women’s Novice 8 (W-N-8) pulled a 5:56.7 placing 2nd in their qualifying heat and placing 3rd in the VASRA State finals with a 6:13.5, taking home the Bronze. Amazing row and congratulations to Vera B., Alicen M., Annika M., Sophia W., Afton S., Sophia F., Emily C., Anna A., and Aria M. (cox).

The Men’s 2nd 4 (M-2-4) pulled a 6:21.1 placing 3rd in their qualifying heat and placing 4th in the VASRA State finals with a 6:05.4. Great row and congratulations to Heston M., Brandon T., Aaron A., Owen H., and Doug H. (cox).

The Men’s Novice 4 (M-N-4) was in the third heat of the day. They pulled a 6:18.4 placing 2nd in their qualifying heat and placing 5th in the VASRA State finals with a 6:41.1.  Congratulations to Eli H., Brian T., Joshua P., Wayne B., and Luc C. (Cox).

The Men’s Freshman 8 (M-FR-8) pulled a 5:28.7 placing 3rd in their qualifying heat and placing 6th in the VASRA State finals with a 5:37.3. Congratulations to Rohan M., Joseph S., Martin H., Sam P., Jack R., Phillip J., Lance U., Steven L., and Kaleb G. (Cox).

The Men’s Novice 8 (M-N-8) pulled a 5:55.6 placing 2nd in their qualifying heat and placing 6th in the VASRA State finals with a 6:11.2. Congratulations to James M., Bryant E., Louis L.R., Samuel P., Jacob N., Dean G., Perry R., Harrison S., and Justin Y. (Cox).

The Women’s Novice 4 (W-N-4) was in the first heat of the day. They pulled a 7:40.7 placing 5th in their heat and unfortunately not advancing to the finals.  The members of this boat were Ava A., Emily C., Malia W., Grace L., Emily N. (Cox).

We congratulate all the WTW rowers and coxswains who participated in VSRC Day 1 and we look forward to Day 2 this coming weekend.

2. NEW: 2019-2020 WTW Crew Booster Executive Board Nominations Requested. Unbelievably, the end of the 2018-2019 season is nearly upon us and we need to begin planning for the 2019-2020 WTW Crew season!  At the end of the year celebration on May 31st, the WTW Crew Boosters (all parents of crew athletes) will vote to elect next year's executive officers (President, Vice President for Team Liaison and Activities, Vice President for Communications, Treasurer, and Secretary) and key chair positions. The 2019-2020 board positions that we do not have nominees for are: President, Membership Chair for Men, and Volunteer Coordinator.

For board position descriptions, please refer to the By-Laws. If you are interested in serving in any of these positions or if you'd like to nominate someone that you think would be great and willing, please contact the nominating committee at wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com. If a committee members reaches out to you to discuss the possibility, please keep an open mind. It takes a whole village to make this awesome club run!  Huge thanks to all of the parent volunteers throughout the year - including board members and every other volunteer job. Your kids appreciate it - whether they realize it or not!

3. NEW: Audit Assistance.  We are in need of 2 (two) parents to assist with auditing our books. This should only take a few hours of your time. If you have are interested in assisting, please reach out to Allison Kim at wtwcrewtreasurer@gmail.com.

4. NEW: Senior Night Pre-Regatta Dinner Food Assignments for all families. Our final pre-regatta dinner and Senior Night is this Friday from 7-9pm hosted by the McClintick family at 9001 Southwick St, Fairfax. Please park on Glenbrook. Thank you for hosting and to the parents who have signed up to help. The dinner and RAFT food assignments are not complete yet so we will send those out in a separate email.  

Families of Seniors, unless you have a younger athlete on the team as well, there is NO food assignment for Seniors.  Parents of Seniors are also invited to the team dinner.

Coxswains, please check your food assignments as there are food assignments for all coxswains (except Seniors).

It is a tradition to all student-athletes to wear their Senior Night t-shirts on Friday to school and to the team dinner.

Please bring the assigned food items to the pre-regatta dinner promptly at 7pm, even if your student-athlete is unable to attend the dinner.

5. LAST REMINDER: Stotesbury Registration Information. The coaches notified those students who will be going to Stotesbury. You can find all the forms and links on the wtwcrew.org front page. Forms and payments are now due no later than this Tuesday, May 7th. This includes dropping off the completed forms:

  • Parent Permission Form;

  • Emergency Contact Form (if not already submitted or you need to provide an update);

  • Luggage Form;  

  • Student Code of Conduct;  

  • Medication Form; and

  • $385 check made payable to WTW Crew Boosters dropped off to Lesley Kowalski at 8306 Chapel Lake Rd, Annandale, VA 22003. You may also pay via PayPal. If  you use PayPal, please note on your paperwork (which must still be dropped off or sent in) that you paid through PayPal.

  • Also, if parents and family members are attending and would like to eat with the student-athletes, please fill out this form and send appropriate payment for these meals separate from the payment for the student-athlete fee of $385.

