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Practice Bus, Al Urquia, Stotesbury/Nationals, Pre-Regatta Dinner/Food Assignments, VSRC, Volunteers

posted May 1, 2017, 5:10 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated May 1, 2017, 5:10 AM ]
  1. Practice Bus Update 
  2. Al Urquia Summary 
  3. Stotesbury Registration Information 
  4. Nationals Information 
  5. Pre-Regatta Dinner & Food Assignments 
  6. VSRC Day 1 Championship 
  7. Volunteer Opportunities 
  8. Reminders 

The WTW Crew website will always have the most relevant information you need to know, including anything urgent or time sensitive. Please check the site often. We also share important information on Twitter @WoodsonCrew

1. UPDATE: Due to an unfortunate oversight, it was not annotated that there was no practice bus for the rowers last Friday. Thanks to the quick thinking, communication, and dedication of our awesome parent volunteers, team captains and rowers, alternate arrangements were made and we all made it to practice. Please note, there will not be a practice bus this Friday, 5 May or Friday, 12 May.

2. On Saturday, WTW Crew endured the heat to compete with 34 other crew teams and 1,500 rowers & coxswains in the Al Urquia Regatta. Eight WTW boats advanced to the Finals, the Men’s 3rd Varsity 8+ won their event, and three other boats finished 2nd! There were great performances across the board, on the Men’s & Women’s teams, Varsity & Novice rowers & coxswains alike! It was a treat for the great Woodson cheering section to end the long, hot day with our boats being competitive in Final after Final, one after another!

The Men’s 3rd Varsity 8+ finished 1st in their heat and 1st in the final, by open water! Brandon Snyder, Michael Yi, James Mullet, Rory McAlevy, Nick Shawley, Sam Muras, Jung Won Lee, Thomas Koerner, Andrew Zack (coxswain).

The Men’s 1st Varsity 8+ finished 1st in their heat and 2nd in the final, out of 14 boats. They were the top Virginia finisher, losing only to St. Andrews (Del.), by less than one second. Trevor von Christierson, Colin McCarthy, Jack Ning, Miles Knight, Joe Korn, Larry Cai, Ethan Kutia, Michael Boyle, Gwen Cameron (coxswain).

The Women’s Novice 8+ finished 1st in their heat by open water and 2nd in the final, out of 15 boats. They were less than a boat length behind Oakton, and had open water on the rest of the field. Jocelyn Phipps, Rachel Mailand, Meng Li, Lauren Ollis, Abigail Pesansky, Nicole Curtis, Natalie Moran, Jules Heimbigner, and Evelyn Baltz (coxswain).

The Women’s Lightweight 8+ finished 2nd in their final. Sara Chan, Joy Kim, Kathryn Taheri, Reagan Smith, Mya Rowe, Katlyn Howard, Sierra Boucher, Sophie Mills, and Haley Cole (coxswain).

The Women’s Lightweight 4+ finished 3rd in their final. Marie Korn, Kesem Solell-Knepler, Paige Evans, Sage Boucher, Carolyn Wong (coxswain).

The Men’s Novice 8+ finished 1st in their heat and 4th in the final. Beau Sandino, Heston McClintick, Joseph Bishop, Walter Kowalski, Le Chen, Nicholas Ladino, Zachary Borja, Mason Phalan, and Krish Soni (coxswain).

The Women’s 1st Varsity 8+ finished 3rd in their heat and 4th in the final. They were the second Virginia finisher, trailing only Madison. Hannah Fisher, Brooke Leech, Gabriella Hayes, Elizabeth Giglia, Jenna Hissong, Rowan Sprouse, Rose van der Horst, Claire Hutcheson, Erica Schneider (coxswain).

The Men’s 2nd Varsity 8+ finished 3rd in their heat and 6th in the final. James Livingston, Richie Evans, Ryan Torgersen, Ryan Sarratt, Grant McHale, Katon Zhang, Ethan Pepper, Ethan Feng, and Sebastian Bushey (coxswain).

The Women’s 1st Varsity 4+ finished 6th in their heat. Stephanie Scorgie, Christina Moore, Rachel Hundley, Kristen Wahlbeck, and Sophie Depret-Guillaume (coxswain).

Thank you again to all the parents who volunteered at the RAFT and in VASRA jobs and endured the heat themselves.

