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Stotesbury Summary, Monday Practice, Nationals, Captain Applications, Save the Dates, Craft Show

posted May 21, 2018, 5:14 AM by WTW Crew Webmaster   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 5:51 AM ]
  • Stotesbury Summary 
  • Monday Practice and Unloading Trailer/Rigging 
  • Nationals Plan 
  • Captain Applications 
  • Restaurant Fundraiser on June 4th 
  • End-of-Year Party on June 11th 
  • Help Needed to Prepare for Craft Show Next Year 

1. NEW: Stotesbury Summary. It has been a great season and even though it was chilly, windy and wet at Stotesbury, aka Soaksbury, it was a great weekend. Thank you to all the student-athletes for a great trip and a huge thank you to all the parent volunteers and the coaches that made the weekend possible. For those that let us borrow coolers, we will arrange a time to get them back to you after Nationals.

The Women’s Lightweight 8 (W-LT-8) placed 7th in their time trial with a time of 6:53.660, missing finals by one place and only two seconds. It still was an amazing race ladies. We congratulate J. Hissong, J. Kim, M. Korn, M. Rowe, R. Smith, G. Schneider, K. Taheri, K. Howard, and H. Cole (Coxswain).

The Women’s Junior 8 (W-JR-8) placed 25th in their time trial with a time of 7:24.420 with only two boats from Virginia ahead of them (South County and James Madison). We congratulate C. Moore, N. Curtis, A. Pesansky, C. Middleton, S. Boucher, I. Kogan, N. Moran, J. Heimbigner, and L. Benjelloun (Coxswain).

The Women’s Senior 4 (W-SR-4) placed 32nd in their time trial with a time of 7:47.250. We congratulate R. Sprouse, J. Park, K. Wahlbeck, K. Solell-Knepler, and S. Depret-Guillaume (Coxswain).

The Women’s Freshmen 8 (W-FR-8) placed 37th in their time trial with a time of 7:06.830. Congratulations on a great first season to K. Hester, M. Weinberg, S. Phipps, S. Labys, L. Crowley, J. Michelson, K. McCarthy, A. Miller, and M. Clune (Coxswain).

The Men’s 2nd 8 (M-2-8) placed 19th in their time trial with a time of 6:19.000 with only three boats from Virginia ahead of them, McLean, Yorktown, and Langley. We congratulate R. Torgersen, S. Muras, B. Sandino, R. Sarratt, J. Mullet, J. Bishop, E. Kutia, W. Kowalski, and E. Pepper (Coxswain).

The Men’s 1st 8 (M-1-8) placed 21st in their time trial with a time of 5:42.720 with only three boats from Virginia ahead of them, McLean, TJ, and Yorktown. We congratulate N. Shawley, C. McCarthy, J. Livingston, R. Evans, M. Boyle, Z. Borja, G. McHale, E. Feng, and J. Fritzinger (Coxswain).

The Men’s Junior 8 (M-JR-8) placed 39th in their time trial with a time of 6:40.990. We congratulate B. Stump, G. Stahl, R. Rizk, O. Hayes, L. Hartman, A. Borja, A. Hayes, M. Pugsley, and E. Phan (Coxswain).

The Men’s Junior 4 (M-JR-4) placed 57th in their time trial with a time of 8:23.670. We congratulate H. McClintick, A. Chen, B. Tse, T. Koerner, and K. Soni (Coxswain).

Here are all of the results for all of the races. Check out photos from the weekend on our WTW Crew photo page. If anyone has any photos of the team they would like to share and that we could post on our site, please send them to wtwcrewphotographer@gmail.com.

2. NEW: Monday (today) Practice and Boat Unloading/Rigging. All team members should go to the river to either practice (for those going to Nationals) or to unload and rig the boats. **There is a practice shuttle bus Monday. This will be the last day of shuttle buses.

3. NEW: Nationals Plan.
NOTE: For those not going to Nationals and who submitted registration forms and checks, Jami Shawley is shredding the checks she received for those not attending. If you have any questions about your specific check, you can contact Jami at wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com.

We will be sending an email out to all families with girls going to Nationals and we will post more details on our Nationals Information Page.

Thank you to those parents who have already volunteered to drive and those who have agreed to be boat parents this coming weekend. We have a few additional volunteer slots we need to fill for Nationals. Here is our Nationals Sign-Up Genius page for those attending to sign-up to help us make Nationals as successful as Stotesbury.

  1. Luggage drop off will be Wednesday night from 7-8pm in room C-122 (same room as last week). Luggage and Medication (with medication form) should be brought on Wednesday night.

    Medication CANNOT be stored in luggage.
    Epinephrine will not be stocked on these trips. Please plan to have your rower carry their own epinephrine, inhalers, and other necessary medications.

    Prescription Medications: Please annotate it on the form and have rower bring in the original container with the needed amount for trip.
    Over the Counter Medications: Please keep in the original containers. However, please do not send FULL NEW bottles of medication. Please only send a sufficient, reasonable amount of medication for the 3 day event.

    The medication form is a crew team form, and not required by FCPS. Please complete the form with as much information as you are comfortable sharing. The form, along with all medications in their original containers, must be placed in a sealable plastic bag, labeled with the crew member's name. This will be reviewed and checked-in Wednesday evening during the baggage search (Please just send enough for your student for just the trip). Students will receive their checked medications just prior to departure the following day. Students will be responsible for taking their own medication according to the dosage indicated while on the trip. Team-mates will not be allowed to share any drugs, whether prescription or over-the counter.

    Packing Suggestions:
    • Uni-suit and Cool Max shirt, marked with your athlete's name are REQUIRED
    • BE PREPARED FOR WARM WEATHER: Refillable water bottle, sunscreen, and a hat for hot weather. The forecast is calling for a high of 84 and low of 60.
    • Medications properly labeled and packaged (see above) 
    • No valuables! 
    • Pack light (clothing for Thursday-Saturday, toiletries, etc.) 
    • Sack Lunch, Snack, and beverages for the drive up. We will have dinner around 7pm.

  2. We will follow the same schedule as Stotesbury on Thursday for departure. Student-athletes will depart class at 10am, we will depart the school from the rock at 1030am. We plan to be at the river by 2:30pm to rig the boats and practice and then will go to the hotel and have dinner. Further details will be forthcoming. 
4. REMINDER: Men’s Captain Applications Due Thursday, May 24th. Instructions can be found here.

5. SAVE THE DATE: Restaurant Fundraiser on June 4th. We will have our last restaurant fundraiser of the season at Noodles & Co in Fairfax from 5 to 9 pm on June 4th. When you place your order mention that you are from Woodson Crew so they can punch in the code to give us credit.

6. UPDATED: The End-of-Year Crew Party will be Monday, June 11th in WTW cafeterias A&B from 7-9pm. Here is the Sign-Up Genius where we ask all parents and student-athletes to sign-up so we can get an accurate count of attendees and we are looking for a few volunteers to help out before, during, and after the party.

7. REMINDER: Craft Show Fall 2018 Preparation Help Needed. Not too early to start thinking about it! Traditionally our second largest fundraiser, the WTW Crew Boosters Association sponsors the annual WTW Holiday Happenings Craft Show in November. This year it will be Saturday, November 3, 2018 and requires multiple volunteers, so if you think crew is in your future for next year, we hope you can help us out that day. We are looking for a few people to assist with preparations beginning in September who can commit now. If you are interested and able, please contact Lesley Kowalski at lesleytkowalski@gmail.com