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Practice Bus Information 2016-2017 (2017-2018 Information Coming Soon....)

The W.T. Woodson Crew Boosters contracted with a commercial transportation company to provide bus service 
from school to the Occoquan for on the water practices. 

  • The first day of bus service is Tuesday, February 21 and the last is Wednesday, May 24. 
  • Standard Weekday Practice:
    • The bus will depart from WTW Parking Lot off Whitacre Rd, no later than 3:30pm, and return, to same location at WTW, approximately 7:00pm.
    • (NOTE: Sandy Run Park rules require everyone to be off the water by sunset and out of the park 30 minutes after, so prior to daylight savings time (12 March), student-athletes may finish slightly earlier than 6:30pm and the bus may arrive back at Woodson slightly earlier than 7:00pm) 
  • Friday Practice during Regatta Weeks (beginning week of March 24):
    • Bus departs Woodson at 3:30pm; arrives at Sandy Run at 4:00pm; departs Sandy Run at 5:30pm; and arrives at Woodson at 6:00pm.
  • Spring Break Practice: 
    • April 11-14 - Bus departs Woodson at 8:00am and returns to Woodson at 2:45pm 
    • April 17 - Bus departs Woodson at 8:30am and returns to Woodson at 12:30pm
  • March 23, March 24, March 29, May 5, May 12
  • On ANY Saturday
  • The bus roster will be distributed to facilitate Car Pools. Additionally there is a Carpool Interest Sign-Up for anyone who is looking to carpool to and from practices on Saturdays or Non-Bus days.  Please sign up if you are willing to drive other student-athletes or if you need assistance in driving your student-athlete to and from practice. This is a way to get families connected, who are interested in carpooling. It does not ensure rides.
  • A parent/guardian for each rider must chaperone the bus for at least one practice days, or a $50 fine will be imposed
  • Due to the reduced number of riders this year, parents/guardians are encouraged to sign up for two days per rower.
  • Sign Up for one slot per athlete now. Some chaperones may need to work three days, after initial sign ups we will reach out to parents to fill in as needed.
  • CHAPERONE SIGN UP GENIUS: Practice Bus Sign-Up
  • Practice Bus Chaperone Duties
  • xxx Chaperone Coordinator, Cell: xxx, Email: xxx