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Board and Contacts

If you have any questions about W.T. Woodson Crew, please contact us via email at wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com
W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters Association, Inc. PO Box 2881, Fairfax, VA 22031

Crew Booster Board Meetings are usually the first Wednesday of every month at 
W.T. Woodson, Room C-123 from 7pm-9pm

W.T. Woodson Crew Booster Board Contact Emails:

President - Julie Middleton: wtw.crew.president@gmail.com

VP Team Liaison and Activities - Lesley Kowalski: wtwcrewactivities@gmail.com

VP CommunicationsTarek Rizk: wtwcrewcommunications@gmail.com

Treasurer - Suzy Peeler: wtwcrewtreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary - Mona Malaveetil: wtwcrewsecretary@gmail.com

Fundraising - Kim Sandino: wtwcrewfundraising@gmail.com

Membership - Jenn Ros and Sue Moore: wtwcrewmembership@gmail.com

Service / Volunteering - Susan Burger: wtwcrewvolunteer@gmail.com

Equipment / Logistics - Warren Stump and Brian Michelson: wtwcrewlogistics@gmail.com

Uniform / Spirit Clothing - Monica Perry

VASRA Representative - Joe Hester: wtwcrewvasra@gmail.com

Webmaster - Anne Fernandez: wtwcrewwebmaster@gmail.com