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posted May 16, 2018, 4:42 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 5:48 AM ]
We have some very important information to share regarding Stotesbury. We will tweet updates and also try to post the most recent information on our Stotesbury information page.

Due to weather conditions, the 92nd Stotesbury Cup Regatta is moving from the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia to the Cooper River in Camden New Jersey (8 miles east of the original location). Additional details to follow in subsequent Regatta Bulletins and we (WTW Crew Boosters) will continue to forward these to you.

Even though the regatta location is changing (to the Nationals location) we (WTW Crew) will be staying at the same hotel and have the same bus schedule we originally planned for Stotesbury. For parents attending we will push out more details. If you are traveling and not staying at hotel with us, please email Jami Shawley (wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com) and Amy Pepper (wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com) so we can add you to our onsite parent information distro list.

1. NEW: Messages From Stotesbury.

Ninety-two years ago, the Stotesbury Cup Regatta called upon scholastic coaches and athletes to gather the youth of our sport in what has now grown to become the world's largest scholastic rowing event.

Through war and weather, Depression and dynamic changes...the regatta has always persevered. This year will be no different.

Last night and early this morning, the Schuylkill Navy's Regatta Leadership Team - together with our trusted expert advisors (all listed below) - made the decision to move the entire regatta 8 miles East with the help of our partners and long-standing friends on the Cooper River in Camden (under the leadership of Jamie Stack).

While the rain and storm forecast may not seem sufficiently severe to create a once-in-a-generation move, the amount of rainfall thus far and expected to continue will cause the Schuylkill River to rise and flow in such a way that we collectively believe it MAY not be possible to conduct safe racing.

While we "might" be able to hold the races on the Schuylkill, we believe we CAN stage the event in New Jersey. We are clear that "CAN" is better than "MAY" for the 6000 young students under our care.

Additionally, our order of priorities is clear: Safety, Competition, and Everything Else after that.

Stotes will go on.

We know you and your teams will have MANY questions, and we will be communicating additional details in the coming hours via a series of continued Regatta Bulletins as we work through the considerable logistical ramifications. We ask that you hold off posing individual questions to individual team members, as we may not be able to get to you (and they only serve to slow down process for executing this change). Please trust that we will be working hard to get you everything you need; and, we are similarly prioritizing the needs for communications to Coaches then Key Regatta Personnel/Volunteers/Equipment Providers then Parents.


The Schuylkill Navy's Stotesbury Cup Regatta LOC Leadership Team

--------- Message #2 ---------------

Stotesbury Parents:

Please note that the impending weather forecast will make it necessary that we as a Stotesbury team has the ability to communicate as best and as efficiently as possible.

A few tips/reminders re: COMMUNICATIONS this week:
  1. Regatta Central-issued Bulletins (via emails to your coaches) will be used to share updates on a regular basis (as will this email address). YOUR COACHES ONLY WILL RECEIVE THIS. Our priorities are ALWAYS on the racing, so your coaches will likely have updates before you. 
  2. Social Media is the most quick and efficient means of sharing updates. The "@StotesRegatta" Twitter feed will be the primary mode for this, although we will trail any communications with Facebook posts (Stotesbury Cup Regatta) as well. #Stotes will be included in all posts so that you can easily find them. IMPORTANT: If you yourself do not use Twitter and Facebook, we recommend you designate an assistant coach whose job it is to watch these feeds. We will use Instagram too but less frequently for this kind of info. 
  3. We will also push messages as often as we can via The Stotesbury Current newsletter, but info there will trail anything else we have. That said, you should still subscribe HERE if you have not done so already. 
  4. Last, we will post updates as frequently as we can to www.stotesburycupregatta.com; BUT, the first two modes above will always be ahead of any communication there. 
Stay tuned for a series of additional Bulletins/Alerts as we edge closer. Thanks as always for your efforts, patience, and support. Our commitment and focus on your sons and daughters (and their racing experience) is unwavering , so their safety through adverse weather and competition is our #1 priority. But, we also want to ensure things are as clear for everyone else - and all of you as their tireless supporters - as well.


Bonnie Mueller

on behalf of The Schuylkill Navy's Stotesbury Cup Regatta LOC

2. REMINDER: Stotesbury Luggage/Medicine Turn-In Wednesday, May 16 6:45-8pm WTW Door #3, near Wrestling Room!

Practice will end early on Wednesday. All bags except carry-ons must be turned in at this time; this baggage will be inaccessible during bus travel. All bags will be searched, taped/sealed and checked-in. Students (or their parent) must present their own bags for this search, which is supervised by the coaching staff. This expedites the team's departure on Thursday and leaves only carry-on bags to be searched before boarding the bus. All bags will be secured in a locked room until the bus is loaded on Thursday, May 17.

Medication CANNOT be stored in luggage.

Epinephrine will not be stocked on these trips. Please plan to have your rower carry their own epinephrine, inhalers, and other necessary medications.

Prescription Medications: Please annotate it on the form and have rower bring in the original container with the needed amount for trip.

Over the Counter Medications: Please keep in the original containers. However, please do not send FULL NEW bottles of medication. Please only send a sufficient, reasonable amount of medication for the 3 day event.

The medication form is a crew team form, and not required by FCPS. Please complete the form with as much information as you are comfortable sharing. The form, along with all medications in their original containers, must be placed in a sealable plastic bag, labeled with the crew member's name. This will be reviewed and checked-in Wednesday evening during the baggage search (Please just send enough for your student for just the trip). Students will receive their checked medications as they board the bus the following day. Students will be responsible for taking their own medication according to the dosage indicated while on the trip. Team-mates will not be allowed to share any drugs, whether prescription or over-the counter.

Packing Suggestions:
Uni-suit and Cool Max shirt, marked with your athlete's name are REQUIRED
  • BE PREPARED FOR CHANGING WEATHER CONDITIONS: Bring a small towel, rain gear, extra shoes; and warm clothing for cold weather; layered clothing, sunscreen, and a hat for hot weather. Remember: LAYERS, layers. 
  • Rain Gear!! It is going to rain! 
  • Medications properly labeled and packaged (see above) 
  • Water bottle 
  • No valuables! 
  • Pack light 
  • Sack Lunch, Snack and beverages for the bus/car Thursday afternoon. The bus will not stop for meals. Dinner will be served at 7:30pm. 
3. HELP STILL NEEDED: MANY parent volunteers are needed for this away regatta. Please sign-up here for Stotesbury Volunteer Opportunities. We still have several volunteer slots to fill. We still need help with the following:
  • Unloading and loading the Chuckwagon at the river 
  • Boat Parents at the hotel during the Regatta 
    • Boat Parents help ensure each boat's athletes are in the right place at right time 
  • Maintain the food tent during the Regatta 
For questions about food prep, please contact Eleanor Curtis at eleanorsmiles@yahoo.com

For questions about the Regatta, please contact Jami Shawley at (314) 435-0649 or wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com.