Thank you to those who have already submitted their forms and payments.  

NEW: Subscribe here to "THE STOTESBURY CURRENT" to ensure you are receiving news and alerts or you can text the word "STOTESCURRENT" to 22828 to receive Stotesbury news and alerts.  

6. NEW: Stotesbury Parent Volunteers Needed. The Stotesbury Regatta trip is May 17-18th in Philadelphia, PA.  Stotesbury is the oldest and largest high school regatta in the U.S. and takes place annually on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Going to Stotesbury is an incredible experience for athletes and families alike. MANY parent volunteers are needed for this away regatta. Please sign-up here for Stotesbury Volunteer Opportunities. We will need help with the following:

  • Food shopping and prep in your home

  • Chaperone the bus to Philadelphia and back

  • Boat Parents at the hotel during the Regatta   

    • Help ensure each boat's athletes are in the right place at right time

  • Maintain the food tent during the Regatta

  • Logistics (e.g.,luggage check, load bus, load/unload Chuck Wagon, etc.) in Virginia & PA

7. NEW: Optional Stotesbury T-shirts.  Here is the link to pre-order official Stotesbury shirts. Pre-order by May 13, 2019, 10:00 AM EST and pick it up at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta event on May 16, 17 or 18, 2019 at the main merchandise tent. Please have a copy of your order with you to present it to one of the RegattaWear.com team members.

8. NEW: Nationals Registration. The 2019 Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) Nationals Regatta trip will be May 23-25th. Nationals will be held this year at Dillon Lake in Zanesville, Ohio. The coaches will be notifying those students who will be going to Nationals this week. Forms should already be taken care of for any students whose forms were submitted for Stotesbury (since Nationals was covered on those forms as well). Payments are due no later than Sunday, May 12th.

The fee for SRAA Nationals trip is $475. Checks should be made payable to WTW Crew Boosters dropped off to Lesley Kowalski at 8306 Chapel Lake Rd, Annandale, VA 22003. You may also pay via PayPal, this link will not be live until the Stotesbury PayPal link closes. We will send the link out and post it on our site, once it is live.

If you did not fill out and turn-in the forms already, here are the links to the forms:

9. UPDATE: Additional Volunteer Opportunities Available. Thank you again to the student-athletes and parents who have signed up to help in various roles so far!  We do still have some volunteer opportunities available for this Saturday on the Occoquan in addition to those listed above for Stotesbury. Here are the sign-up genius links for:

~ Several Saturday RAFT helper shifts for May 11th

~ 1 more Saturday VASRA Launch Boat driver for May 11th

~ 1 Friday night dinner chaperone for May 10th

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are not able to fulfill your obligation, please don’t just remove your name from the sign-up genius, but please also notify our volunteer coordinator at wtwcrewvolunteer@gmail.com so we can ensure we fill the vacant slot and avoid being fined if it is a VASRA slot.

10. REMINDER: No Bus Friday. You can use the #carpool channel in Slack to coordinate rides with other parents.

11. NEW: The Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships (VSRC) Day 2 is this Saturday. Student-athletes will be told which boat they will be on and what time to arrive. The boats racing this Saturday will be the Men’s 1st 4, Women’s 1st 8, Women’s 2nd 8, and Women’s Lightweight 4. As a general rule and unless told otherwise by a coach, rowers must be at the boathouse no later than two hours before their scheduled race, and coxswains must be there for the coxswains’ meeting.  

The heat sheets are not available yet, so we recommend following @VASRAResults on Twitter and watching our Home Page for more information as well.

Let’s get ready to pull for Woodson!

REMINDER: This will be a very busy regatta. If you want to save some money (it costs $20 to park at Sandy Run during a regatta), you have the opportunity to use the Halley Elementary School (ES) at 8850 Cross Chase Cir, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 (formerly operated out of Silverbrook Elementary School) shuttle which is free to student-athletes and family members from our school and a few others who contribute to it.


  • May 10--Pasta Dinner (Senior Night + Senior Parents are invited to attend)-- Practice, but NO Bus

  • May 11--VSRC Day 2

  • May 15--Last day of the Practice Bus

  • May 16--Bus departs for Stotesbury

  • May 17-18--Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia, PA

  • May 24-25--SRAA National Championship Regatta  in Dillon Lake, OH

  • May 31--End of Year Celebration and Parent Meeting

  • NEW: June 1--Boathouse Workday

  • June 6--Spring Sports Awards Night

  • June 10-- WTW Sports Physical Night. At this event they provide a complete and thorough pre-participation examination screening that will provide student athletes with a valid VHSL physical for the entirety of the 2019-20 academic year. Each year it is required that all student athletes have a completed VHSL physical on file before participating in sports.

  • June 11-- Last board meeting of the year and transition meeting from 2019 to 2020 board of directors. 7pm. Location TBD.

  • NEW: June 14--Erg Rentals