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Away Slides; St. Andrews Regis; Pre-Regatta Dinner Assignments, Hosts, & Chaperones; Volunteers; etc

posted Mar 18, 2019, 4:21 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Mar 18, 2019, 6:59 AM ]
  1. Away Regatta Parent Meeting Slides
  2. St Andrews Registration
  3. Pre-Regatta Dinner Assignments
  4. Pre-Regatta Dinner Hosts and Chaperones
  5. RAFT Parent Volunteers Needed
  6. Polar Bear Regatta and Helpful Regatta Day Information
  7. VASRA Volunteers
  8. Regular Season Erg Rental
  9. Kokee Tea Restaurant Fundraiser this Wednesday, March 20th
  10. AP and SOL Testing
  11. Team Photos Rescheduled to Monday, April 1st
  12. Upcoming Dates

1. REMINDER: Away Regatta Meeting Slides. Here is the link to the slides posted on wtwcrew.org. Thank you to all of those who made it to the meeting.There is a lot of important information regarding Away Regattas on these slides.

2. REMINDER: ***URGENT ACTION NEEDED: St. Andrews Regatta is March 30th (in less than two weeks). You can find all the information you need here. All registration materials are due no later than this Friday evening, March 22nd. This includes dropping off or sending a $75 check made payable to WTW Crew Boosters and the completed forms (Parent Permission Form, Emergency Contact Form) to Lesley Kowalski at 8306 Chapel Lake Rd, Annandale, VA 22003, You may also pay via PayPal. Click here to pay, and note on your paperwork (which must still be dropped off or sent in) that you paid through PayPal.

On the Emergency Contact Form, we realize you might not know if you are attending Stotesbury or Nationals yet, but if you could please at least put your phone number(s) and whether they are cell numbers or not, that will help us in case we need to contact you during an away regatta.

3. NEW: Pre-Regatta Dinner Food Assignments for all families. Our first pre-regatta dinner is this Friday from 7-9pm (* Requires Authentication). Thank you to the family for hosting and to the parents who have signed up to help. Here are the dinner and RAFT food assignments for all families (* Requires Authentication). Please bring the assigned food items to the pre-regatta dinner, even if your student-athlete is unable to attend the dinner.

4. NEW: Pre-Regatta Dinner Hosts and Chaperones. We still have a few chaperone slots and are in need of two more hosts. Sign-up here if you are available. The WTW Crew Team enjoys pre-regatta dinners each Friday night during the season. Host homes are needed along with chaperones to help the host family. For planning purposes, we have about 90 athletes on the team and most of them do attend the dinners. Host homes provide the disposable paper products (strong plates, forks, knives, etc.. no cups needed), serving utensils, and trash receptacles (1 per room recommended). Chaperones help with set-up, clean-up, and oversight. This is a working event for the volunteers. Credit: Host homes - 2 volunteer credits, Chaperones - 1 volunteer credit.

5. NEW: RAFT Parent Volunteers Needed. The Rower Athlete Food Tent (RAFT) provides the athletes with fresh, healthy, consistent fuel on race days. Food choices have been coordinated with the coaches and athletes, and are intended to serve most of the team. Food and supplies are donated by parents and assigned weekly and collected at the Pre-Regatta dinner (see #3 above). The food is available for athletes and coaches at no additional cost.

We need two parent volunteers per shift to: set-up in the morning, maintain/ replenish food and drinks, and close-down the food tent when the regatta ends. (These shifts count towards your WTW Crew volunteer commitment but NOT towards your VASRA requirements.) Please sign-up here if you are able to volunteer.

6. NEW: Polar Bear Regatta this Saturday. Returning student-athletes should already know which boat they will be on. Unless told otherwise by a coach, rowers must be at the boathouse no later than two hours before their scheduled race, and coxswains must be there for the coxswain’s meeting. Due to many rowers out for orchestra, chorus, and other commitments, not all returning rowers may row on Saturday as absences have made boat lineups challenging for the regatta.

We will send out an email on Thursday night or Friday morning with more information and we recommend following @VASRAResults on Twitter and watching our 2019 Regatta Heat Sheets and Results page for more information as well.

Coaches would like all novices to attend if available to appreciate what they are going to be doing at future regattas.

Coaches also want to remind everyone of the importance of sleep for student-athletes. Sleep has been shown in several studies to have a very important component of athletic performance. please encourage your athletes to go to bed in a timely manner. They should be getting 8 hours of sleep a night especially in the days leading up to a race. Getting a good night's sleep the night before is not sufficient.

