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St. Andrew’s, Spirit Wear, Pre-Regatta Dinner, Updates, Volunteers, Fundraising, Reminders

posted Apr 6, 2017, 5:01 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Apr 6, 2017, 5:02 AM ]
  1. St. Andrew’s Summary 
  2. Spirit Wear 
  3. Pre-Regatta Dinner 
  4. Corrections 
  5. Seats Available on the Practice Bus 
  6. Bus Chaperones Needed 
  7. Volunteer Opportunities 
  8. Fundraising 
  9. Reminders 

1. WTW Crew met some stiff weather conditions and even stiffer competition at the Noxontown Regatta #1 at St. Andrews’ School in Middletown, DE. Four of Woodson’s boats placed against schools from Philadelphia, Delaware, and Virginia – including 2 boats of novice rowers and coxswains competing for the first time!
  • Boys 3rd Varsity 8+ finished 2nd, behind only LaSalle Prep.-- Brandon Snyder, Michael Yi, Wyn Adams, Rory McAlevy, Nick Shawley, Sam Shear, Jung Won Lee, Aaron Shurberg, and Avery Whittle (coxswain). 
  • Boys 2nd Varsity 8+ finished 3rd -- James Livingston, Colin McCarthy, Grant McHale, Katon Zhang, James Mullet, Richie Evans, Ethan Pepper, Ethan Feng, and Sebastian Bushey (coxswain). 
  • Boys Novice 8+ finished 3rd -- Beau Sandino, Heston McClintick, Joseph Bishop, Walter, Andrew Chen, William Mullet, Zach Borja, Mason Phalan, and Krish Soni (coxswain). 
  • Girls Novice 8+ finished 3rd -- Shelly Li, Jules Heimbigner, Rachel Mailand, Jocelyn Phipps, Abby Pesansky, Nikki Curtis, Natalie Moran, Andrea Paloschavez, and Evelyn Baltz (coxswain). 
We congratulate the more than 70 WTW rowers and coxswains who traveled to Delaware and participated in Saturday’s regatta at St. Andrews – especially the two Novice boats who proudly represented Woodson by placing in their first race!

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered (officially and unofficially) to ensure the student-athletes had shelter from the wind and plenty of food to eat. We made our Woodson voices heard as the loudest crowd along the course.

Hey Woodson, great rowing! 

The amazing videos (thank you Michael Y.) and photos by Serena can be seen in the WTW Crew Photo Gallery.

2. The JL racing store is currently open and will close at midnight tonight, 3 April. If you missed placing your order for a splash jacket, this is the time to order. You can also order an extra uni or tech shirt. The estimated ship date is 10 May with estimated delivery on 17 May. This will be your last chance to order for this season. The JL site may not be open again until January 2018. Please pay special attention when inputting payment information at checkout. If the transaction does not lead you to a confirmation screen, the order did not go through and please double check the information that you entered. Scroll down the middle of the page and select the Woodson team store. If there are questions, email the Uniform/Spirit Wear Coordinator, Tu’lann von Christierson, at tulannvonc@cox.net, (703) 426-2595.

3. Rowers, plan on attending the pre-regatta dinner this week (requires authentication *). Please see the link for the food assignments (requires authentication *) this week (Pre-Regatta Dinner and Walter Mess Regatta). Food/Drink Assignments are 1/athlete (not/family) and change weekly. We ask that all rowers participate and that items are brought as requested. Thank-you for your help.

  • Away Regatta slides. There was a Memorial Regatta accidentally listed in late May.
  • We accidentally listed a Saturday practice during Spring Break schedule in last Thursday’s email. There is a regatta on Saturday 15 April, not practice. Here is the correct schedule for that week (the calendar can also be found on our WTW Crew website). 
    • 10 April no practice 
    • 11-14 April practice: 8:30-11:30am and 12:30-2:15pm 
      • Bus departs Woodson HS at 8:00am and returns to Woodson HS at 2:45pm 
    • 15 April Darrell Winslow Regatta 
    • 17 April practice: 9:00-12:00pm 
      • Bus departs Woodson HS at 8:30am and returns to Woodson HS at 12:30pm 
5. Tired of driving to the river? There are seats still available on the bus. The price will be $35 per week or $7 a day. Seats are available first come, first serve and we will need release forms signed before a student-athlete can ride the bus. Please contact the bus coordinator, Genie Heimbigner at: gbheimbigner@gmail.com for more information.

6. UPDATE: We have two parent bus chaperone slots still open on 12 and 14 April. We realize the Spring Break sign-ups are long days and will give double credit for parents who sign up to fill Spring Break bus chaperone duties. If you have not signed up for two dates and have a student-athlete riding the bus, please sign-up here: Bus Chaperone Sign-Up.

