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Restaurant Fundraiser, VASRA Volunteer Opps, Launch Driver Training, End of Year Party Venue Help

posted Feb 25, 2019, 5:05 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Feb 25, 2019, 5:10 AM ]
  1. Restaurant Fundraiser, February 28th (Thursday)
  2. VASRA Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Launch Driver Training, March 16th
  4. End of Year Party Venue Help
  5. Scrip
  6. Save the Dates Through April
Thank you to all who were able to join us at the Parent Social! It was a great evening and a huge thank you to the Kowalski family for hosting us! If you left anything at the Kowalski house let her know and you can email her at wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com.

Photos of on-the-water training are posted here on our SmugMug page.

1. REMINDER: Restaurant Fundraiser at Tropical Smoothie Cafe This Thursday, February 28th from 3-8pm at 3991 Pickett Street in Fairfax. We will send the flyer in Thursday morning’s email.

2. REMINDER: VASRA Volunteer Opportunities. We are required to provide volunteers for various VASRA (Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association) jobs before and during the Regattas we participate in at Sandy Run (aka Occoquan). We are fortunate this year to have many new families and ask at this time that each family sign up for one VASRA volunteer slot. If we do need to impose our 2nd volunteer requirement, the team will be informed. There are several dates, times, and locations within the park. (Please note: shifts with no ending times go until the work is done) Some jobs require a level of physical fitness or skill. Please please PLEASE check this link before you sign up to make sure you know what you are signing up for. All shifts on this signup below take place at regattas held at Sandy Run, 10450 Van Thompson Road, Fairfax Station. Please sign-up here.

3. NEW: Launch Boat Driver Training on March 16th from noon-2pm. If you're interested in driving a launch boat during one of our regattas, this is the training for you. It will qualify you for the VASRA driver jobs which are assigned to each participating team and MUST be filled (or our team is fined AND the regatta may not run smoothly). You will notice in the VASRA Volunteer sign-ups above, WTW Crew has many driver positions to fill. Being a Launch Driver gets you the best seat in the house at regattas! All are welcome and anyone can learn. Sign-up here.

4. REMINDER: Help with Venue for our End of Year Party. We are already making plans for our end of year awards banquet and annual meeting of the association. We have targeted May 31st as the best date for the team; however, space at Woodson or Frost MS are not available. We are looking for suggestions for a community space (community center, corporate meeting rooms, etc.) that can accommodate approximately 200 people, with A/V capability, and a breakout room. If you have suggestions for a space that we can use, preferably for free, please contact wtwcrewsecretary@gmail.com.

5. NEW: Scrip Orders.
What is Scrip?
Gift Cards and eGift Cards - The same gift cards you would normally purchase to give to others or you can use them on your own routine spending. Some examples are Shoppers Food Warehouse, PeaPod Online Groceries, Starbucks, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, AMC Theaters; Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, and Princess or Carnival Cruise lines!
Easy Earning
Each gift card has a rebate percentage, up to 18% of your purchase, that goes directly to WTW Crew Boosters upon purchase. Scrip is fundraising while you shop®.
Easy and Convenient
It easy to earn on-the-go.
The secure online payment system for families that lets them pay for orders and receive ScripNow and reload their cards immediately.
Our mobile website where families can reload gift cards and order and use ScripNow (eGift Cards) right from their phone.

6. SAVE THE DATES (through April):
  • February 28–Restaurant Fundraiser at Tropical Smoothie Cafe from 3-8pm (more info soon)
  • March 2--VASRA Workday (sign-up here)
  • March 6 (7-9pm)--Woodson Crew Boosters Board Meeting, WT Woodson, room C-123
  • March 9--VASRA Workday (sign-up here)
  • March 13 (7-9pm)--Parent Away Regatta Meeting in WT Woodson Cafeteria B
  • March 15--Team Pictures at the river - athletes need their uniform. If you received a photo order form at the Parent On-the-Water Meeting, you can pre-order online or send in the order form and check with your student-athlete on March 15th. We have contacted the company and are awaiting a new ID # (since the one on the form does not work) we will share once received. Forms will also be available at the Parent Away Regatta Meeting on March 13th. Forms can be turned in on March 15th or also ordered after photos are taken.
  • March 16--VASRA Workday (sign-up here)
  • March 16--Launch Driver Training (sign-up here)
  • March 22--Pasta Dinner (more information coming soon)
  • March 23--Polar Bear Regatta
  • March 29--Pasta Dinner
  • March 30--St. Andrews Regatta
  • April 5--Student Holiday and Pasta Dinner
  • April 6--Walter Mess Regatta
  • April 12--Pasta Dinner
  • April 13--Darrell Winslow Regatta
  • April 15-19--Spring Break - two practices a day
  • April 19--Friday Scrimmage - no spectators
  • April 26--Pasta Dinner
  • April 27--Al Urquia Regatta
  • April 28--WTW Crew Rummage Sale (sign-up here) - remember to gather your items now for donation later.