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Weekend Summary, Tag Day, Spirit Wear, Launch Boat Drivers, Sandy Run Orientation, Bus Chaperones

posted Feb 19, 2018, 4:06 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 5:47 AM ]
  1. On-the-Water 
  2. Final Tag Day 
  3. Spirit Wear 
  4. Launch Boat Driver Training 
  5. Sandy Run Regional Park Orientation/Tour 
  6. Bus Chaperones and Sign-Up 
  7. Carpooling Sign-up 
  8. Save the Dates 
  9. Senior Scholarship Deadlines 

1. NEW: Congratulations to those who participated in the World Indoor Rowing Championships! Eight WTW Crew rowers were among the over 2500 competitors in the world’s second largest indoor rowing competition. Congratulations to those that hit their personal best 2Ks during the event. Thank you in advance to those doing the Boathouse Workday today from 9-11am. The Boathouse and boats will be ready for us tomorrow when we are back on-the-water!

2. REMINDER: Final Tag Day shift is on March 3rd! Sign-up here. It is the last chance to get Tag Day volunteer credits for student-athletes and parents.

Make it a full day of Crew – practice on the water in the morning and participate in the final tag day that afternoon. If you’ve completed your yearly fundraising commitment and participate in this Tag Day, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a Chipotle gift card and/or a $50 VISA card. Additionally if one of your friends hasn’t been able to complete their fundraising requirement, you can work the shift for them. Just let us know who you are working for. As a reminder, rowers/coxswains who do not complete their fundraising requirement by the end of this last Tag Day, will receive a bill for $75 per missed requirement. (Fundraising requirements include Craft Show or Tag Day shifts. Returning rowers/coxswains have five (5) total fundraising requirements and Novice/ Freshmen have three (3) total fundraising requirements)

COME ON CREW -- All we need are 40 rowers/coxswains and none of your buddies get fined for not doing their fundraising commitment. MAKE A STAND FOR A TEAMMATE AND SIGN UP!!

3. REMINDER: Spirit Wear. The CCI store is OPEN to order Spirit Wear. If you missed the first time or if you want to order additional items, click here to access the store. The site is open until midnight on March 4th. Any rowers who borrowed a uni and tech shirt for the Naval Academy field trip are asked to return them ASAP. You can give the items to Marie Korn at practice in a bag labeled with your name. Contact Babette Korn at babskorn@gmail.com if you have questions about Spirit Wear or Uniforms.

4. NEW: Launch Boat Driver Training. Due to overwhelming interest, a third Launch Boat Driver Training will be held Saturday, March 10th from 10am- noon at Sandy Run Regional Park. Like before, it is limited to six people, so don't wait to sign up! If you're interested in driving a launch during one of our Regattas, this is the training for you. It will qualify you for select VASRA jobs which are assigned to each participating team and MUST be filled (or our team is fined AND the regatta will fail). Being a Launch Driver gets you the best seat in the house at regattas! All are welcome and anyone can learn. If you are interested, please sign-up here.

5. NEW: Sandy Run Regional Park Orientation/Tour. Please join our esteemed WTW Crew Booster President Brian Boyle for an orientation meeting on Saturday, March 17th from 9:30-11am. The tour will include:
  • where to park on Regatta days 
  • an orientation to the boat house, launch, and recovery docks 
  • a hike to the reviewing stand 
Wear comfortable walking shoes and prepare for the weather! Please sign-up here.

6. NEW: PRACTICE BUS NEEDS CHAPERONES. All bus rider families must provide a bus chaperone twice during the season. Please fill the early dates first. We currently do NOT have a chaperone signed up for this Wednesday. No chaperone means no bus. So please sign up here.


If you missed Bus Registration, you haven't missed the bus! We will continue to take bus registrations with pro-rated costs. If the carpool coordination is too inconvenient, too unreliable or just too much, consider signing up for the super convenient and reliable daily practice bus. To register, contact Jami Shawley at wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com.

