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Thank You, Tag Day Sign-Ups, Registration, Upcoming Events

posted Nov 6, 2017, 7:40 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 5:49 AM ]
  1. Thank You 
  2. Tag Day Sign-Ups 
  3. Registration 
  4. Upcoming Events 

1. An absolutely stunning event by the WT Woodson Crew--the Craft Show was a smashing success. It began early with plenty of rowers and coxswains on hand at 6 a.m. to get the vendors in. One 20 year vendor said it was the smoothest move in she had ever experienced. This comment was repeated many times so thank you to the early rising student-athletes and parents who made move in so quick. The entire day ran smoothly thanks to Lesley and her never say die attitude. Breakfast for the vendors, a deliciously prepared lunch by our vendor staff, and final close out – all were pleased especially Dan Checkosky as we cleared in time for the Girls Volleyball game. A special thank you to the families who spent hours baking in support of our bake sale. Proceeds from that, the button sale, and the raffle was the equivalent of dues for two returning student-athletes. Thanks to all of you for making this a success and now on to Tag Days!!

If any of your items on loan for the Craft Show are missing, please let Lesley Kowalski (lesleytkowalski@gmail.com or 202-236-9711) know and we will try to find them. If you have any Craft Show yard signs, please contact Lesley to arrange a time to return them so they can be reused.

While we have seen some increase in membership/ registration, we are still less than 50% registered with less than two weeks before winter conditioning begins. As stated by Coach Tylander at the November 1st board meeting – if you have not done all the steps needed to register, you will not be allowed to participate once winter conditioning begins. Understanding that costs may be somewhat of a challenge for our families, the Occoquan Boat Club sponsors limited scholarships to help defray some costs for our rowers. If families have challenges, please contact the President, Brian Boyle, for additional information on this scholarship. Please see #3 below for registration details.

2. REMINDER: Tag Day Sign-Ups are open! Our major fundraiser for the year, Tag Days begin on November 18th. Student-athletes and their family/sponsors are reminded that we enhanced the requirement this year. For more details see the WT Woodson Crew Handbook 2017-2018 version, page 13 on our website. Returning student-athletes are required to do four (4) Tag Day shifts. New student-athletes are required to do three (3). Families/sponsors are required to do either two (2) Tag Day driver shifts or two Craft Show shifts or some combination of the above. We assign drivers base on the number of student-athletes signed up. The first four student-athletes go with the first driver. The next driver gets the next four and so on. We highly encourage signing up early to ensure you get your favored shift.

3. REMINDER: Only 10 days left to register if you are going to participate in winter conditioning. You will not be allowed to participate in winter conditioning if you have not completed your registration. Here are the nine steps required for registration:

Winter Conditioning - Rowers/Coxswains need to complete numbers 1 to 5 by November 16, 2017 in order to start winter conditioning.

For rowers participating in Winter Conditioning, the Emergency Care Form and Field Trip License and Vehicle Insurance Forms, along with initial payments made by check, need to be mailed or hand delivered by November 16, 2017 to: 

1. Online Registration - Ronin Registration – This is the online registration service the WTW Crew Team uses. During registration you will provide relevant data and select how you wish to pay your dues.

2. VHSL Physical Form - Your physical must be dated May 1, 2017 or later and needs to be on the correct form (Revised February 2017). Submit completed physicals directly to the Athletic Trainer, Ms. Fickes, in Room C158. Please make a copy of your physical before submitting it. It may take up to 5 business days for the Athletic Trainer to review your physical and reflect its clearance on the compliance report.

3. Online Concussion Training - There are two different training programs, one for parents and one for student-athletes. Both the student-athlete and one parent must complete their respective training. Allow at least 5 business days for training to be reflected on the athletic trainer’s compliance report. Because the FCPS online program has had a few ‘glitches’ in the past, we request you complete the training ASAP. To increase your chances of the online training working the first time, please follow this guidance from FCPS: "Due to circumstances beyond our control the online verification program is not compatible with Internet Explorer nor Chrome. Please use Firefox or Safari to complete the program. We are sorry for the inconvenience." If your student-athlete cannot get the FCPS Concussion Training to work at home, please have them attempt to do the training at WTW on a school computer. Once the parent and the rower have completed the training, please notify membership at wtwcrewmembership@gmail.com.