3. The Stotesbury Regatta trip is 18-20 May in Philadelphia, PA. Stotesbury is the oldest and largest high school regatta in the US, and takes place annually on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. All race entries, to include alternate rowers/coxswains will be made at the discretion of the WTW Crew Head Coach. The deadline for turning in all completed athlete paperwork and fees is Friday, 5 May. Please deliver the full packet and check to Sissy Kutia, 5021 Mignonette Ct. Annandale, VA 22003.

Here are the links for the Stotesbury information sheet (which gives you all the details you need to know), the agenda, the checklist, and all the forms below which you will need to fill out and submit by 5 May. On Wednesday, 17 May, luggage will be turned-in, medication forms and medications reviewed from 6:45-8pm at WT Woodson High School door #5, near the wrestling room. Student-athletes must check in their own bag at the luggage drop off. Luggage will be stored in a locked room at school overnight and loaded prior to departure. Student-athletes will be responsible for packing medication forms and medications in their carry on luggage.
You can pre-order your Stotesbury Cup Competitor t-shirt! Regatta Wear is offering custom Stotesbury Cup Competitor shirts online, choice of long sleeve or short sleeve shirt; order by 8 May and pick up your shirt at the regatta! These are not sold by WTW Crew.

4. The 2017 SRAA National Championship Regatta trip is 25-27 May in Cooper River, Camden, NJ. Boats must qualify to race at Nationals, and qualification will be known after the VSRC State Championship Regattas on 6 May and 13 May. All race entries, to include alternate rowers/coxswains will be made at the discretion of the WTW Crew Head Coach. Once rowers/coxswains are decided, you will receive a request for payment along with all required paperwork. Here is the Nationals Information Sheet. Many of the same forms above will be required for participants.

5. Rowers, plan on attending the pre-regatta dinner this week (requires authentication *). Please see the link for the food assignments (requires authentication *) this week (Pre-Regatta Dinner and VSRC Day 1 Regatta). Please be aware, those without assignments might be assigned something later this week if necessary. Food/Drink assignments are one p/athlete (not p/family) and change weekly. Thank-you for your help. 

6. The VASRA Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association (VSRC) Day 1 on 6 May will be the championships for our Men’s 3rd 8+, Men’s Novice 8+, and Women’s Novice 8+. Varsity 1 & 2 boats will not be racing. We will provide more information in Thursday’s email.

  • NEW: Going to Stotesbury is an incredible experience for athletes and families alike. MANY parent volunteers are needed for this away regatta (even if you are not going to Stotesbury). Please sign-up here to volunteer. We will need help with the following: 
    • Food shopping and prep in your home 
    • Chaperone the bus to Philadelphia and back 
    • Boat Parents at the hotel during the Regatta 
      • Boat Parents help ensure each boat's athletes are in the right place at the right time 
    • Maintain the food tent during the Regatta 
    • Logistics (e.g., luggage check, load bus, load/unload Chuck Wagon, etc.) in Virginia and PA 
  • We have a few more VASRA volunteer opportunities for the next two regattas. Please visit the VASRA Regatta Volunteer Sign-Up site and sign-up for positions. If positions are not posted when you visit the site, please check back later. Each WTW Crew family has a requirement to fulfill at least two VASRA volunteer jobs during the season. Most volunteer jobs are on or around the water, please be sure to dress appropriately. Also, please arrive for check in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled sign up time. If you have questions about the job responsibilities, there are descriptions on the WTW Crew website. We encourage everyone to add a cell number on Sign-Up Genius so we can call AND text with any changes to any of the volunteer positions. 
    • NEW: We are in need of one or two Launch Dockmaster shadows to take over this WTW Crew permanent position next season. If you are interested, we are looking for a volunteer to shadow in the morning from 7am-11am at each of the VSRC regattas the next two weekends. Please email Amy at wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com to sign-up for one of these positions. 
  • We also have more RAFT volunteer opportunities available for 13 May. Here is the link to the RAFT volunteer opportunities. 
  • ATTENDANCE: Attendance at practice is mandatory. If you will be absent from practice for any reason, please notify your coach prior to practice. Ladies: In the case of an absence, please fill out this form on Google docs. to let team know of your absence. 
  • Please share your accomplishments/achievements, no matter what it is, to wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com. Send your submissions by Friday of each week. We will publish them in the following Monday issue of the WTW Crew Team Update
  • 2017 Regatta Schedule