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VSRC Day 2, Stotesbury, Nationals, Senior Night, Potential Athletics Fee, Crew Board, Physicals

posted May 15, 2017, 4:38 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated May 15, 2017, 5:08 PM ]
  1. VSRC Day 2 Summary 
  2. Important Stotesbury Information 
  3. Important Nationals Information 
  4. Senior Night Summary 
  5. NEW: Potential FCPS School Board Athletics Fee 
  6. WTW Crew Board Officers & Nominating Committee Opportunities 
  7. Physicals 
  8. Summer Program Swim Test 
  9. Reminders 

The WTW Crew website will always have the most relevant information you need to know, including anything urgent or time sensitive. Please check the site often. We also share important information on Twitter @WoodsonCrew

1. This has been an amazing season for WTW Crew, capturing over 30 medals thus far and eight of our boats making State Finals the last two weekends! On Saturday, WTW Crew had another great day on the Occoquan. 48 clubs were represented with approximately 1100 athletes from across Virginia. Five WTW boats advanced to the Finals, two Woodson boats captured medals in the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships (VSRC), and three boats received invitations to race at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) National Championships! Coach Tylander also petitioned for National Championships entry for the Women’s 1st 8+ and should know by Tuesday night. 

The Men’s 1st Varsity 8+ placed first in their qualifying heat and went on to win the Bronze in the VSRC State Finals and are invited to Nationals! Congrats to Trevor von Christierson, Colin McCarthy, Jack Ning, Miles Knight, Joe Korn, Adrian Michel, Ethan Kutia, Michael Boyle, Gwen Cameron (coxswain).

The Women’s Lightweight 8+ rowed a great race in the Finals to win Bronze and are invited to Nationals! Congrats to Sara Chan, Joy Kim, Kathryn Taheri, Reagan Smith, Mya Rowe, Katlyn Howard, Sierra Boucher, Sophie Mills, and Haley Cole (coxswain).

The Men’s 2nd 8+ won their qualifying heat -- eliminating Langley and Robinson --- and then rowed to a 4th place finish in the Finals, they too are invited to Nationals! Congrats to James Livingston, Richie Evans, Ryan Torgersen, Ryan Sarratt, Grant McHale, Larry Cai, Ethan Pepper, Ethan Feng, and Sebastian Bushey (coxswain).

The Women’s 1st 8+ placed second in their qualifying heat and placed 5th in the Finals. Congrats to Hannah Fisher, Brooke Leech, Gabriella Hayes, Elizabeth Giglia, Jenna Hissong, Rowan Sprouse, Rose van der Horst, Claire Hutcheson, Erica Schneider (coxswain).

The Women’s Lightweight 4 placed 5th in the Finals. Congrats to Marie Korn, Kesem Solell-Knepler, Paige Evans, Sage Boucher, Carolyn Wong (coxswain).

It has been an amazing season on the Occoquan. Thank you so much to our awesome coaches and thank you again to all the parents who volunteered.

2. Next stop, Stotesbury! The Stotesbury Regatta trip is 18-20 May in Philadelphia, PA. Our WTW Crew Webmaster has created a Stotesbury page on our web site. This page has all things Stotesbury (links to event start times and results, hotel and contact info, weather, etc.), and will be updated as necessary throughout the event. Thank you Andy!
  • Parent volunteers are still needed for this away regatta (even if you are not going to Stotesbury). Please sign-up here to volunteer. 
  • This Wednesday, 17 May, luggage will be turned-in and medications with medications forms will be checked from 6:45-8pm at WT Woodson High School door #5, near the wrestling room. Practice will end early on 17 May and student-athletes must check in their own bag at the luggage drop off. Luggage will be stored in a locked room at school overnight and loaded prior to departure. 
  • NEW: If you are a parent chaperone taking the bus to Stotesbury and will be leaving your car at the school, you should park by door #17 near Main Street while away for the Stotesbury and National Regattas. 
3. The 2017 SRAA National Championship Regatta trip is 25-27 May on the Cooper River in Camden, NJ. The Boats that qualified to race at Nationals are the Men’s 1st 8+, Women’s Lightweight 8+, and Men’s 2nd 8+. Coach Tylander has also petitioned for National Championships entry for the Women’s 1st 8+ and should know by Tuesday night. All race entries, to include alternate rowers/coxswains will be made at the discretion of the WTW Crew Head Coach. Payment along with all required paperwork is due by this Friday, 19 May for all athletes in qualified boats. Here is the Nationals Information Sheet. Many of the same forms for Stotesbury will be required for Nationals participants.
  • If you will be cancelling your hotel reservations, please email wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com before cancelling so we can offer the rooms to other WTW families who may not have rooms yet. 
  • Parent volunteers are needed for this away regatta (even if you are not going to Nationals). Please sign-up here to volunteer. 
4. Last Friday we celebrated our Seniors. We will miss you and wish you all the best. Fair winds and following seas to Hannah Fischer, Erica Schneider, Gwen Cameron, Sierra Boucher, Sara Chan, Andrea Paloschavez, Brooke Leech, Rachel Hundley, Carolyn Wong, Liz Giglia, Gabi Hayes, Trevor von Christierson, Joe Korn, Jack Ning, Larry Cai, Miles Knight, Wyn Adams, Michael Yi, and Adrian Michel. 