4. Student Emergency Care Form - An ECF needs to be completed every year. Please complete this form online before printing. Illegible forms will not be accepted. (New rowers – If you submitted a typed copy of this form during Green Days, you do not need to submit another one at this time.)

5. Field Trip Driver’s License and Vehicle Insurance Information Forms -
  • Student Form - Use this form if your rower has a driver’s license and plans to drive to practice and/or local regattas. 
  • Parent Form - Parents/guardians living locally need to complete this form. 
Before On-the-Water Practice - Complete items 1-5 under Winter Conditioning Requirements PLUS: 

6. Swim Test - Every rower is required to pass a swim test certified by WTW Crew prior to participating in on-the-water practices. Passage of this test is required only once. The next time this test is administered will be in January 2018. Specific details will be provided through the weekly email update.

7. US Rowing Membership - US Rowing memberships are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. Your dues cover the cost of your US Rowing membership. WTW Crew Team purchases/renews memberships for registered rowers. No action on your part is required.

8. US Rowing Waiver - After the team purchases/renews your US Rowing Membership in January 2018, you will receive notice to sign your rowing waiver. Although memberships are good for 365 days from the date of purchase, the US Rowing waiver expires every December 31st. If you are 18 or older, you may sign your own waiver. If you are under 18, your parent must sign the waiver.

9. FCPS Participation Policy - The coaching staff will talk about and distribute the participation policy form on the first day of practice. Please read, sign (both parent and student athlete) and return to the respective coach.

The previous nine registration requirements, including full payment of dues, must be completed and submitted by February 19, 2018 to participate in on-the-water activities. 

4. NEW: Upcoming Events:
  • November 11 (Saturday), 9am-noon - WTW Boathouse Workday at WTW Crew Boathouse, Sandy Run Regional Park. All parent slots are filled, but we are still looking for student-athletes to prepare the equipment and boathouse for the winter. If you are available, please sign-up here
  • November 13 (Monday) - Last day for Early Bird Discount on Registration 
  • November 14 (Tuesday) - Potbelly Restaurant Night Fundraiser 
  • November 15 (Wednesday) - Scrip Orders Due (NOTE: you can buy Chipotle gift cards through Scrip and then also earn money for the team by participating in our Chipotle Restaurant Night Fundraiser on December 15th) 
  • November 16 (Thursday) - Registration deadline for Winter Conditioning 
  • November 16 (Thursday) - Returning Rowers start Winter Conditioning 
    • Girls 3:30-5:15pm, Boys 4:45-6:30pm 
  • November 17 (Friday) - Returning Rowers Winter Conditioning 
    • Boys 3:30-5:15pm, Girls 4:45-6:30pm 
  • November 18 (Saturday) - Tag Day (see #2 above for sign-up details) 
  • November 20 (Monday) - Returning Rowers Winter Conditioning 
    • Girls 3:30-5:15pm, Boys 4:45-6:30pm 
  • November 21 (Tuesday) - Returning Rowers Winter Conditioning 
    • Boys 3:30-5:15pm, Girls 4:45-6:30pm 
  • November 27 - February 16 - All Rowers start Winter Conditioning 
    • Monday and Wednesdays: Girls 3:30-5:15pm, Boys 4:45-6:30pm 
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Boys 3:30-5:15pm, Girls 4:45-6:30pm 
    • Fridays: Girls and Boys 3:30 - 5:30pm 
  • December 1 (Friday) - Special Holiday Scrip Orders Due 
  • December 2 (Saturday) - Tag Day (see #2 above for sign-up details) 
  • December 9 (Saturday) - Tag Day (see #2 above for sign-up details) 
  • December 12 (Tuesday) - Chipotle Restaurant Night Fundraiser 
  • December 16 (Saturday) - Tag Day (see #2 above for sign-up details)