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No Bus Tomorrow, Dinner Assignments, Walter Mess Regatta, Volunteers, Parent Row, Boat Christening

posted Apr 4, 2019, 4:57 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Apr 4, 2019, 4:57 AM ]
  • No Bus Tomorrow (Friday)
  • Pre-Regatta Dinner Assignments for Tomorrow (Friday)
  • Walter Mess Regatta, Saturday
  • Volunteers
  • Parent Learn-to-Row, Sunday
  • Boat Christening, Sunday

1. REMINDER: No Bus This Friday. If you are in need of carpool options, please use the #carpool channel on our Slack account.

2. REMINDER: Pre-Regatta Dinner Food Assignments for all families. Our next pre-regatta dinner is this Friday from 7-9pm (* requires authentication). Thank you to the parents who have signed up to help. Here are the dinner and RAFT food assignments for all families. Please bring the assigned food items to the pre-regatta dinner, even if your student-athlete is unable to attend the dinner. If an athlete’s last name falls between the names listed then that is their food assignment.

3. REMINDER: Walter Mess Regatta this Saturday. Student-athletes should already know which boat they will be on and what time to arrive. As a general rule and unless told otherwise by a coach, rowers must be at the boathouse no later than two hours before their scheduled race, and coxswains must be there for the coxswains’ meeting.

The heat sheets are not available until later in the week, so we recommend following @VASRAResults on Twitter and watching our Slack Channel and Home Page for more information as well.

We also want to remind everyone to follow the posted speed limits driving to and from the river and in Sandy Run Park. If you park at Sandy Run, #VASRAParking on Twitter will provide updates on availability of parking on Saturday. 

SHUTTLE LOCATION CHANGE TO HALLEY ES: If you want to save some money (it costs $20 to park at Sandy Run during a regatta), you have the opportunity to use the Halley Elementary School (ES) (formerly operated out of Silverbrook Elementary School) shuttle which is free to student-athletes and family members from our school and a few others who contribute to it. 

This shuttle bus is for the use of the teams and families fro WT Woodson, Thomas Jefferson, West Springfield, Robinson, South County, Madison, Oakton, and Langley. 

Due to a renovation at Silverbrook Elementary School, the free shuttle will now operate out of Halley Elementary School at 8850 Cross Chase Cir, Fairfax Station, VA 22039. 
  • If you are planning on parking at Halley, you have two options. You can either drop off your rower/coxswain first, then circle back to Halley, or head straight to Halley and take the shuttle along with your rower/coxswain. If you choose the latter, be sure to allow for extra time as the shuttle needs to get through the same traffic to get to the park.
  • We have access to all three lots around Halley, which, if we park two to a bus lane, equals about 120 spaces. The main parking lot is behind the building which we can use. We are welcome to park on either street leading to the school. Please use common sense and abide by regular street rules – do not park on a yellow curb, do not block anyone’s driveway and do not park in front of a fire hydrant. You will be towed. Please note: There is no handicapped parking in the bus parking area.
  • The bus will pick up passengers at the red X in the first picture below. It is across from Door 3 in the bus parking lot. The shuttle will drop you off at Sandy Run at parking lot C in the second picture below.

  • It is approximately a 10 minute shuttle ride to the park, but please plan to arrive at the school at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours before race time to allow ample time to get to the Grandstands at Sandy Run to watch your race.
  • The shuttle bus will start approximately two hours before the first scheduled race and last bus two hours after the last race.
  • The first departure from Halley is scheduled for 6:30 am. The second departure is 15 minutes later.
  • The buses will continue this :00/:30 and :15/:45 schedule all day, with staggered 30 minute lunches mid-day.
  • The last bus will depart Sandy Run 2 hours after the last race.
  • Several shuttle routes share Lot “C” at Sandy Run. The designated location for the Halley shuttle stop is against the tree line in the middle of the lot.
To help get ready for regatta day, here are some highlights of what is available on our website:
  • Home Page – Key information for the next regatta will be found on the home page, including regatta heat sheet when available (Woodson races highlighted), links to applicable sign up geniuses, any last minute volunteer requirements, etc.
  • Sandy Run Park – Description of the park including maps, parking information and how the Silverbrook bus works, along with other tips and information for regatta day,
  • 2019 Regatta Heat Sheets and Results – Heat sheets when available, links to the regatta on Regatta central, and official results when available for all regattas this season.
  • 2019 Regatta Schedule – Full regatta schedule for the 2019 season.
4. UPDATE: Volunteer Opportunities. Thank you to the student-athletes and parents who have signed up to help in various roles so far! We do still have some volunteer opportunities, including for the RAFT tent at the regatta this Saturday, if you still haven’t satisfied your volunteer requirements. Here are the sign-up genius links for the pre-regatta dinner, RAFT, and VASRA. Those signed up to volunteer for any of the above this weekend should receive reminders, but we recommend that you check the sign-up links above to ensure you know what volunteer opportunities you signed up for and that you are there on time.

NEW: We have one dinner host opportunity available for April 26th. Please sign-up here if you are available to host.

5. REMINDER: Parent Learn-to-Row: Sunday, April 7th 9-11am. Get a first hand look (and feel) of what rowing is all about at this special event. You will gain a new appreciation for how hard your rower works, and how easy they make it look. You will be coxed by our own coxswains and coached by our phenomenal coaching staff. Boats will go out in rain or shine. All slots are filled and if you can’t recall if you signed up, you can see who signed up here. After you are done with the learn-to-row, stay for the boat christening ceremony. (mentioned below)

6. REMINDER: Boat Christening Ceremony, April 7th. All are welcome to join us for the boat christening ceremony at the boathouse at 11:30am. After a short presentation, light refreshments will be served.