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2014 Northeast Rowing Center camp August 16th -22nd in Raymond, ME

posted Jan 28, 2014, 5:56 PM by W. T. Woodson Crew   [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 5:57 PM by WTW Crew Webmaster ]



I would like to send my personal invitation to your junior rowers and coxswains (14-19 years old) to participate in the 2014 Northeast Rowing Center camp August 16th -22nd  in Raymond, ME.  We have enjoyed having athletes from your program participate in the past.  As a courtesy, we are letting our “alumni” athletes and organizations know that registration is open for this year’s session.  We usually fill up by early April.  If you would spread the word to your athletes and parents, we’d appreciate it!


This year’s Master Coaches are:

John Lindberg, Boston Univ.

Kate Maloney, Williams College

Holly Metcalf, M.I.T.

Ed Slater, Trinity

Spencer Washburn, Princeton Univ.

Wendy Wilbur, Harvard Univ.

Joe Wilhelm, Northeastern Univ.

Graham Willoughby, Brown Univ.

Tom Tiffany, Coxswain’s Coach

Larry Gluckman, Erg Coach


Our camp is held in Raymond, Maine.  In addition to being a great pre-season tune-up and opportunity for kids to network with college coaches, we put a strong emphasis on educating participants about all aspects of rowing through a series of clinics and demonstrations. The focus of the on-water sessions is technical improvement.  Tom Tiffany works individually and in groups with cox’ns on land and on the water.  Larry Gluckman will work his magic on the erg to help campers improve their scores.  Ergs are available from sunrise to lights out for athletes to complete the 25,000m Erg Challenge or your program’s workouts.  Each coach also gives an evening presentation on a specific topic.  It’s a very full week!


We hope you will share this opportunity with the parents and athletes in your program.


Best regards,


Barb Grudt


Northeast Rowing Center