7. REMINDER: Self-coordinating Carpool Sign-up. We have created a sign-up genius for those interested in self-coordinating Friday and Saturday carpools.

  • March 5th -- Team Photos after school and before practice 
  • March 7th -- Crew Board Meeting, 7-9pm in WTW room C-123. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend 
  • March 10th -- Parent Launch Boat Training, 10am-noon at Sandy Run Park 
  • March 15th -- Parent Meeting on Away Regattas, 7-9pm in WTW Cafeteria B 
  • March 17th -- Parent Orientation of Sandy Run Park and the Boathouse 
9. REMINDER: Senior Scholarship Opportunities and Deadlines.

Applications for the following two scholarships awards MUST be turned into the Career Center BY OR BEFORE Monday, February 26th 2018.
Do NOT mail this yourself.
WTW is limited in the number of applications we can send forward.
Do NOT get the principal's signature. Those chosen by committee will receive the signature.

a. STATE/VHSL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - The Virginia High School League collaborates with the Allstate Foundation to provide nineteen $1,500 scholarships to graduating Seniors in Virginia who have excelled in the classroom and in athletic and academic activities. Applicants must participate in one or more VHSL activities, have a 3.0 or better GPA, won at least one varsity letter (or equivalent) in the activity (VHSL academic activities such as drama, debate, creative writing, newspaper, yearbook, etc. and/or VHSL athletic activities), and have involvement in other activities outside of school. In addition to a completed application, applicants are asked to provide: two recommendations, head and shoulder photograph, social security number (recommend no more than the last four), and an essay not to exceed 500 words describing how extracurricular activities have enhanced your educational experience. There is a special sub-category for a student who meets the requirements for a VHSL Achievement Award and who has shown courage against overwhelming odds by overcoming extraordinary situations (for this award at least one of the recommendations must document the unusual circumstances the student has overcome). NOTE: The application requests a social security number but will accept the last 4. For application and additional information visit ww.vhsl.org/scholarships under Resources or Family Connection. Completed application packets are due in the Career Center by February 26th.

b. VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE (VHSL) VITO PERRIELLO CITIZENSHIP AWARD will provide two $1,000 scholarships to Seniors wishing to further their education in medicine or an allied health field at an accredited institution of higher learning. Selection criteria include: participation as an Athletic Training Student Aide (ATSA); participation in at least one Virginia High School League activity (VHSL academic activities such as drama, debate, creative writing, newspaper, yearbook, etc. and/or VHSL athletic activities), contribute to family, school and community (community service), and promote good citizenship and sportsmanship. A complete application packet will include a completed application, two letters of support (one from school official and one from non-family member with knowledge of applicant’s contributions to citizenship), an essay (500 - 1,000 words) describing in detail what you have done that meets one or more of the definitions of citizenship provided and explaining how others have benefited. Although not required a resume of relevant family, school, community activities which demonstrate a commitment to citizenship may be helpful. . For application and additional information visit www.vhsl.org/scholarships under Resources or Family Connection. Completed application packets must are due in the Career Center by February 26th.

WTW ATHLETIC BOOSTER IMPACT SCHOLARSHIP - $1,500 will be awarded to a WTW graduating Senior who can articulate how his/her involvement with the WTW sports program has had a positive impact on his/her tenure at W.T. Woodson High School. Applicants do NOT have to be athletes, and may be associated with athletics indirectly (enjoys watching WTW sports) or directly (an athlete, team manager, team photographer, etc.) Qualified applicants must be a U.S. citizen and resident of Fairfax County, have a 2.0 or better GPA, accepted to an institution of higher learning, demonstrate personal integrity, and will provide the essay described above. Completed application packets will include the essay as described in the application information page, a recommendation, and a copy of the letter of acceptance to your institution of higher learning. The application must be submitted via email as stated in the information page. Visit Family Connection to find the application information page and get ALL the details. All application pieces must be received by 3 pm on May 1st.