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Achievements, Erg Rentals, Volunteers Needed, Athlete Survey, Summer Tips and Communication Plan

posted Jun 15, 2017, 4:20 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Jun 15, 2017, 4:20 AM ]
We congratulate Reagan Smith who was selected as a primary delegate to Virginia Girls’ State this month at Longwood University.

REMINDER: We still have ergs available to rent. Pick-up will be this Saturday, 17 June (9-11am at the WT Woodson High School Erg Shed). Erg rentals until October are $150 per erg (39 available) and slides (2 per erg) will also be available for rent at $20. If you are interested in renting an erg and/or slides or are able to assist the morning of the 17th, please sign-up here. You must sign up to reserve your erg. Please make checks payable to W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters.

NEW: We are also still looking for two parent volunteers and four student-athlete volunteers to assist at the Erg Rentals on Saturday. If you able to help us out, please sign up at the bottom of the sign-up page. Thank you in advance!

REMINDER: The coaches want to know what you think! All athletes (even graduating seniors) are encouraged to fill out the 2016-17 WT Woodson Athlete Exit Survey. Thank you to those who have already filled out the survey and we encourage those who haven’t to take a few minutes to respond and make Woodson Crew even better!

GET READY:...for late summer/fall Green Days
  • Schedule your VHSL Pre-Participation Physical now! Here is the link to the NEW form.
    • Please make a copy of your physical and turn in the original to the Athletic Trainer, Ms. Fickes (C-158) as soon as possible. If you wait until August, it could take up to 10 days for your name to appear on the compliance roster. No one is allowed to row until their name appears on the compliance roster - NO Exceptions. 
  • You can also complete Concussion Training for the 2017-2018 school year now.
    • Remember both the student athlete and one parent need to do the training, and you MUST use either Safari or Firefox in order for it to work correctly. Please do this now so that you don't miss valuable winter conditioning time. 
Summer Health and Fitness Tips. The coaches will be providing a summer and fall workout plan soon.
  • NEW: Just because the season is over doesn’t mean we should fall off a good diet for the athlete. Here is the USRowing nutritionist suggestions for your consideration. 
    • Good nutrition is essential to any sport, but the energy demands of rowing make the types of food and their amounts important. Pay attention to the food breakdown of meals and snacks, choosing wholesome foods most of the time (90%), and Fun Foods occasionally (10%) as follows: 
      • Lean protein sources (lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, and eggs) 
      • Low fat dairy/non-dairy sources (lower fat or skim milk, soy milk, low fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheeses) 
      • Fruit (fresh, frozen, dried and 100% juices) 
      • Vegetables (fresh, frozen, and low sodium canned) 
      • Whole grains (cold and hot cereals, pasta, rice, bread/bagels/rolls, and crackers) 
      • Healthy fats (plant oils such as olive, canola, safflower; avocado; nuts and seeds; fatty fish) 
      • Fun Foods (candy, cookies, ice cream, chips and French fries) 
    • One of the easiest ways to ensure a balanced and healthy meal is to divide your plate as follows: ¼ protein, ¼ grains, ¼ fruit, ¼ vegetables, with milk on the side and petite portions of healthy fats. 
    • Food timing, or when the rower eats, is just as important. Make sure the rower is getting enough nutrition by following a schedule with eating, aiming to eat meals and snacks every 3-4 hours. Skipping or delaying meals can translate to inadequate nutrition and reduced performance. 
    • Bottom Line: Young rowers are unique because they are still growing—which is a calorie demand in its own right. Coupled with rowing, energy and nutrient needs are a prime concern for proper growth, minimizing fatigue, and optimal performance. 
  • As mentioned in previous emails, rowing camps and programs are a great option to stay fit over the summer. Although the WTW Crew Boosters don’t endorse any in particular, here is information on another program available this summer. 
    • NEW: Princeton Crew is holding four rowing camps this summer. Each camp is an intensive four days with eight sessions on the water and instruction off it from the coaching staff at Princeton University. The session dates are: June 22-25, June 27-June 30, July 24-July 27, July 31-August 3. Campers stay in Princeton University dorms, eat in Princeton dining halls, and, most importantly for you as a rowers, receive instruction from Princeton Rowing coaches! Coaches at camp include multiple Olympians and have taken crews to the top of the podium at the NCAA and IRA championships. Full details for the camp and registration may be found at princetonsportscamps.com
NEW: Summer Communication Plan. Over the summer, we will send one email in July (likely Monday, 10 July) and then resume bi-weekly emails on Monday, 7 August. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy summer and look forward to seeing you on the water again soon! Congratulations again to our graduating seniors and we hope to see you at the alumni row in August.