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Nationals, Tuesday Trailer Unloading, End of Year Celebration, Boathouse Workday, Leadership Council

posted May 27, 2019, 6:29 PM by Tarek Rizk   [ updated May 27, 2019, 6:29 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]

The season is winding down, but there is still a lot of important information below:

  1. Nationals Summary

  2. Tuesday Unloading Boat Trailer/Rigging

  3. End-of-Year Crew Celebration this Friday, May 31st

  4. Boathouse Workday this Saturday, June 1st

  5. Leadership Council Applications due this Tuesday, May 28th

  6. Erg Rentals on June 15th

  7. Upcoming Dates

1. NEW: Nationals Summary. We had a great weekend in Ohio with two of our four boats advancing to semi-finals and our Women’s Junior 8 placing 4th in the nation. Here are all of the results for all of the races. Check out photos from the weekend on our WTW Crew photo page: https://wtwoodsoncrew.smugmug.com/. If anyone has any photos of the team they would like to share and that we could post on our site, please send them to wtwcrewphotographer@gmail.com.

The Women’s Junior 8 (W-JR-8) pulled a 5:21.321 placing 1st in their qualifying heat and advanced to the semi-finals.They were the 3rd fastest boat across the heats and highest placing boat from Virginia in their category beating Oakton, Langley, and Wakefield. They came in 3rd in their semi-final heat with a 5:23.070 and advanced to the finals where they placed 4th in the nation. Amazing row and congratulations to Jenny P., Celia M., Rory B., Abby P., Leah B., Sarina P., Isabelle K., Kira M., and Maddie C. (cox).

The Men’s 1st 4 (M-1-4) pulled a 5:49.201 placing 2nd in their qualifying heat advancing to repechage heats where they placed 3rd with a 5:22.618 just behind Forest Park. They advanced to the semi-finals where they placed 5th in their heat, beating Forest Park with a 5:12.390 (the 9th fastest time across the semi-finals). Unfortunately, due to an injury, they were not able to race in the Petite Finals, but finished in the top 12 in the nation. Great rows and congratulations to Nick S., Ethan F., Ethan P., Richie E., and Sage B. (cox).

The Women’s Lightweight 8 (W-LT-8) pulled a 5:41.352  placing 3rd in their qualifying heat, but unfortunately just missed advancing to semi-finals. They were 5th fastest across the qualifying heats and they were the highest placing boat from Virginia in their category beating TC Williams. Congratulations to Marie K. Joy K., Mya R., Gail S., Katy H., Caroline R., Jill M., Katlyn H. and Leila B. (cox).

The Men’s Junior 8 (M-JR-8) pulled a 5:04.027 placing 5th in their qualifying heat. They were 14th fastest across the heats and they beat Langley. Congratulations to Reid R., Glen S., Beau S., Joseph B., Brady S., Walter K., Zach M., Mason P., and Ethan Ph. (cox).

We congratulate all the WTW rowers and coxswains who participated at Nationals and to the whole team for an amazing season! Thank you also to our amazing parents who volunteered throughout the season!

2. NEW: Tuesday Boat Unloading/Rigging. All team members who raced at Nationals should go to the river to unload and rig the boats tomorrow, Tuesday, at normal practice time. We will be done by 5:45pm.

3. REMINDER & PLEASE RSVP: The End-of-Year Crew Celebration. Another fast-and-furious crew season has come to an end and it's time to celebrate! The banquet will be held this Friday, May 31st, from 7pm - 9pm at the LDS Church in Annandale (3900 Howard Street). The team will provide pizza.

We need your RSVP here and a few people to either help set up or to bring some ancillary items. IF YOU SIGN-UP TO PROVIDE PARTY FOOD OR SUPPLIES, PLAN TO ARRIVE BY 6:30pm.

Here are the nominees for the 2019-2020 WTW Crew Booster Executive Board. We will vote at the End-of-Year Celebration and Annual Meeting on May 31st.

4. NEW: WTW Crew Boathouse Workday is this Saturday, June 1st from 9am to noon at Sandy Run Regional Park, 10450 Van Thompson Rd, Fairfax Station. We need student-athletes and some parents to help pull motors and move launches out of the water and prepare shells for storage until green days. We will also clean out the chuck wagon in preparation for the off-season. If you are available to help, please sign-up here.

5. REMINDER: Applications for WTW Crew’s 3-5 person Leadership Council are due Tuesday, May 28th.  This is an update to how we will be conducting Captain search moving forward. This is based upon guidance given to us by the DSA's office. Spring sports teams are no longer to select team Captains out of season. Instead, we will allow athletes to submit their names to be part of a "Leadership Council". The Leadership Council will be a group of men and women that will perform the duties that have been traditionally done by Captains in off-season; primarily recruiting in the fall, leadership at green days, and mentorship at winter conditioning. Team Captains (two men and two women) will be selected from the Leadership Council at the time the team starts on-the-water practices in Spring 2020. Coaches are communicating this change to the students.

Expectations of the Leadership Council are:

  • Recruit new team members

  • Motivate teammates

  • Foster an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation among fellow members

  • Act as the first point of communication/resolution for issues within the team

  • Set the example for fellow rowers to follow/emulate as an athlete, leader, and citizen

  • Assist the coaches with getting crews on and off the water during the off-season/Green Days and during Winter Conditioning

  • Liaison with coaches and bring any important issues to the attention of the coaches

  • Be well organized and willing to take the time to effectively carry out the role

  • Not let personal differences affect their relationship with coaches or other rowers

  • Organize special events as appropriate

  • Help maintain the cleanliness and organization of the boathouse and equipment and teach fellow members the care of equipment and rules of the boathouse  

  • Supervise other rowers during boat loading and unloading during Green Days

Athletes interested in being considered as part of the WTW Crew Leadership Council should write a short letter of application (200-400 words in length) explaining why they would make a good council member. Letters should be received by Coach Tylander or Coach Fitz by this Tuesday May 28th unless told otherwise by the coaches.  Please contact your coach if you have any questions.

6. NEW: ERG RENTALS. Rent an erg on June 15th and stay in shape this summer! Rowers returning next year can rent an erg on Saturday June 15th at the erg shed at Woodson. Rent an erg for the summer (until mid-October) for $150 and add a pair of slides for $20. Sign up here to rent or volunteer. Let us know if you want to rent an erg between 10 and 11:30am OR if you want to assist with the rentals and help get the ergs in shape for next season between 9am-12pm. Thanks!  

7. Only a Few Things Left On The Team Calendar This Season:  

  • May 31--End of Year Celebration and Parent Meeting (see above)

  • June 1--Boathouse Workday (see above)

  • June 6--Spring Sports Awards Night, 7 pm at WTW Auditorium. Cavalier and team MVP awards will be announced at this event.

  • June 10-- WTW Sports Physical Night. At this event they provide a complete and thorough pre-participation examination screening that will provide student athletes with a valid VHSL physical for the entirety of the 2019-20 academic year. Each year it is required that all student athletes have a completed VHSL physical on file before participating in sports.

  • June 11--Last board meeting of the year and transition meeting from 2019 to 2020 board of directors. 7pm at the Stump’s home.

  • June 15--Erg Rentals (see above)