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The Alumni Row was a fantastic experience!!  The day started overcast and was certainly muggy, but the weather held off and they were able to launch an 8 without it tipping over. According to Coaches Tylander and Fitz, who accompanied in a launch, they rowed pretty well, stopping often to reminisce about Sandy Run and their experiences. After about 90 minutes, they brought the shell back and again recovered it without anyone getting wet. Enjoying lunch, many remarked that they hurt in places exactly where they thought (and some in other places too). Alumni included some recent Woodson grads plus rowers from the mid 90s (who had won at Stotes and Nationals) and two rowers from the initial team. One was a senior and one was a freshman that first year and describing the early days of Woodson crew with borrowed wooden shells—let’s just say we have come a long way. Many of the athletes commented that Crew was the BEST sport they had ever experienced; to include travel sports! 

Pictures are posted on the Facebook page (in the album '2017 Alumni Row'): 

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