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Practice Bus Chaperone Duties

NOTE: Every bus rider family must chaperone at least once per rower!

To volunteer as a practice bus chaperone, please sign-up here.

Bus Registration Agreement Form View | Download


General Information:
  • Plan to arrive by 3:00 PM and no later than 3:15 PM. The bus leaves at 3:30 PM sharp!
  • Bus will arrive and depart from the Woodson side of Whitacre Road adjacent to senior parking.
  • If you have a cell phone please bring it with you.
  • Dress according to the weather. The boathouse is not heated and the bus may not be heated. We recommend that you bring a chair or a blanket and binoculars so that you can watch the rowers. You can also stay on the bus if you prefer.
  • Please do not bring your younger children with you.
  • If you would like to provide snacks for the rowers – please bring enough for 50. This is not mandatory.
  • If FCPS cancels school or dismisses classes early, crew practice is cancelled and the bus should NOT leave for the river.
  • Please bring two trash bags to collect trash.
  • Bus returns from the river between 7:00 and 7:15 PM, depending on practice schedule and available daylight.
  • If the bus does not arrive on time, please call A LA Carte Limousine and then the Bus Coordinators, Laly Kassa/Anne Miller.
  • In an emergency (the bus is not at the school by 3:15 PM or some other emergency) contact Head Coach Tylander and Julie Middleton (phone numbers listed below).
  • Refer behavior problems to Coach Tylander and Julie Middleton (phone numbers listed below).
Bus Procedure:
  • The chaperone should be the first person on the bus and be prepared to check-off riders both ways. (Note: Coach Lucy may prefer to take attendance when the bus leaves Woodson in order to save time.) Check each rower onto the bus using the daily rower roster provided each day. Ask the rowers if they plan on returning with the bus. If they are not, please write this down on the roster.
  • Upon arrival at the river, keep the roster with you so you will be ready to take attendance for the return trip home.
  • Take attendance before departure from the water and be sure no one is left behind.
  • On the way back to Woodson HS, give the completed attendance sheet to Coach Lucy.
  • Upon arrival at Woodson HS, remind the rowers to clean up and check the bus for personal belongings. If left items are found, give to your rower to announce the next day on the bus.
Contact Numbers:

Bus Company: A La Carte Limousine
Coach Riding the Bus:

Head Coach:

Booster President: 
Bus Coordinators: 
Booster Activities VP: