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Summer Green Days, Sept Board Meeting, Other Key Dates, USRowing Scholastic Honor Roll, Resources

posted Aug 21, 2017, 4:51 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 5:51 AM ]
  1. Summer Green Days 
  2. September Board Meeting 
  3. Other Key Dates (including Sign Up Genius for Swim Tests) 
  4. USRowing Scholastic Honor Roll 
  5. Resources 

The Road to the Medal Stand
Remember when you felt the thrill of making Finals and/or putting that medal ribbon around your neck at “States”, or the thrill of hearing you made it out of time trials and into semi-finals at The Stotesbury Cup, the largest regatta in the United States, and qualifying to race at the prestigious Scholastic Rowing Association of America’s national championships? Well, the road to return and the medal stand begins now. Congratulate yourself on a great summer, perhaps time at the beach, a good tan, and a good rest. If you have an erg, dust it off and begin doing long easy pieces. If you don’t have an erg, break out your running shoes and begin jogging, increasing your distance and pace a little each day. Throw in a circuit every day or two. You should have new good running shoes to begin the season. Check out the nutrition tips we have provided and review your diet. Be ready for winter conditioning which is tentatively scheduled to begin 13 November. This year could be a banner year for Woodson. We have the potential to exceed the outstanding performance of the last two season! Pull for Woodson!

1. REMINDER: Summer Green Days continue this week. Green Days are out of season opportunities for coaches to instruct their student athletes. WTW Crew will conduct the first set of Green Days for the 2017-2018 season in August. Additional Green Days will be scheduled in September and October.

Summer Green Days for returning athletes are scheduled for:
  • August 22 & 24 – 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
  • August 26 – 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Inadvertently two Sign-Up Genius sites were created for this event. We have eliminated the wrong one. Please ensure if attending that you are correctly showing up on this Sign-Up Genius link.

If you have not already signed up and are able to participate in any of the Summer Green Days, please sign up through this Sign-Up Genius link.

The following items are required to participate in Green Days:
  • VHSL Physical dated after May 1, 2017 and turned into the WTW Athletic Trainer, Ms. Fickes (C-158) 
  • Emergency Care Form (Already on file for returning rowers) 
  • WTW Crew Swim Test (Already on file for returning rowers) 
  • US Rowing Waiver (Already on file for returning rowers) 
2. NEW: September Board Meeting. The 6 September Board Meeting, like all board meetings, is a General Association Meeting open to general, associate, honorary, and auxiliary WTW Crew Boosters Association members. The first 30 minutes of the meeting will cover two agenda items: amendments to By-Laws and changes to volunteer requirements. Here is the link to the suggested amendments to the by-laws for review. A report on recommended changes to volunteer requirements will be in next week email for review.

3. NEW: Other Key Dates:
4. REMINDER: Seniors, here is the 2017-18 USRowing Scholastic Honor Roll application information. Applications will be accepted from June 23, 2017 – September 8, 2017. All nominations must be postmarked no later than Friday, September 8, 2017. Candidates will be selected based on their ranking of the academic criteria. Meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee selection for either Honorable Mention or Honor Roll. In the past, approximately 40-50% of the nominees earned an award.

5. NEW: Resources:
Inside the important role parents play in the recruiting process.

Parents have an essential role in their child’s recruiting process, but find it hard identifying where exactly they fit in. A successful recruiting effort is a joint endeavor: the student leads and the parents support and advise, mostly behind the scenes. Providing mature, adult perspective is valuable parental support. Keep the big picture in mind and demonstrate a healthy commitment to the process-not just the result. This begins early by focusing on the values of competitive rowing itself, not thinking about getting something like an athletic scholarship or Ivy admit. Parents can also help by encouraging and facilitating their child’s participation in multiple sports. Even if they want to, do not let young athletes only row. Similarly, parents should not push their child to specialize. Doing any single sport four seasons a year as a developing teenage is rarely a good idea. At a concrete level, parents can accompany their child on unofficial visits to colleges. Beside the anticipated benefit of seeing colleges, these trips can be incredibly rewarding experience when parents begin seeing their child as a young adult and together confront the reality of their soon leaving home.

Scholarship or not, college is expensive. Parents should educate their child regarding what is financially realistic. The money talk should occur early; before an athlete gets fixated on one college or one type of college. In the same vain, parents can also help their child see the broader picture of college life beyond rowing and life after college. They are likely the only ones thinking about the return on investment of a particular school and course of study. Parents must let the athlete communicate with the college coaches. When a parent contacts a coach because “my son is too busy,” the coach will immediately, think he won’t be able to handle rowing and studying at that institution. Parent should become involved if the discussion turns to scholarships, financial aid, or admissions support, but otherwise leave it in the student’s hands. Frequently parents say, “It’s their choice. We want to leave it up to him or her.” This is as dangerous as dictating to a child where to enroll. For most recruited rowers, selecting a college is the first significant consequential decision of their lives. Parents should voice their opinions and offer advice. They know their child better than anyone and are best position to offer counsel. Finally, parents have the life experience and maturity to better manage expectations than most teenagers. If mom and dad remember that the application is accepted or denied, not their child, then everyone is more likely to feel satisfied rather than disappointed when all is said and done.

Bill Manning: Men’s Heavyweight Crew, Harvard University