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Nationals Summary, Unloading Trailer, Men’s Captain Applications, Booster Positions, Remaining Event

posted May 29, 2017, 8:02 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated May 29, 2017, 8:02 AM ]
  1. Nationals Summary 
  2. NEW: Unloading Trailer Tuesday 
  3. NEW: Men’s Captain Applications 
  4. Booster Positions 
  5. Remaining Events This Season 

1. WTW Crew represented WT Woodson and the state of Virginia well at the SRAA National Championship Regatta this past weekend. The Nationals trip was quite eventful for the team! On the way to Nationals, the team spent four hours along the side of the road waiting for another bus to pick up the team after the first bus broke down. The student-athletes were incredibly patient during the wait. Huge kudos to everyone on the bus! Also a shout out to Claire Hutcheson's parents and Suzanne Elliot, one of the coaches from Washington-Lee. They stopped to pick up our lightweights so they would make it in time for weigh in. On Friday, the team went to the Cooper River to rig the boats and jump right into qualifying heats.

The Men’s 1st Varsity 8+ placed 4th in their qualifying heat ahead of Oakton and 24th overall in qualifying heats also ahead of Wakefield, Woodbridge, and TJ making our Men’s 1st Varsity 8+ the 3rd highest placing Virginia boat in this category. Way to go Trevor von Christierson, Colin McCarthy, Jack Ning, Miles Knight, Joe Korn, Adrian Michel, Ethan Kutia, Michael Boyle, Gwen Cameron (coxswain).

The Women’s 1st Varsity 8+ placed 4th in their qualifying heat and 23rd overall in qualifying heats. They finished 4th out of all Virginia entries, capping off a solid season, Woodson's first in this top competitive event in nearly 10 years. Way to go Hannah Fisher, Brooke Leech, Gabriella Hayes, Elizabeth Giglia, Jenna Hissong, Rowan Sprouse, Rose van der Horst, Claire Hutcheson, Erica Schneider (coxswain).

The Men’s 2nd Varsity 8+ placed 5th in their qualifying heat ahead of Woodbridge and only .467 seconds shy of qualifying for semi-finals. They were 14th overall in qualifying heats also ahead of Oakton making our Men’s 2nd Varsity 8+ the highest placing Virginia boat in this category. Congratulations on a great row to James Livingston, Richie Evans, Ryan Torgersen, Katon Zhang, Grant McHale, Larry Cai, Ethan Pepper, Ethan Feng, Sebastian Bushey (coxswain), and Brandon Snyder as alternate.

The Women’s Lightweight 8+ was having the best race of their season and clearly second with open water in a two-to-Finals when an unseen log fouled their lane and they lost their skeg and rudder thus losing steering and had to stop. Ladies you represented Woodson with amazing grace. Our hats off to you Sara Chan, Joy Kim, Kathryn Taheri, Reagan Smith, Mya Rowe, Katlyn Howard, Sierra Boucher, Sophie Mills, Haley Cole (coxswain), and Marie Korn as alternate.

We are again exceedingly proud of the effort of all our rowers & coxswains!

Additional photos from the regatta will be posted on our website soon. There are also a few photos available on Row2k.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered before, during, and after the regatta to ensure it was a successful trip. 
Thank you to our coaches for your encouragement, support, and time to make this such an amazing season! 

2. NEW: Those student-athletes who rowed/coxed at Nationals will be unloading the trailer and rigging the boats on Tuesday during normal practice time. Everyone will get back together at the Woodson Spring Sports Awards Night on 8 June and the WTW Crew Awards Dinner on 10 June.

3. NEW: Men’s Captain Applications are due Thursday, 1 June. Instructions can be found here.

4. REMINDER: Next Year’s WTW Crew Boosters Positions. With the graduation of a record 19 seniors on the team, we are losing many great parents, along with their rowers & coxswains. While we are fortunate to have received good responses to our efforts to fill WTW Crew Boosters positions for next year, you know there are always opportunities to pitch in, and help share the load so our team is supported and can thrive. The below link identifies all of the available positions; we flag here two open ones that are critical to have filled by the fall: Membership Chair (men’s team) and Volunteer Committee Chair. If you are interested in these positions, or any others, please contact President Pamela Sprouse (wtwcrewpresident@gmail.com) or members of the WTW Crew Boosters Nominating Committee, Benton Fisher and Rebecca Phalan. Elections will be held at the year-end Crew Awards dinner on 10 June. Open positions can be seen here.

5. SAVE THE DATES: Remaining Events This Season.
  • 8 June - Woodson Spring Sports Awards Night (7pm) 
  • 10 June - Boathouse Clean-Up and Chuckwagon Clean-Up (9-11am). Sign-ups coming soon. 
  • 10 June - WTW Crew Awards Dinner (7-8:30pm at Frost Middle School Cafeteria) 
  • 15 June - Scrip Orders due. Contact Joan Fisher for the enrollment code and for full details click here
  • 17 June - ERG Rentals (9-11am at the WT Woodson High School Erg Shed). More information coming soon. 
  • 12 August - Alumni Row. Details to follow. Information will be posted on the WTW Crew Alumni Page, twitter, and the website.