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Boathouse Workday, Updated On-the-Water Meeting Slides, Spirit Wear, Erg Sprints Results, Vacancies

posted Feb 16, 2017, 4:24 AM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Feb 16, 2017, 4:48 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]
Tomorrow is the last day of Winter Conditioning with the whole team from 3:30-5:30pm. There is no practice on Monday and we start On-the-Water Practice on Tuesday. All registration materials must be complete for students to participate in On-the-Water Practice.

This Saturday, 18 February is a Boathouse Workday from 9-11am. You will receive a $50 fundraising credit for each shift. Please join us in preparing for the spring season and sign-up at: Boathouse Workday Sign-Up

UPDATED: Thank you to all who attended the Crew Parent On-The-Water Meeting yesterday. We hope you found the session valuable. A link to the updated slides is attached. It was also mentioned that Sandy Run Park rules require everyone to be off the water by sunset and out of the park 30 minutes after, so prior to daylight savings time (12 March), student-athletes may finish slightly earlier than 6:30pm and the bus may arrive back at Woodson slightly earlier than 7:00pm.

Please remember that students driving to practice or regattas need to submit the Driver’s License and Vehicle Information Sheet. This is a FCPS requirement.

Forms are not required for adult drivers. Fill in "Repeated Trip" explanation in right column with “To/From Crew Practices and Regattas.” School Principal Approval signature is not required. You may mail/drop off the forms to:

WTW Crew Membership, c/o 8623 Hepplewhite Ct., Annandale, VA 22003 

Tomorrow, 17 February, is the deadline for signing up and payment for the bus. The cost for bus riders is $450 which includes Spring Break. Space is limited. Registrations accepted on first-come-first-serve basis. Again, payment and Bus Registration Agreement form is due in full by tomorrow, 17 February to the WTW Treasurer.

In order for WTW Crew Boosters to provide bus transportation to practices, each trip to and from the river must have a parent chaperone. Every bus rider family must chaperone at least one time per rower. Sign Up: Practice Bus Sign-Up Genius.

The CCI Woodson Spirit Wear site is open until midnight on 6 March. We are hoping for delivery before the Polar Bear Regatta. There is a new white ‘Hey Woodson’ t-shirt being offered and this is the only way to purchase this shirt. Unfortunately the Under Armour hoodie and pants are not currently available for purchase because the company has discontinued that style and a new one will be offered in the fall. The uniforms and splash jackets ordered from JL Racing should be delivered to rowers on Tuesday, 21 February at the river. If you have NOT ordered a new uni, please contact Tu’lann von Christierson immediately at tulannvonc@cox.net.

Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints Results: 18 WTW Crew rowers & coxswains were among the 1,700 competitors in the world’s second largest indoor rowing competition, and the largest for high school athletes! Two-thirds of the Cavaliers finished in the top half of their events – quite an accomplishment given the high level of competition.

Haley Cole, Joe Korn, and Jack Ning each had Top 5 finishes, and Hannah Fisher, Heston McClintick, and Ethan Pepper finished in the Top 25%. Other Cavaliers who represented Woodson Crew well were Michael Boyle, Ethan Feng, Ethan Kutia, James Livingston, Colin McCarthy, Ryan Sarratt, Nick Shawley, Katon Zhang, Claire Hutcheson, Brooke Leech, Christina Moore, and Reagan Smith.

In addition, WTW Crew Dad Frank McClintick also competed – congratulations to all!

SAVE THE DATE: We are having a parent social on Friday, 10 March at 7:30-10:00pm. Stacey & Adam Bromberg are hosting <click here for address (requires authentication) or refer to email>. It's a great opportunity to meet and connect with other Crew Parents and Coaches. Adults only. BYOB! We are asking parents to help with a few items needed for the evening, so please sign-up and join us for a fun evening.

We need your help! We currently have four board positions open:
  • Vice President for Team Liaison and Activities (VPTLA) - This position is an executive board position and fulfills $300 in volunteer credit; 2 VASRA jobs, 1 tag day, and 2 service shifts 
  • Fundraising Chairperson - This position is a committee board position and fulfills $250 in volunteer credit; 2 VASRA jobs, 1 tag day, and 2 service shifts 
  • Equipment/Logistics Chairperson (E/L) - This position is a committee board position and fulfills $250 in volunteer credit; 2 VASRA jobs, 1 tag day, and 2 service shifts 
  • VASRA Representative - This position is committee board position and fulfills $250 in volunteer credit; 2 VASRA jobs, 1 tag day, and 2 service shifts 
Please let any board member know if you are interested in one of these opportunities. These positions are a great way to get involved, fulfill volunteer obligations, and participate in your child's sport. More information is also available in the Handbook - W.T. Woodson Crew. Learn more about other volunteer opportunities here: Fundraising & Service Requirements - W.T. Woodson Crew.