5. NEW: The Woodson Booster Club recently learned that the Fairfax County School Board is considering levying a $100 fee per athlete per sport to help mitigate the counties school budget crises. While we do not think this applies to Crew because we are a 503C, many of our athletes do participate in other sports and it will affect them. Worse, the fee will not directly support sports, but instead be use in the general funds for the school board. We expect the board to vote on this matter as early as 15 May. Therefore we want to provide you the appropriate contact information if you would like to email school board members. School board members names are below:
Click the names above to email an individual representative, or click here to email them all at once.

Here is an example of text that could be used if you email school board members:

I am writing to oppose the School Board including an athletic fee in the 2017-18 budget.

The families of student-athletes already provide a large portion of the funding required to operate high school athletics. Each year families like mine fund athletics financially by supporting various fundraising initiatives organized by the booster club and teams. We also volunteer our time on projects that raise funds for athletics. An athletic fee would unfairly place an additional financial burden on my family.

I support Woodson athletics because I know my efforts provide funds used to purchase equipment and maintain facilities that benefit Woodson’s student-athletes. I do not support FCPS imposing an athletic fee because the fee will result in less money for Woodson’s student-athletes since the funds generated by the athletic fee will be used to balance the overall FCPS budget.

While I appreciate the school board needs to make difficult decisions as part of passing its budget for next year, I urge you to vote against an athletic fee since such a fee will have an inequitable and disproportionate impact on the families of student-athletes.

6. For next year's crew season there are many available Crew Boosters positions. The WTW Crew Boosters Nominating Committee is formed every year to nominate individuals to serve on Board seats. Crew Boosters needs, at a minimum, two more members on the Nominating Committee and an Nominating Chair. Current nominating members are Benton Fischer and Rebecca Phalan. Please submit your interests to wtwcrewpresident@gmail.com. The Nominating Committee will then meet at a convenient date/time for members within three weeks to review persons interested in WTW Crew Boosters positions. Elections will be held at the Crew Awards dinner on 10 June. Open positions can be seen here.

7. The first step toward eligibility to participate in any preseason or after school athletic event is to complete a sports physical on an official VHSL Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE) form (new form for 2017-2018 school year is titled “FEB2017”). The Woodson High School Athletic Training Department will be offering sports physicals at Woodson High School on 19 June. This successfully completed physical will be good for all sports and out of season practices (green days, yellow days, weight room workouts) for the 2017-2018 school year. This event is a fundraiser for the Woodson High School Athletic Training Department. The cost of the physicals is $50 when you register online ($60 at the door space permitting). You can register by following this link. They are always looking for medical and non-medical volunteers to assist for the event. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Ms. Fickes, kfickes@fcps.edu, or click on the registration link to sign up.

Don’t forget the student and parent concussion education must also be completed annually!!

8. Is your rower or coxswain participating in a summer rowing program? You may be required to provide proof of passing a swim test before he/she can start. Please email Jean Boyle at wtwcrewmembership@gmail.com to obtain a copy of your student-athlete’s WTW Crew Swim Test results.

9. Reminders:
  • Please share your accomplishments/achievements, no matter what it is, to wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com. Send your submissions by Friday of each week. We will publish them in the following Monday issue of the WTW Crew Update.