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Team Photos Today, VASRA Volunteers, Sandy Run Orientation, Bus, Carpool, Save the Dates

posted Mar 5, 2018, 5:23 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 5:50 AM ]
  1. Team Photos Today (Monday)--returning student-athletes bring your uni 
  2. VASRA Volunteers 
  3. Sandy Run Regional Park Orientation/Tour 
  4. Daily Bus Sign-Up Option 
  5. Carpooling Sign-up 
  6. Save the Dates 

A note from our Booster President: Snow, ice and now wind. It really did impact on our Tag Days this year. Thank you all for your patience as we tried to fit in our last Tag Day. In the end, FCPS cancelled all school activities. Many student-athletes signed up to work for their buddies – thank you for being great teammates. For those of you who still have fundraising requirements, I ask you to roll those over into family volunteer commitments as there are plenty of things that still need to be done for a successful year.

1. REMINDER: Team Photos Today (Monday, March 5th)
Team photos will be taken today after school and before departing for practice on the water. All team members should meet in Cafeteria B.

All returning team members should bring their uni for the photos.

All new team members who purchased a uni will receive their uni immediately after school in Cafeteria B where the team will meet for pictures.

If you were not able to purchase a uni for your student-athlete, please notify our Booster President, Brian Boyle, at wtw.crew.president@gmail.com and Babette Korn at babskorn@gmail.com.

All student-athletes should also bring appropriate clothing to row in for practice at the water after the photos are taken as it will be too cold for just a uni.

If you would like to purchase photos, you may pre-order online or fill out the form and send the form and a check with your student-athlete on Monday. We delivered forms to most families on Saturday. If you didn’t receive one, we have included screenshots of the form below.

Please note the W.T. Woodson High School Spring ID for Lifetouch Sports Portraits is MJ077248X0 if you are ordering online (lifetouchsports.com). In the photo links attached, it has the incorrect ID number, but the forms delivered should have the correct ID number. The ID number is important if pre-ordering online.

2. UPDATE: VASRA Volunteer Positions. Please Sign-up here for VASRA Volunteer jobs for WTW Crew Parents. We must fill these positions or the team gets fined. The positions that remain are mostly launch drivers and set-up. Those who have attended (or will attend this Saturday) launch driver training are encouraged to sign-up for the launch driver volunteer positions. The set-up positions are 530-10am so you will be done before the regatta begins so you can enjoy the racing.

We also have a Sign-up Genius for VASRA Workday slots before and after regatta season. Two of these positions are still available. These will also count for your VASRA volunteer requirements.

Each WTW Crew family has a requirement to fulfill at least two VASRA volunteer jobs during the season (unless already filling a LOC position like the Dockmasters). If you have questions about the job responsibilities, there are descriptions on the WTW Crew website.

3. REMINDER: Sandy Run Regional Park Orientation/Tour. Please join our esteemed WTW Crew Booster President Brian Boyle for an orientation meeting on Saturday, March 17th from 9:30-11am. The tour will include:
  • where to park on Regatta days 
  • an orientation to the boat house, launch, and recovery docks 
  • a hike to the reviewing stand 
Wear comfortable walking shoes and prepare for the weather! Please sign-up here.

4. UPDATE: PRACTICE BUS. If you missed Bus Registration, you haven't missed the bus! We will continue to take bus registrations with pro-rated costs and will now also offer single-day rides for $20 per day as long as the student-athlete has a daily bus rider agreement form signed by a parent. If the carpool coordination is too inconvenient, too unreliable or just too much, consider signing up for the super convenient and reliable daily practice bus. To register, contact Jami Shawley at wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com.

5. REMINDER: Self-coordinating Carpool Sign-up. We have created a sign-up genius for those interested in self-coordinating Friday and Saturday carpools.

  • March 7th -- Crew Board Meeting, 7-9pm in WTW room C-123. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend 
  • March 10th -- Parent Launch Boat Training, 10am-noon at Sandy Run Park 
  • March 15th -- Parent Meeting on Away Regattas, 7-9pm in WTW Cafeteria B 
  • March 17th -- Parent Orientation of Sandy Run Park and the Boathouse