We highly recommend using the Silverbrook shuttle so you don’t have to pay $20 for parking at Sandy Run Regional Park. If you are planning on parking at Silverbrook, you have two options. You can either drop off your rower first, then circle back to Silverbrook, or head straight to Silverbrook and take the shuttle along with your rower. If you choose the latter, be sure to allow for extra time as the shuttle needs to get through the same traffic to get to the park.

Silverbrook ES: 9350 Crosspointe Drive, Fairfax Station, VA 22039
  • It is a 15 minute shuttle ride to the park, but please plan to arrive at the school at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours before race time to allow ample time to get to the Grandstands at Sandy Run to watch your race.
  • Trips will leave Silverbrook ES on the hour and half hour (e.g., 8:00am and 8:30am) and will return from Sandy Run at quarter after and quarter till each hour (e.g., 8:15am and 8:45am).
  • There will be two round trips per hour, except for a 30 minutes lunch break for the bus driver between 12:00 and 12:30 (i.e. no bus at 12:00 from Silverbrook and no return bus at 12:15 from Sandy Run).
  • The shuttle bus will start approximately two hours before the first scheduled race and last bus two hours after the last race.
  • Parking at Silverbrook ES and its neighborhood streets is permitted.
To help get ready for regatta day, here are some highlights of what is available on our website:
  • Home Page – Key information for the next regatta will be found on the home page, including regatta heat sheet when available (Woodson races highlighted), links to applicable sign up geniuses, any last minute volunteer requirements, etc.
  • Sandy Run Park – Description of the park including maps, parking information and how the Silverbrook bus works, along with other tips and information for regatta day,
  • 2019 Regatta Heat Sheets and Results – Heat sheets when available, links to the regatta on Regatta central, and official results when available for all regattas this season.
  • 2019 Regatta Schedule – Full regatta schedule for the 2018 season.
7. REMINDER: VASRA Volunteers. Have you signed up for your VASRA volunteer requirement yet? Please sign-up here. All shifts on this signup below take place at regattas held at Sandy Run, 10450 Van Thompson Road, Fairfax Station.

We have nine boat driver positions still open and one non-boat driver position still to fill. We are fortunate this year to have many new families and ask at this time that each family sign up for one VASRA volunteer slot. If we do need to impose our 2nd volunteer requirement, the team will be informed.

There are several dates, times, and locations within the park. (Please note: shifts with no ending times go until the work is done) Some jobs require a level of physical fitness or skill. Please check this link before you sign up to make sure you know what you are signing up for.

8. NEW: Regular Season Erg Rental. We will make a limited number of ergs available for rent during the regatta season next week. Email wtwcrewlogistics@gmail.com if your rower is interested in reserving an erg beginning March 24th. (Look for info on post-season erg rental in June)

9. REMINDER: Kokee Tea Fundraiser, Wednesday, March 20th, 3-8pm at 9668 Main St A, Fairfax, VA. We hope you can join us at our fundraiser. No need to bring a flyer, just tell them you are there for the WT Woodson Crew fundraiser.

10. NEW: AP and SOL test conflicts with Stotesbury. There are a few AP and SOL tests which are scheduled for the end of the week while we are at Stotesbury. The 9th grade Algebra 1 SOL is scheduled for Friday, May 17th and there are some AP exams which conflict as well. Here is a link to the testing calendar. If you are going to miss an exam due to the regatta, you should contact Ms. Guinee in Student Services as soon as possible to arrange another test date.

11. UPDATED: Team pictures rescheduled to Monday, April 1st at Sandy Run. Uniforms will be required.

12. UPCOMING DATES (through April):
  • March 20--Kokee Tea Fundraiser 3-8pm (see above)
  • March 22--Pasta Dinner (see above)
  • March 23--Polar Bear Regatta (see above)
  • March 24--Regular Season Erg Rental (see above)
  • March 30--St. Andrews Regatta (see above for urgent registration information)
  • April 1--Team Photos at the River
  • April 5--Student Holiday and Pasta Dinner -- Practice, but NO Bus
  • April 6--Walter Mess Regatta
  • April 7--Boat Christening Ceremony and Parent Learn to Row (sign-up here) at Sandy Run (more information coming soon)
  • April 12--Pasta Dinner -- Practice, but NO Bus
  • April 13--Darrell Winslow Regatta
  • April 15-19--Spring Break - two practices a day
  • April 19--Friday Scrimmage - no spectators
  • April 26--WTW Hey Day (more information coming soon)
  • April 26--Pasta Dinner -- Practice, but NO Bus
  • April 27--Al Urquia Regatta
  • April 28--WTW Crew Rummage Sale (sign-up here) - remember to gather your items now for donation later.
* NOTE: For any link marked as "requires authentication", log in with the same account you used to sign up for email updates.