  • UPDATE: We are in need of chaperone volunteers to help at the pre-regatta dinners. Please sign-up here for the chaperone opportunities. The team dinners are from 7pm-9pm (volunteers 6:30-9:30pm). Chaperones will earn one $50 fundraising service credit. Hosts will earn two $50 fundraising service credits. To be a host home, we ask that (1) you have ample parking (street parking is okay) and (2) can accommodate 60-90 teenagers and five chaperones. Contact Kris Cole at colechips@yahoo.com if you have questions. 
  • NEW: VASRA volunteer opportunities are available. On 8 and 15 April we must fill these positions: 
    • 8 April: Stakeboat Holder (Requires strength to move and guide shells into the docks and you will be near the water) 
    • 15 April: Driver Referee (Must complete VASRA certified Driver Training) 
    • 15 April: Stakeboat Holder (Requires strength to move and guide shells into the docks and you will be near the water) 
Please sign-up at VASRA Regatta Volunteer Sign-Up. We encourage everyone to add a cell number on Sign-Up Genius so we can call AND text with any changes to any of the volunteer positions.

We will notify you when we have more available. Each WTW Crew family has a requirement to fulfill at least two VASRA volunteer jobs during the season. Either of these volunteer opportunities will count toward these requirements. The current jobs available, for the most part, require you to be in or around the water or to walk through unpaved areas. Please be sure to dress appropriately. Also, please arrive for check in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled sign up time. If you have questions about the job responsibilities, there are descriptions on the WTW Crew website. We encourage everyone to add a cell number on Sign-Up Genius so we can call AND text with any changes to any of the volunteer positions.
  • NEW: Regatta Athlete Food Tent (RAFT) volunteer opportunities for this weekend’s regatta are available. Please sign-up here for this weekend’s RAFT volunteer opportunities.
  • Get all your spring gardening needs while supporting WTW Crew! The Crew team is partnering with Merrifield Garden Center to sell $25 and $50 gift cards. The team will earn a 20% rebate for each sale. With three full-service garden centers in Virginia – Merrifield, Fairfax and Gainesville – Merrifield Garden Center offers one of the largest selections of plants and gardening accessories in the entire country. Please email Julie Smith at juliewolfsmith@gmail.com to order cards (must pre-pay for order). Cards will be ready for pick-up/delivery the first week of April. Thanks for your support. Pull for Woodson! 
  • Scrip orders due by the 15th of each month. What could be better than being able to work toward meeting your fundraising commitment without spending any extra money?! With Scrip, hundreds of vendor gift cards are available to you at face value, and WTW Crew gets a rebate – and 50% of that rebate will be credited to your family’s fundraising commitment! Think of Scrip as a change in your payment method. Instead of writing a check or paying by credit card for your normal monthly purchases, simply have some of these gift cards on hand and pay for your goods with them. You will be earning money towards your fundraising commitment while spending NO EXTRA money! Please contact Joan Fisher (joanmkf@aol.com) with any questions or click here to get started. 
  • Gorgeous WTW Crew Ties still available for purchase. 100% silk, woven, hand crafted in England, $25.00. Please contact Brian Boyle (brianboyle81@hotmail.com) to purchase and support the team. 
  • Beautiful Note Cards and Prints still available for purchase. WTW Crew teamed with Laura Riekki, an artist and rowing coach based in Orlando, Florida. Laura created a great image of the Woodson oars in action – sure to conjure up memories for current rowers and alums of all ages! $15 for a set of 5 notecards; $25 for a 12x12 matted print. 100% of the sale price will be donated to the team. Supplies are limited so act fast. Contact Joan Fisher (joanmkf@aol.com) to order. 
  • Rowers should bring their own reusable water bottles to practice and on regatta days. We will have water for refilling the water bottles and a few individual water bottles on hand at RAFT, but in general we encourage the use of reusable water bottles. 
  • Ladies: Attendance for practice is mandatory. In the case of an absence, please fill out this form to let team know of your absence. 
  • Here is the Carpool Interest Sign-Up for anyone who is looking to carpool to and from practices on Saturdays or Non-Bus days. Please sign up if you are willing to drive other student-athletes or if you need assistance in driving your student-athlete to and from practice. This is a way to get families connected, who are interested in carpooling. It does not ensure rides. 
  • We have a home regatta page on our WTW Crew website. Please check it out for details if you are not familiar with our home regattas at Sandy Run Regional Park. 
  • You can follow VASRA on Twitter @VASRAResults to get the latest on regatta and workday schedules and @VASRAParking for regatta parking updates. You can also follow Sandy Run Regional Park on Twitter at @SandyRunReg
  • Please share your accomplishments/achievements, no matter what it is, to wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com. Send your submissions by Friday of each week. We will publish them in the following Monday issue of the WTW Crew Team Update. 
  • The WTW Crew website will always have the most relevant information you need to know, including anything urgent or time sensitive. Please check the site often. We also share important information on Twitter @WoodsonCrew
  • WTW Crew Training and Conditioning manual. This is an excellent form of reference for technique, references, and nutrition. 
  • 2017 Regatta Schedule

* NOTE: For any link marked as "requires authentication", log in with the same account you used to sign up for email updates